As a traveler, I curated all the essentials when traveling around. Some might resonate with you. For example, Agoda is the go-to accommodation site if you’re traveling around Asia, and works better in Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Similarly, Getyourguide is better in Europe while Klook is the better booking site for activities when you’re traveling in Asia.

Full disclosure, this is an affiliate shop. When you book through my links, these businesses share a teeny weeny portion of their margins with me. No, you don’t pay extra at all. If in any way BWAB helps you in planning your trips, do consider using any of my links below that would make this website live a little longer. One booking at a time.

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Traveling Europe and the Americas

Ready for a wanderlust journey? Book your next adventure to the Americas or Europe with ease! Plan your itinerary with the best online travel tools, find unbeatable deals, and save time with seamless online booking. The world is yours, so travel on!

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Traveling around Asia

Ready to explore the adventurous Asia? Plan your Asian escapade with ease! Find the best deals, discover hidden gems, and book your trip online with a few clicks. From bustling cities to tropical beaches, Asia awaits. Let’s get planning!

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