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The Best Resorts in Tulum for Couples on Honeymoon

Nestled along pristine beaches or the contradictory manicured jungle, Tulum evokes images of abundance, romance, and adventure. And with that, I personally curated the best resorts in Tulum for couples , especially those who are on their honeymoon, based on actual guest reviews scoured on the Internet. This curated list evolves around the theme romance, that makes-you-giddy and loved kind of feel. These resorts offer an intimate escape into paradise. Imagine unwinding in private, luxurious villas with breathtaking ocean views, candlelit dinners on the sand, and moonlit walks amidst ancient Mayan ruins. Tulum’s romantic ambiance, combined with these carefully curated resorts, creates an unforgettable haven where love blossoms against a backdrop of turquoise waters and lush greenery.

Papaya Playa Project

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Papaya Playa Project stands out as an unforgettable gem in Tulum and definitely one of the best resorts in Tulum for couples. The seamless hospitality, delectable cuisine, and refreshing drinks created a stellar experience from check-in to check-out. If you got a Marriott platinum status, a hassle-free upgrade to a cabana with a rooftop pool can elevate your stay. The property’s charm extends to its feline residents, lovingly cared for by the attentive staff. Personal highlights include the delightful surprise of a monkey on our cabana roof, making Papaya Playa Project a unique and cherished destination worth revisiting.

Alaya Tulum

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Embark on an unforgettable getaway at Alaya Tulum, where the warmth of the staff and breathtaking beach views redefine hospitality. Enjoy a complimentary upgrade to a stunning beach view room and wake up to free yoga sessions, setting the perfect tone for your day. The pristine beach, meticulously cleared of seaweed each morning, invites relaxation. Embrace the seamless experience—friendly staff, clean rooms, and personalized touches like a cute beach bag. Alaya Tulum is not just a stay; it’s a recommendation for an extraordinary, effortlessly enjoyable escape.

Mereva Tulum

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Embrace a fabulous stay at Mereva Tulum, an ideal haven for relaxation and water sports enthusiasts. While drinks may lean towards the pricier side, the generous breakfasts compensate for it. The friendly and attentive team ensures a seamless experience, offering complimentary equipment for snorkeling and kayaking. For added convenience, Casa Cenote and a nearby store provide essentials. Renting a car is recommended for exploring, ensuring a fantastic stay at this impressive Tulum retreat.

Casa Ganesh Tulum

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Casa Ganesh in Tulum stands out as the epitome of excellence. With beautifully designed, minimalist rooms, the friendly staff, especially Jona and Andrea, ensure an impeccable stay. Enjoy beach access with the unique perk of bringing outside drinks and food. The exceptional location immerses you in the best of Tulum beach life, offering a perfect blend of privacy and proximity to the vibrant scene. Whether seeking tranquility or socializing, Casa Ganesh exceeds expectations, making it a highly recommended retreat.

Hotel Diamante K

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Discover the enchantment of Hotel Diamante K where the beauty of the rooms and stunning location is surpassed only by the exceptional kindness of the staff. Definitely one of the best resorts for couples in Tulum. From front desk to bartenders, waiters, and cleaners, every team member contributes to a magical and intimate experience. The paradise-like setting, complete with a beautiful garden and daily yoga classes, elevates the stay. With names like César, Paco, Miguel, Carlos, and Damian ensuring a personalized touch, Diamante K becomes a cherished destination, eagerly anticipating a return visit.

Lumina at Looltum Tulum

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Lumina at Looltum Tulum captivates with its irresistible boho style. The interior, a symphony of colors, textures, and meticulous details, creates an immediate love affair. Beyond aesthetics, the building exudes a reassuring sense of safety, inviting true relaxation. Nestled in the dynamic Tulum environment, Lumina reflects the town’s vibrant evolution. Explore the exciting surroundings, with charming cafes and delightful breakfast spots just a stroll away. Lumina promises an unforgettable experience, leaving you eagerly anticipating your return.

Mezzanine Hotel Tulum

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Experience sheer delight at Mezzanine Hotel Tulum, where Thai cuisine and luxury intertwine seamlessly. The delectable pad Thai and curry dishes set the stage for an exceptional stay. The well-appointed rooms, including a charming loft area, exceed expectations. Dive into the refreshing pool just steps from your door after enjoying the ocean. Serenity envelops this accommodating haven, with the concierge and staff, notably Abdel, ensuring a curated Tulum experience. Private beach access, complimentary drinks, and entry to Colibri hotels make Mezzanine a truly unique and affordable choice for a small luxury getaway—100% worth the stay! Definitely one of the most romantic resorts in Tulum for couples.

Cinco Beach Club

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Indulge in the pleasures of Cinco Beach Club, where excellent food and pristine beach upkeep create an enjoyable coastal retreat. The staff’s remarkable dedication ensures your comfort, setting a perfect stage for a relaxing day by the sea. With a reasonable spending minimum, including parking and beach access, it’s an excellent choice for those seeking a superb beach club experience. Immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere, accompanied by tasty food and attentive service, making Cinco a standout in Tulum’s beach scene.

La Conchita Tulum

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Experience the magic of La Conchita Tulum, where waking up to the sunrise from your bed is just the beginning of an extraordinary stay. The beautiful, quiet rooms boast strong wifi that extends onto the beach. Nestled on a sea turtle beach, the chance to witness baby turtles hatch and release them into the ocean is a truly special experience. With rustic charm, beach lounge chairs, and plans for future amenities, La Conchita promises an excellent, eco-friendly beach vacation with friendly staff.

Sueños Tulum

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Discover the exceptional charm of Sueños Tulum, an outstanding beachside boutique hotel, one of the best hotels in Tulum for couples. The staff’s unwavering smiles create a welcoming atmosphere. Positioned on the tranquil side of the beach, it offers everything needed for a relaxing retreat. The delicious complimentary breakfast, including a kid-friendly option, adds to the allure. Abundant beach chaises and hammocks ensure finding a perfect spot is never an issue, with the friendly staff always eager to assist, making Sueños Tulum an ideal haven for a serene and enjoyable escape.

Maya Tulum Hotel

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Embrace an exceptional stay at Maya Tulum Hotel is one of the best places to stay for couples, where comfort meets luxury. The ocean-view rooms, complete with a private mini pool, offer an amazing retreat. The serene atmosphere is perfect for unwinding, complemented by delightful inclusive breakfasts and exquisite meals at the poolside restaurant. The attentive and friendly staff, available 24/7, ensures every need is promptly met. Impeccable service and a clean beach create an unforgettable experience, making Maya Tulum a top recommendation for a relaxing getaway.

La Posada del Sol Boutique Hotel

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Discover perfection at La Posada del Sol, an ideal retreat venue with stunning beach sessions and beautiful rooms. The location, pleasing to all, offers a tranquil escape. Enjoy the romantic, private rooms, complete with unique features like a balcony pool where ocean waves serenade you. Exceptional customer service ensures a seamless experience, making planning effortless. Whether for a special anniversary, honeymoon, or escape from the city, La Posada del Sol, with its breathtaking sunrise views, is a highly recommended haven worth the journey from Cancun.


So there you have it. I hope you find the most romantic resort in Tulum for your next romantic getaway.

Love and be loved,

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