Ha Noi, Viet Nam Munich, Germany

Heyooo! Curious about me?

I’m Jona, mother of felines, hoarder of books, notebooks, and plants.

I’m from Cebu, Philippines. Proud Bisdak. Lived in Vietnam for four years, doing the very things that make me happy: teaching things that matter (hello, social, political, environmental, and economic issues!) and writing poetry (still working on that second poetry collection). And now I am based in Munich, Germany in foreseeable future. I write for money. 😛 You can find me on JonaDesigns for content and copywriting services and HomeHums.com for my life in Munich, Germany. Quite a navel gazer eh? One blog is not enough. 😛

I used to write for several entities: interviews, features, travel essays, thought-provoking narratives on being a brown woman occupying space in the travel industry. You can see them somewhere on this haphazard blog.

I wonder what brought you to this particular page? I may not be in the Philippines, but I can always tap someone if you got a media invite for BWAB. This little space, despite the years and evolution of everyone’s attention span, has a dedicated readers and followers.

So hit me up for collaborations and partnerships: backpackingwithabook[at]gmail[dot]com.

Jona of backpackingwithabook.com

P.S. I’m more active on Instagram: @jonajournals 😉



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Here at BACKPACKING WITH A BOOKstorytelling is our core. We value authenticity, honesty, and sincerity. We uphold excellent narratives and helpful travel guides. . We find balance between traditional and digital media: we tap both markets.

We discuss matters that are directly  linked (or not) to traveling. We openly talk about money, race, and relationships. We are modern hippies who believe in financial freedom. We believe in the power of good books. We believe in the beauty of words.

We read. We travel. We think. We create.

For collaborations, commissioned jobs, and inquiries, email me at backpackingwithabook[at]gmail[dot]com.

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