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The Best 20 Beaches on Hvar Island

dubovica beach in Hvar Island

Personally, Hvar Island was my bet among the Croatian islands I visited. It got this Mediterranean-Adriatic vibe. I’m a sucker of overlooking the sea spots, and Hvar, especially its many beaches, has plenty of that. Hvar Island is a sun-soaked paradise with beaches that are the stuff of legends and rocky shores. 😛 From the crystal clear waters of  Velo Borce to the stunning sunsets of Dubovica, Hvar Island has a beach for every mood. Whether you’re in the mood for a serene swim or a wild party, Hvar Island has you covered. With its warm waters, powdery sand, and lush greenery, the beaches on Hvar Island are the perfect place to soak up the sun and leave your worries behind. So pack your sunscreen, grab your shades, and get ready for a beach vacation you’ll never forget. 

A portrait of an island girl overlooking Pokonji Dol Beach
Overlooking Pokonji dol Beach

Hvar Island has about 30 beaches, from the most popular ones to the least crowded and less inaccessible. There are two main entry points to Hvar Island from Split, and either you dock at the main Hvar Port or through Stari Grad, so here are some 20 beaches on Hvar Island you can start with.

Hvar Town if you want to be near everywhere.
Milna village if you want a bit of “away from everything” kind of vibe.
Zavala and Sveta Nedjelja are also serene villages that appeal to tourist-allergic travelers.

  1. Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel – A luxury hotel with a spa, outdoor pool and stunning sea views.
  2. Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort – A beachfront resort with outdoor pools and multiple dining options.
  3. Riva Marina Hvar Hotel – A modern hotel located in the heart of Hvar town, with easy access to local attractions.
  4. Palace Elisabeth, Hvar Heritage Hotel – Perfectly located old-time charm hotel on adriatic coast. This 5 star hotel is situated in the center of UNESCO Hvar Old Town.
  5. Hotel Fortuna is located at the beach in the Milna village, 5 km away from the centre of Hvar town. It offers tastefully designed and colourfully furnished rooms with free WiFi internet access. A bar and a restaurant are available on site.

When is the best time to visit the beaches on Hvar Island?

The best time to visit the beaches on Hvar Island is during the peak summer months of July and August, when the weather is warm and sunny. For a more relaxed and peaceful experience, it’s best to visit early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the crowds are smaller. But if you’re looking for a lively atmosphere, then the busiest hours around noon are the way to go. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to have a fantastic time at one of Hvar’s stunning beaches!

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If you are tourist-allergic, either you go to more secluded beaches on Hvar Island (there are many!) or visit during late spring or early autumn. The temperature is still manageable. A bit cool. Trust me, summer in Croatia is almost tropical. Hi, global warming! 😛

Things to Remember when Visiting Some of the Best Beaches on Hvar Island

  1. Most Hvar beaches require a bit of walking from the road. From a brisk 10-minute walk to an hour-long trek.
  2. Hvar island has an inherently rocky terrain, so I highly advise wearing shoes to avoid nasty blisters and unnecessary cuts. You don’t want to ruin your holiday with these little annoyances.
  3. Some beaches have toilets and bars that serve basic drinks and quick bites, some don’t.
  4. During peak season, the height of summer, some famous beaches, aka the ones closest to Hvar town, Stari Grad, Milna, and Jelsa tend to be crowded by noon.
  5. You can find the walking trails on Google Maps; but they are not 100% accurate.
  6. Car parking is a terrible concern during summer, so if you come in a car, come early.
  7. If you don’t want to rent a car or take a long walk, I highly suggest you rent a bicycle in town. 
  8. Bring your essentials with you. 
  9. Plaža is the Croatian word for beach. If you’re up for some adventure, you can key in this word on Google Maps and check some of the least visited beaches on Hvar Island.

Hvar Beaches within Walking Distance from Hvar Port or Milna 

Pokonji dol Beach 

A portrait of an island girl overlooking Pokonji Dol Beach
Overlooking Pokonji dol Beach

We walked to this beach over the hill from Hvar, which was shorter and more hard work than the costal road but offered nice views of the bay on the way. The beach and sea were clean, with clear blue water so I highly recommend this beach. Pokonji dol Beach is a leisurely walk 

Mekićevica Beach

Step away from the hustle and bustle of Pokonji dol Beach and take a leisurely stroll to the west, where you’ll find a hidden gem waiting for you. Just 20 minutes on foot and you’ll have a slice of paradise all to yourself. No noisy beach bars, no crowds. Just peace, quiet, and a 100% chance of relaxation. It’s the perfect escape for those who value their personal space and a more low-key beach experience.

Beach Robinson

Embark on a magical morning trek through a lush forest just a stone’s throw from the heart of Hvar town. A 20-25 minute walk will transport you to one of the most picturesque beaches on the island, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. The sea’s crystal clear waters will take your breath away with their incredible transparency. And if you’re planning to spend the day soaking up the sun, head to a charming family-owned restaurant, Robinson Hvar, on the beach’s edge. Sit under the shade of the trees and indulge in a delicious spread of freshly caught fish grilled to perfection, and an array of delectable seafood. This idyllic spot is the ultimate destination for a day of relaxed bliss.”

Versteckte Bucht

 Discover a hidden gem, where crystal clear waters sparkle with turquoise hues and vineyards and olive groves bask in the sun, almost touching the sea. This small paradise is tucked away from the crowds, reachable only by boat or a 20-minute hike through rolling hills of Mediterranean scrub, vineyards, and olive trees in Milna. Embrace the essence of nature as you bask in the sun and seek refuge under the tall, shady maritime pines. Just remember to bring everything you need for the day, as there are no amenities like bars or bathrooms available. A true escape to an unspoiled oasis awaits you.

Velo Borce

Finding the trail can be challenging, but the 15-minute walk to the beach is manageable even in slippers, although solid shoes are preferred. During peak times, there were 15 people on the beach. The water is incredibly clear and the beach is spotless. No need for water shoes as there are no sea urchins. This beach is ideal for couples as it has a peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, plenty of shady areas make it even more appealing. Velo Borce is about an hour walk from Hvar Town and a 20-minute walk from Milna.

velo borce beach on Hvar Island

Spiaggia Borča, Milna

A breathtaking location, which I’ve dubbed “Dragon Cove” due to the rock formations in the water resembling a dragon. You can reach it by passing Milna (where there is a paid parking option costing 80 kuna per day), then proceeding through the campsite located immediately on the right. After that, continue climbing through the pine forest before ascending. The easiest way to get there is by boat.

Beach Mala Milna

A stunning beach with crystal-clear, blue water, suitable for families and offering a variety of snack options. Parking is affordable and paid, though the showers were not in use during our visit, so their functionality (which is also paid) is uncertain. There are no sea-urchins, and the waves are very gentle. The beach is comprised of pebbles.

Milna Beach 

The beach is relatively peaceful in September, with low crowds. You can rent a chair and pad for 50 KN per day. It feels safe to swim and leave your personal belongings. The beach is stunning, conveniently located near restaurants, and 5 km from Hvar town.

Plaža Paščuka

A wonderful and intimate beach that is quite small. The water is incredibly clear, and there is a friendly restaurant overlooking it. The view is simply breathtaking.

Plaža Dubovica

A fantastic beach. If you arrive between 8 and 9 AM, you can enjoy the solitude of the beach. However, it tends to get crowded by noon, and finding parking may become difficult. The water is crystal-clear, and the beach is well-maintained. Please be cautious, as there may be sea urchins in the rocks.

Plaža Pišćena

A beautiful pebble beach situated in a secluded cove. The descent from the main road takes approximately 20 minutes and can be strenuous during the day’s heat. In the morning, the beach was deserted. Still, by noon, a considerable number of people arrived both on foot and by boat, which was unexpected given the accessibility. The beach was kept tidy. Unfortunately, there is no shade available. Additionally, it is possible to take a walk and swim to the striking red rocks from the bay.

Secret Beaches and Popular Beaches Near Sveta Nedjelja, Hvar Island

Sveta Nedjelja – Bay Lučišća

One of the most gorgeous natural beaches on Hvar Island. The water is crystal-clear, the beach is spotless, and the view of the mountains is breathtaking. We advise visiting early in the summer season due to limited spots and to bring an umbrella. The nearby beach bar makes the day even more perfect with refreshing drinks. Please remember to take your trash with you and keep the beach tidy for future visitors. We plan to return, as this is a fantastic location, truly embodying the essence of a holiday.

View of Lučišća Beach from the hill

Plaža Skala

The most attractive beach I’ve visited on Hvar has a tropical Hawaiian feel. While there isn’t much around other than the pristine natural beauty, the town with all the necessary amenities is a mere 5-minute walk away.

Jagodna Beach

With its gorgeous water, ample shade under the pines, and a lot of space to spread out, it’s no wonder why this beach is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after destinations on Hvar Island.

jagodna beach in Hvar Island

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First things first, let’s talk about the parking situation. Like many other beaches, parking can be a challenge, but fear not! The solution is simple: arrive early or park a bit further away. Trust us, the extra walk is worth it.

Hvar Beaches Near Zavala

Plaža Petarčica

Reaching Plaža Petarčica may require navigating a narrow road, but the effort is worth it. Parking can be arranged with the host, but once you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a stunning beach. The water is crystal clear, the beach is immaculate, and there’s plenty of shade provided by the surrounding area. Plus, the stones are smooth and make for a natural jumping-off point. With a concrete exit, this beach is a great option for a fun day in the sun.

Plaža Zavala

Zavala beach is a lovely spot with a tranquil atmosphere, thanks to the low crowd in June (typically only a handful to a dozen visitors). However, note that there are no sunbed rentals or showers available, and it’s recommended to bring appropriate footwear for swimming as the stones in the water can be large and slippery. The beach offers some shade with a tree for those seeking relief from the sun, and there’s a nearby restaurant (cash only).

Rarog Beach

This hidden gem of a beach is a beauty to behold. With its secluded location, you’ll find it to be an oasis of peace and quiet. However, it’s important to note that there are some nudists on this beach, so keep that in mind if you’re not comfortable with that.

Rarog beach in Hvar Island

Plaža Žučica

Accessing the beach is a breeze as you simply walk down a well-paved road to reach it. Parking won’t be an issue as there is ample space available. The road leading to the beach may be narrow in some parts and not fully paved, but it’s still easily navigable.

Once you arrive, you’ll find the beach to be incredibly clean with not a piece of litter in sight. The water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming. You’ll also be able to enjoy the sun for a long time and, if you stay until evening, a breathtaking sunset.

Plaža Octopus

A unique and captivating beach with pebble stones and crystal-clear water awaits. Parking may be limited and limited to the dirt road. However, a 10-15 minute walk down a path of sand and stones, including some shady areas, will lead you there. Note that there are no bars or restrooms on site. If parking is not available, other beaches can be reached by driving down the dirt road.

Other Beaches on Hvar Island

Mlaska Beach

It’s a cool place for camping! You have a restaurant and camping place with an electric plug for campers. I came there with the excursion boat for a swim stop, and i was expecting a big sandy beach but it isn’t: the place on the sand for sunbathing is really small. So if you are searching for a camping spot where you can have a swim that’s perfect!

Plaža Mala Pogorila

Very nice beach! You can go down on a gravel, then asphalt, then also gravel road, parking is free along the road. You can buy olive oil, wine and local products on the beach. The water is crystal clear, perfect for diving! There is a pleasant smell of pine and the air is clean.

Bogomolje zátoka

The gravel road is steep, but drivable by a normal 2wd car and parking is limited to 3/4 cars, by the road. The beach it’s not crowded at all, most of the people on this beach are brought in by boats. No bar or services on the beach.

beach Stara

Great bathing spot! Crystal clear, very, very clean water, with a great view of Makarska. 

Plaža Dubac

Beautiful beach, quiet place. Unfortunately very cluttered. The locals are not eager to clean up. Downhill very steep we managed 4×4 but you have to be careful. 

Uvala Prapatna

Very nice beach, with few apartment buildings around. No service, nor drinks or food though. Parking on the road only, which is quite rocky on last 500 metres.

Plaža Paklena

Great beach in Vrboska, Glavica peninsula, Southern part with view to Jelsa. Sea is not deep, the beach is with small stones or rocks but flat and good for sunbathing. Here starts the nudist part but is generally mixed. My favorite beach

Maslinica Beach

The beach is fairly easily accessible after a short hike, there is a small patch of gravel where you can enter the water easily, everything else is cliff and stones, but with water shoes its no problem entering the water from theres. If you plan on climbing the rocks to find the best spot i do recommend sturdy shoes though. The water is very clean, there was a bit of trash at the gravel beach part but none at all anywhere else. There’s lots of wildlife to discover, ideal for snorkeling.

Žukova Beach

One of the best in the area. The track will take you 5 mins from the parking area. It is fairly easy walking. The beach is pebbly, there are a lot of sea urchins, so make sure you have your reef booties. Great for families and has plenty of shade if you need it.

Great bay! But don’t trust the “google maps”, they direct you too far. Park your car 100 meters before google tells you to make the last right turn. The parking spot is just by the main asphalt road.

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