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January 26, 2023
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Velo Borce Beach: A Hidden Paradise On Hvar Island

Velo Borce Beach on Hvar Island

Welcome to Velo Borce Beach, the gem tucked away on the idyllic Hvar Island in Croatia. With its sparkling crystal clear Adriatic waters, and picturesque surroundings, this small but gorgeous beach offers the perfect escape for those seeking seclusion (well, this doesn’t really count in the peak of summer), natural beauty, and an unforgettable vacation experience. Velo Borce is one of the secluded beaches in Milna village, but this beach can easily be accessed from Hvar town as long as you don’t mind having a little trek.

Where to Stay on Hvar Island?

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  2. Blu Riva Hvar – “Experience the best of both worlds where you can enjoy the tranquility of the hotel’s waterfront location and the excitement of the nearby marina.”
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  5. Hotel Podstine – “Relax in style at Hotel Podstine, a picturesque hotel that offers comfortable accommodations and breathtaking views of the island and the sea.”
  6. Hotel Pharos Hvar – “Escape to a world of sun, sea and relaxation at Hotel Pharos Hvar, an idyllic hotel that offers great location and stunning views of the Adriatic sea.”

What is the best time to visit Velo Borce?

 Any time you need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun during the peak summer months or escape the crowds and enjoy the tranquility of off-season (ideally, late spring and early autumn), Velo Borce is always ready to welcome you with open arms. Just be sure to pack your sunscreen, a good book, and a sense of adventure, because you’re in for a treat!

As for the time of the day, it doesn’t matter if you visit Velo Borce and Hvar Island during the off-season. But, if you visit from June to August, I suggest you leave your hotel around 7, so you can find the best parking spot and the perfect spot on the beach. By noon, the beach can get crowded. 

But compared to Lucisca BeachDubovica Beach, and Pokonji dol Beach, Velo Borce is a lot way calmer and secluded. 

How to get to Velo Borce?

I’m going to use the Hvar Port, the center of Hvar Island, as a point of departure so it is easier to remember.

By Car 

It is a quick 8-min car ride from the port. You can arrange your car rental beforehand if you want more freedom. 

You can easily taxi your way there too but be reminded that you have to wing it back to the town.

On Foot 

By walking, for brisk walkers, it is a tremendous one-hour walk. It might be fine for Germans since they certainly love walking. But for slow walkers (me!), it might take double the time.  It’s about 30 minutes from Milna.

By Cycling

This is the middleground. You can rent a bicycle in town and cycle your way here. 

By Boat

A popular choice, for sure. Why reach Velo Borce by land when you can do it by sea?

What to expect in Velo Borce

It is tricky to find the trail, so consult Google Maps accordingly. It is a 10-15 minute walk to the beach, a rather common story for Hvar beaches. It is doable in slippers, but shoes definitely make walking down easier. Sometimes it can get crowded, but most of the time, it isn’t.

the view of velo borce beach from your walk down to the beach

One of the very few beaches on Hvar when you arrived at two in the afternoon, and there was barely anyone at the beach. At the busiest, there were 15 people on the beach. The water is extremely clear, and the beach is super clean. There are also no sea-urchins, so no water shoes are needed 😁. I would definitely recommend this beach to couples as it’s very calm. There’s also plenty of shade, which is a nice place to be if you can’t stand the sun much.

Bring your essentials since there are no amenities on-site. Water. Drinks. 

Summer Holiday Essentials

Beach Reads

Swimming Shoes

Dry Bag

Snorkeling Set

Underwater Camera

Lightweight Travel Tripod

Travel Towel 

Tanning Spray 

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