Heyooo! Curious about me?

I’m Jona, a mother of felines, a hoarder of books, notebooks, and plants.

I’m from Cebu, Philippines. Proud Bisdak. I have been in this traveling stint for so long and my battered wheeled backpack is still going strong.

I traveled solo a lot. I still do. I traveled around and juggled several titles. Some of my written words found a home on Rappler, Interaksyon, Sun.Star, The Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, Scoot, Smile, and more. I vowed to exhaustively travel the Philippines before traveling abroad. And I did. From meeting the legendary Whang Od to trekking the almighty Mount Apo.

I lived in Vietnam for four years, did the very things that make me happy: teaching things that matter (hello, social, political, environmental, and economic issues!), and continued working on my poetry manuscript (still working on that second poetry collection) while helping small-scale businesses for content and marketing services. Vietnam became my second home.

And now I am based in Munich, Germany in foreseeable future. You can find me on JonaDesigns for content and copywriting services and HomeHums.com for my life in Munich, Germany.

I wonder what brought you to this particular page? This little space, despite the years and evolution of everyone’s attention span, has dedicated readers and followers.

So hit me up for writing jobs, collaborations and partnerships: backpackingwithabook[at]gmail[dot]com.

Jona of backpackingwithabook.com

For my nicheless ramblings, find me on Medium.

I don’t know how to niche down, since life, this beautiful messy life, is nicheless. Or a niche in itself. So I dabble in so many things. The intersectionalities of travel and race. On being a woman. On being a woman of color living abroad. On generational trauma. On gardening, cats, and books. On interracial relationships. So you see, thoughts fork, and I need a space for this riverring mind. Medium is perfect for that. 

But if you are interested in other personas, intentional or not, here they are. 

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Here at BACKPACKING WITH A BOOK, storytelling is our core. We value authenticity, honesty, and sincerity. We uphold excellent narratives and helpful travel guides. . We find balance between traditional and digital media: we tap both markets.

We discuss matters that are directly  linked (or not) to traveling. We openly talk about money, race, and relationships. We are modern hippies who believe in financial freedom. We believe in the power of good books. We believe in the beauty of words.

We read. We travel. We think. We create.

For collaborations, commissioned jobs, and inquiries, email me at backpackingwithabook[at]gmail[dot]com.

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