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Pokonji Dol Beach: A Little Gem near Hvar Port

Pokonji Dol Beach

All four of us, all girls, coincidentally stayed in the same hostel. One is a courageous young Filipino-American woman, one is from Germany, who has a friend joining her, and this friend happens to Filipino-Swedish. What are the odds to have three Filipinas in a dorm by a coast in Split, Croatia. The day’s itinerary was to go to Hvar Island for a day trip and hunt a beach where we can lounge all day long, and that’s how we found Pokonji Dol Beach, which is the nicest and the most accessible beach from Hvar Port. 

A  portrait of an island girl overlooking  Pokonji Dol Beach

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Pharos Hvar Hotel 

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When is the best time to go to Pokonji Dol Beach?

In terms of month, I reckon late April til early September. We went there in early June, and it was already scorching, which I loved.

When is the best time to go to Pokonji Dol Beach

Since  Pokonji Dol Beach is quite a popular spot, I highly suggest you come as early as 8 or 9 in the morning so you can still have the spot that you want. We arrived past lunch, which was already very packed, so we had no choice but to retreat to the rocky edges of this little cove. It was kinda uncomfortable since the edges are very rocky, so it was hard to find an even spot where you could lie down comfortably. 

PERSONAL TIP: It is best to come here either by boat or on foot. Don’t come here by car. If you arrive early, chances are, your car will be trapped in a sea of parked vehicles and you have to wait till other beachgoers go back to their hotels.

How to get to Pokonji Dol Beach?

Pokonji Dol Beach is a thirty-minute walk from the port. We simply keyed in Pokonji Dol Beach on Google Maps and followed the route. The first half of the route meanders through the neighborhoods, and the other half is somewhat rocky ascent, which gives way to a gorgeous view of Pokonji Dol Beach. I highly recommend doing this route. 

Wear comfortable flip-flops. If your feet are trained to use them even on rocky surfaces, wear flip-flops, but many Europeans I observed don’t have a solid flipflop culture (yes, it is a culture!), so I suggest you wear shoes, especially this trip is the first time in the year you’re wearing flip-flops. Take my word for it. One of the European girls had a serious case of blisters from the little hike.

Another way is to walk or cycle by the road winding through the coast. This should be about the same time.

Another way is to rent a car and explore the entire island. 

What to expect?

Pokonji Dol Beach is a small cove with water so clear, the island girl me squeals with happiness. It is a perfect spot for your Croatian summer holiday.

But, to no surprise, everyone has the same plan in mind. Ha! So expect it to be crowded during the warmer months of the year. 

The shallow parts of the shore are somewhat rocky but highly manageable since there is not much to wade through. The depth instantly drops, so you can easily wiggle yourself to the deeper, no-rocks parts of the cove.

Are there restaurants?

There is a restaurant right behind the beach. They serve basic drinks and quick bites. Nothing fancy, but it can give you the fill you need for the day.


Despite the crowd, Pokonji Dol Beach is a must-visit for us who badly need our Vitamin Sea. 

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