By we, it’s me and my alter egos.

I’m Jona. I’m a content strategist and marketer by day, a traveler/travel blogger on long weekends, a poet and reader by night, and a plant and cat whisperer 24/7.

I’m a former travel journalist and teacher, and a poet and fictionist with a high dose of imposter syndrome. My affairs with the world and words started with a book. I’ve seen bits and pieces of this beautiful wounded world. Hence, the name of the blog. I’m from Cebu, Philippines, lived in Vietnam for four years, and now I’m indefinitely living in Munich, Germany.

What originally was a repository of random thoughts on life, travel, and books, BWAB is now a full-on resources of those embarking the digital nomad life with a decent amount of travel guides, dive trips, and book readings spread thick in between.

For other forms of writing in the B2B and B2C space, check my portfolio. For real-time stories, puns, self-deprecating awkwardness, find me somewhere else

I traveled solo a lot. I still do. I traveled around and juggled several titles. Some of my written words found a home on Rappler, Interaksyon, Sun.Star, The Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, Scoot, Smile, and more. I vowed to exhaustively travel the Philippines before traveling abroad. And I did. From meeting the legendary Whang Od to trekking the almighty Mount Apo.

I’ve traveled to some 30+ countries, mainly in Asia and Europe. This year, 2024, I aim to travel and explore some more, both solo, and my little family on

As a seasoned content writer, I always welcome high-quality content related to the travel and digital nomad niche.

So hit me up for writing jobs, collaborations and partnerships: backpackingwithabook[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Reading Life

Enter an endless world of imagination, where your mind travels to distant lands, exotic worlds, and enchanted realms. Fiction reading is a form of escapism, giving you the ability to experience new adventures, emotions, and perspectives. So, settle in with a great book, immerse yourself in its pages, and let your imagination take flight. Escape the everyday and embrace the magic of fiction!

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Get ready for an adventure and join us as we discover the colorful streets of Asia and the tranquil shores of Oceania. Experience the contrast between bustling cities and serene islands, creating lasting memories and fulfilling your wanderlust. Let’s go!

Digital Nomad Resources

Become a part of the digital nomad movement and travel the globe while maintaining your work life. Utilize our carefully selected resources to escape the daily 9-5 routine and embrace an adventurous lifestyle. From top co-working locations to productivity advice, and travel ideas, we’ve got everything you need. Embrace the flexibility of remote work and transform the world into your workspace!

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