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I'm Jona, a former travel journalist and teacher, and a poet and fictionist with a high dose of imposter syndrome. My affairs with the world and words started with a book. I've seen bits and pieces of this beautiful wounded world. Hence, the name of the blog. I'm from the Philippines, lived in Vietnam for four years, and now I'm indefinitely living in Munich, Germany.

What originally was a repository of random thoughts on life, travel, and books, BWAB is now a full-on resources of those embarking the digital nomad life with a decent amount of travel guides and book readings spread thick on this blog. 

For real-time stories, puns, self-deprecating awkwardness, find me somewhere else. 





January 26, 2023

Lucisca Beach: A Hidden Gem Tucked on Hvar Island

Ah, Lucisca Beach, a hidden gem tucked away on Hvar island. A natural beauty, it boasts crystal clear waters, a spotless pebbly beach, and a view of the majestic mountains that will leave you sighing with content.  Summertime tip: set your alarm clock and arrive early to secure your spot […]
January 26, 2023

Dubovica Beach: Tucked Away But Easy to Find Beach in Hvar Island

Escape the Split chaos and sail 8km east to the idyllic Dubovica beach on the south shore of Hvar island. Known for its pebbly beach, breathtaking underwater views, and rustic countryside charm, it’s the perfect spot for a picnic and a glimpse of 18th/19th-century rural living. Savor the local cuisine […]
January 26, 2023

Pokonji Dol Beach: A Little Gem near Hvar Port

All four of us, all girls, coincidentally stayed in the same hostel. One is a courageous young Filipino-American woman, one is from Germany, who has a friend joining her, and this friend happens to Filipino-Swedish. What are the odds to have three Filipinas in a dorm by a coast in […]
January 25, 2023

The Best 16 Siargao Beach Resorts with a Pool

Welcome to Siargao Island, where the waves are Pacific (in the tone of magnifique), the sun bright (it’s your holidays, everything has that holiday glow, duh), and the palm trees sway to the beat of island life. This sea-breezed and coconut-grove paradise is the perfect escape from your micromanaging boss […]