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Milna: A Quaint Little Town on Hvar Island

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Move over, Hvar town, because Milna is the new kid on the island block. This hidden gem is tucked away in a secluded cove on the south side of Hvar, just 4 kilometers away from the bustling city center. It’s the perfect oasis for families and couples alike, with beaches that glow brighter than a Kardashian’s highlighter. And the best part? You won’t have to battle the throngs of tourists that flock to Hvar town during peak season. Trust me, Milna is the place to be on Hvar Island.

There are four sunny beaches in Milna, which is also well-known for its many restaurants serving daily fresh fish, homemade olive oil, and regional specialties from Dalmatia. The palace of the Ivani family, constructed in the Baroque-Renaissance style, and the most exquisite specimens of 17th-century rural pastoral architecture can be seen on the western portion of the cove.

milna hvar from fortuna hotel
Photo from Fortuna Hotel

Where to Stay in Milna Hvar Island

Milna doesn’t have a lot of huge hotels and resorts like Hvar town. Rather, what it has are apartments privately hosted. We curated the best reviewed ones to make your planning easier.

Holiday Home Shangri-La (Highly Recommended)
Hotel Fortuna
Villa Stonehouse
Apartments Dida
B&B Chamberlain (Highly Recommended)
Studios Juka (Highly Recommended)
Apartments Regina
Punta Milna
Apartments by the sea Milna, Hvar
Apartment ‘MIMO’ in Milna – Hvar (Highly Recommended)

Visit the Beaches in Milna Hvar Island

There are about four beaches in Milna. Compared to the ones closest to Hvar town, the beaches in Milna are relatively less populated. There are about thirty beaches in Hvar Island, and these four are some of the best ones.

1. Versteckte Bucht

A little jewel that is hidden from most people since it can only be reached by boat or on foot, with crystal clear waters and turquoise reflections, vineyards, and olive orchards that almost reach the sea.

 It takes 20 minutes to ascend and descend via vineyards, olive groves, and Mediterranean scrub from Milna. It would be best if you carried everything you’ll need for the day because there are no bars or restrooms. The maritime pines provide shade.

2. Velo Borce

 The 15-minute walk to the beach is manageable in slippers but wearing sturdy shoes is highly, highly advised, especially if you need a solid portfolio of wearing thongs, like humans like me who are born with slippers on their feet. Velo Borce, relatively secluded, is one of those beaches in Hvar that never gets crowded regardless of the time of the day. And I hope it stays that way.

velo borce is one of the beaches in milna hvar

The beach is immaculate, and the water is remarkably pure. Moreover, there are no sea urchins; therefore, no water shoes are required. Couples should definitely visit this beach because it is so tranquil, and there is a ton of shade, which is a good bonus.

3. Mala Milna Beach

Such a gorgeous beach with an azure-blue ocean. Suitable for families, bring enough snacks, drinks, and necessities you need if you stay longer. 

There is a shower in the vicinity, but we have yet to use it, so we don’t really know if they work. A restaurant by the beach, Gostionica Mala, is open during the peak season, from June to September.

4. Milna Beach

Make sure to distinguish this from Mala Milna Beach. On Google maps, it is named Plaza Milna, plaza is Croatian for beach. 

Where to Eat in Milna

I have yet to experience any of the restaurants I mentioned below. But I did my research and curated the reviews of the restaurants. Except for the last restaurant, these restaurants in Milna are highly recommended by travelers. 

5. Gostiona Milina

Delicious food and excellent service. The scenery is magnificent, and kids can play on the beach while the food is prepared. We had a mixed seafood platter with some of the best grilled fish we’ve ever had. Bit pricey but worth it.

6. Restaurant Fortuna

The best positive surprise for us in this vacation. So tasty and still affordable kitchen I did not experience for a long time. This applies to both Italian dishes and seafood dishes. The personnel is very friendly, the atmosphere is ambient and charming. The sea view makes it even more romantic. We will surely go there again

7. Gostiona Kod Barba Bozjeg

This was a surprisingly delightful experience. Staying nearby as a solo traveler, this was my last night in Milna, and I did not know where to go. As a vegetarian, there isn’t always that many vegetarian options near the sea. Still, this place advertised that they had vegetarian options – and I must say, this is the most delicious risotto I’ve ever tried. In addition to this, the waitress was both kind and helpful, guiding me to a suitable dish. The white wine was also lovely!

8. Pekara Mini Bakery – Panino

The only one in Milna and still the best bakery on the island. We enjoyed every piece of pastry we bought there. Highly recommended! You should go there early in the morning to get some good variety.  

Restaurant to Avoid: Konoba Kotin

Based on our stalking, a lot of diners had terrible experience at Konoba Kotin. Inflated bill as the most common.

9. Visit Malo Grablje

Malo Grablje near milna
Photo by M Vogrinc

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Malo Grablje, translated as “Little Grablje”, is an abandoned village in northern slope above Milna. The settlement was evacuated in the 1960s, with the entire population moving to the coastal village Milna. But the cobblestones and the abandoned building makes you rethink of restoring them and living there. Well, it is the case for me every time I see stone houses.

10. Explore Hvar Town

Get ready to Hvar it up in this charming town on the Croatian island of Hvar. With its vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches, and rich cultural heritage, Hvar Town, which is just 4km aways from Milna, is the perfect destination for any traveler looking to soak up the sun and party like a local. Or you just want more restaurant and bar options.

Whether you’re sipping cocktails at a rooftop bar or strolling through the winding alleyways of the old town, Hvar will have you feeling like a rockstar in no time. So grab your sunscreen and your dancing shoes and get ready to explore Hvar Town.

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