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Where to Stay in Vienna for First Time Visitors in 2024

weekend in vienna

Having explored 15-plus European cities since relocating to Munich, Germany, I unequivocally declare Vienna as my favorite, next to Prague. This imperial jewel along the Danube orchestrates a symphony of culture, history, and elegance. Opulent palaces, a classical music legacy, and charming coffeehouse culture contribute to its timeless allure. I like how effortlessly hip and cool it is behind its established history on the arts scene.

Where to stay in Vienna for first time visitors, you ask? Ask no more. I got the answers for you. Don’t miss the chance to savor coffee and sachertorte in a traditional café. Vienna’s enchanting blend of tradition and modernity places it firmly on every European bucket list. I weigh in the best neighborhood to stay in Vienna for tourists and first-time visitors.

Quick Vienna Guide

The best luxury hotel: The Amauris Vienna – Relais & Châteaux, The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna, Hotel Imperial
The best boutique hotel: Hotel Josefine, Boutique Hotel Das Tigra, Boutiquehotel Das Tyrol
The best budget hotel: Rioca Vienna Posto 2, BASSENA Wien Messe Prater, BASSENA Wien Donaustadt
The best hostels: Vienna Hostel Ruthensteiner, Prater City Hostel

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weekend in vienna

In a Nutshell: The best areas to stay in Vienna for tourists and first-time visitors

  1. Innere Stadt (First District): This historic core is ideal for first-time visitors. Home to iconic landmarks like St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Hofburg Palace, it boasts charming streets, museums, and cultural attractions.
  2. Leopoldstadt (Second District): Situated along the Danube Canal, Leopoldstadt offers a mix of history and modernity. Prater Park, the Giant Ferris Wheel, and the Vienna Exhibition Center make it an exciting area.
  3. Landstraße (Third District): Landstraße is known for the Belvedere Palace and the Hundertwasserhaus. It provides a blend of historical elegance and contemporary attractions.
  4. Mariahilf (Sixth District): A vibrant district with the famous shopping street Mariahilfer Strasse, Mariahilf is perfect for those who enjoy a lively atmosphere, trendy shops, and cultural venues.
  5. Neubau (Seventh District): Neubau is a hip and artistic district, hosting the MuseumsQuartier and diverse dining options. It’s great for those seeking a creative and eclectic atmosphere.
  6. Josefstadt (Eighth District): Josefstadt is a charming residential area with theaters, small boutiques, and cozy cafes. It offers a quieter ambiance while still being close to the city center.

Tours and Day Trips in and from Vienna

Innere Stadt (First District)

For a Vienna debut, the Innere Stadt, or First District, stands unparalleled. This historic nucleus proves ideal for first-time visitors with its rich tapestry of iconic landmarks, including the awe-inspiring St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the magnificent Hofburg Palace. Meandering through its charming streets reveals a living history, while museums and cultural attractions provide immersive experiences. Staying in Innere Stadt ensures proximity to Vienna’s beating heart, allowing newcomers to soak in the city’s grandeur effortlessly. It’s a captivating blend of history, culture, and architectural marvels that guarantees an unforgettable introduction to the enchanting city of Vienna.

The Top 5 Hotels in Innere Stadt

Motel One

Address: Elisabethstraße 5, 1010 Vienna, Austria


Where to Stay in Vienna for First Time Visitors

Review: Motel One in Vienna surprises and delights, transcending motel expectations. This brand-new hotel boasts a stylish lobby and bar, clean rooms, and excellent bathrooms. While compact, the rooms feature a comfortable bed with quality linens, upscale bathroom products, and efficient air conditioning. The friendly, knowledgeable staff and fantastic value make it a top choice. The experience exceeds expectations, leaving guests eager to explore other Motel One locations throughout Europe.

Hotel Domizil

Address: Schulerstraße 14, 1010 Vienna, Austria


Review: Nestled in Vienna, Hotel Domizil charms with its prime location, a mere 2-minute stroll to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Wien Mitte station is conveniently nearby. Guests praise the clean, charming rooms with an old-world touch. The friendly staff and a satisfying breakfast buffet enhance the stay. Thin walls are noted as a minor consideration.

Hotel Post Wien

Address: Fleischmarkt 24, 1010 Vienna, Austria


Review: Hotel Post Wien offers an exceptional Vienna stay. The standard single bed room, though initially perceived as small, pleasantly surprised with its ample space. Boasting the best location near Schwedenplatz subway and renowned restaurants, it’s incredibly convenient. Guests rave about the varied and delicious breakfast, complemented by the hotel’s warm hospitality. A highly recommended choice in the heart of Vienna.

Pension Lerner

best area to stay in vienna for tourist

Address: Fleischmarkt 24, 1010 Vienna, Austria


Review: Pension Lerner stands out for its excellent Vienna location, providing easy access to all attractions. Guests praise the very comfortable and quiet rooms, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. The added convenience of a powerful hair dryer enhances the stay. Special commendation goes to the delicious and varied breakfasts, served until 11 am, with daily changes. Guests appreciate the opportunity to dine at the café in the same building. The friendly host’s pleasant conversations and prompt assistance make Pension Lerner a delightful choice for a Vienna stay.

Leopoldstadt (Second District)

First-time visitors to Vienna should choose Leopoldstadt (Second District) for a dynamic blend of history and modernity. Nestled along the scenic Danube Canal, this district showcases Prater Park, the iconic Giant Ferris Wheel, and the Vienna Exhibition Center, promising an exciting exploration. Leopoldstadt encapsulates the city’s vibrant spirit, providing a captivating atmosphere for visitors to immerse themselves in Vienna’s rich heritage while enjoying contemporary attractions. The district’s lively ambiance, historical landmarks, and proximity to cultural gems make Leopoldstadt an ideal choice for an enriching and memorable Vienna experience.

The Top 5 Hotels in Leopoldstadt

Zoku Vienna

Address: Perspektivstr. 6, 1020 Vienna, Austria


Immerse yourself in the exceptional experience that is Zoku Vienna – a true gem among hotels. A recent guest exclaimed, “Zoku Vienna surpassed all my expectations and stands as one of the best hotels I’ve EVER experienced!” The rooms, cozy and practical, offer an ideal fusion of comfort and functionality. Boasting proximity to two metro stations, just a quick 5-minute ride to the city center, it’s incredibly convenient. Nestled close to Prater, the serene surroundings provide an escape from the city buzz. Whether in winter or any season, Zoku Vienna promises an unforgettable stay with comfort, convenience, and serene beauty. Highly recommended for your Vienna visit!

Hotel Babula am Augarten

boutique hotels in vienna

Address: Heinestraße 15, 1020 Vienna, Austria


Discover the delightful allure of Hotel Babula am Augarten, where a recent guest exclaimed, “Honestly, this place is awesome!” Enjoy spacious, air-conditioned rooms conveniently located next to the metro, complemented by friendly staff and a satisfying breakfast. What truly sets this hotel apart is its unique vibe, a boutique hotel in Vienna vibe, characterized by lively music, an inviting bar, the best coffee, and delicious pizza – a seamless blend that creates an unforgettable experience. Brilliantly situated, tram 2 or the U1 ensures easy access to Vienna’s highlights. Babula’s charm, exceptional service, and prime location make it a highly recommended haven for your Vienna stay. ♥️

ibis Styles Wien Messe Prater

Address: Franzensbrückenstraße 26, 1020 Vienna, Austria


the best area to stay in Vienna

Experience the charm of ibis Styles Wien Messe Prater, where a recent guest raved, “Overall nice experience, great lounge/bar/breakfast area.” While lacking parking, the well-stocked bathroom, comfortable bed, and friendly check-in/bar staff left a positive impression.The hotel’s cleanliness, strategic location between Prater and the city center, fair pricing, and available parking make it an ideal choice for business trips or leisure. Recommended for its efficiency, prepared staff, and seamless organization, ibis Styles Wien Messe Prater ensures a great stay in Vienna.

grätzlhotel Karmelitermarkt

boutique hotels in vienna

Address: Große Sperlgasse 6, Afrikanergasse 3, 1020 Vienna, Austria


Delight in the uniqueness of grätzlhotel Karmelitermarkt, as one guest shared, “The garden room is a large, quiet studio apartment – a great base to explore this amazing neighborhood.” Offering clean, beautifully designed interiors, a kitchenette, and a spacious double bed, the units exude charm. The clever separation of bathroom and living space by floor-to-ceiling curtains enhances the experience. Situated next to a lovely restaurant and within walking distance to downtown, these spacious, clean, and uniquely designed units come highly recommended for an unforgettable stay in Vienna.

Superbude Wien Prater

Address: Perspektivstr. 8, 1020 Vienna, Austria


boutique hotels in vienna

Superbude Wien Prater, one of the best boutique hotels in Vienna, deserves a solid 10 out of 10, according to one delighted guest. With huge and uniquely designed rooms, the super-friendly team goes above and beyond to assist with any needs. Perfect for families, it’s just a 2-minute walk from Prater fairgrounds and 3 minutes from a metro station. The hotel’s distinct design concept sets it apart, offering friendly staff and comfortable rooms. Despite some showers being inside rooms, the overall experience makes it a top choice for a return visit to Vienna.

Landstraße (Third District)

Embark on a captivating introduction to Vienna by choosing Landstraße, the Third District, as your accommodation hub. Known for its historic grandeur blended with contemporary allure, Landstraße boasts iconic attractions like the Belvedere Palace and the vibrant Hundertwasserhaus. This district provides a perfect fusion of past and present, offering first-time visitors an enriching experience. With its central location and excellent transport links, Landstraße ensures easy exploration of Vienna’s rich history and modern charm, making it an ideal and dynamic base for newcomers eager to discover the heart of the city.

The Top 5 Hotels in Landstraße

Rioca Vienna Posto 2

boutique hotels in vienna

Address: Viehmarktgasse 4, 1030 Wien, Austria


Discover the unique charm of Rioca Vienna Posto 2, where one guest exclaimed, “This is THE ONE. The best choice ever!” The rooms offer a tranquil escape with thoughtful amenities like color-changing lights and Bluetooth-enabled tables for music enthusiasts. Embracing a student dorm vibe, the prices are remarkably reasonable compared to touristy places, yet they provide everything you need – from free coffee to wine glasses. Conveniently located near supermarkets and public transportation, the city center and the airport are easily accessible. A delighted guest promises not to stay anywhere else in Vienna, declaring Rioca Vienna Posto 2 as the ultimate choice.

Hotel Daniel Vienna

Address: Landstraßer Gürtel 5, 03. Landstraße, 1030 Vienna, Austria


the best areas to stay in Vienna

Experience modern urbanity at Hotel Daniel Vienna, where one guest notes, “Modern, urban rooms with quirky features like a shower in the middle of the room.” While the design may not suit everyone, the comfy beds and convenient location, with easy access to the main station, metro, and trams, make it a unique choice. The provided breakfast is decent, but the open shower design without blinds may pose privacy challenges, as humorously shared by a guest. Despite this, Hotel Daniel Vienna offers a distinctive stay with a touch of urban flair.

Moxy Vienna City East

boutique hotels in vienna

Address: Im Erdberger Mais 1, 03. Landstraße, 1030 Vienna, Austria


Discover the appeal of Moxy Vienna City East, where friendly staff greets you with free drinks on arrival. The brand-new hotel boasts cool rooms, a convenient underground garage, and impeccable cleanliness. While the 7th-floor internet might be slow, the overall experience is extraordinary, offering a great breakfast and attractive pricing compared to nearby hotels. Ideal for business trips, young individuals, or couples, Moxy Vienna City East provides a modern and vibrant atmosphere for a memorable stay in Vienna.

Blackhome Wien

Address: 29 Neulinggasse, 03. Landstraße, 1030 Vienna, Austria


the best areas to stay in Vienna

Discover the allure of Blackhome Wien, an amazing and cozy hotel/apartment that’s super new and spotlessly clean. Well-equipped with a range of amenities, from a microwave to a dishwasher, it provides a seamless and enjoyable stay. The easy check-in system adds to the convenience, and its proximity to the train station in a quiet neighborhood ensures a tranquil retreat. With clean rooms and a thoughtfully equipped kitchen area, Blackhome Wien offers a delightful blend of comfort and practicality for a memorable stay in Vienna.

Ruby Sofie Hotel & Bar

the best areas to stay in Vienna

Address: Marxergasse 17, 03. Landstraße, 1030 Vienna, Austria


Embark on a truly remarkable experience at Ruby Sofie Hotel & Bar, a perfect complement to your Vienna journey. Tastefully designed decor, from common areas to rooms, creates a welcoming ambiance. The staff, particularly Mike, showcases exceptional cocktail skills, making engaging conversations a highlight. The room’s impressive speaker left a lasting impression, prompting contemplation for a similar addition at home. For a stay where aesthetics, warm service, and memorable experiences converge, Ruby Sofie Hotel & Bar stands out as an ideal choice in Vienna.

Mariahilf (Sixth District)

Discover the dynamic allure of Mariahilf, the Sixth District, ideal for first-time visitors. Renowned for the iconic shopping street Mariahilfer Strasse, this vibrant district offers a lively atmosphere, trendy shops, and cultural venues. Immerse yourself in the diverse local scene, exploring boutiques, cafes, and galleries. With its central location and proximity to major attractions, Mariahilf provides an exciting introduction to Vienna’s eclectic blend of modernity and tradition, ensuring a memorable stay for those eager to experience the city’s vibrant energy and cultural richness.

The Top 5 Hotels in Mariahilf

Jaz in the City Vienna
Pension Wienderland
Oliver Apartments | contactless check-in
Austria Trend Hotel Anatol Wien
Pension Mozart – Newly Renovated 2021

Neubau (Seventh District)

Neubau, Vienna’s Seventh District, is an ideal choice for first-time visitors seeking a vibrant and artistic experience. Home to the MuseumsQuartier, this hip district exudes creativity and offers diverse dining options. Immerse yourself in the eclectic atmosphere, exploring contemporary art, trendy boutiques, and unique eateries. Neubau provides a dynamic blend of cultural richness and modern flair, ensuring an enriching stay for those eager to discover Vienna’s avant-garde side. With its central location and artistic ambiance, Neubau promises a unique introduction to the city’s thriving cultural scene, making it an exciting base for exploration.

The Top 5 Hotels in Neubau

Max Brown Hotel 7th District, part of Sircle Collection
The Weekend Hotel
Apollo Hotel Vienna
HeyMi Apartments Mondschein
HENRI Hotel Wien Siebterbezirk


Nestled in Vienna’s heart, first-time visitors should consider the enchanting Josefstadt, the Eighth District, for a unique experience. This charming residential area unveils a quieter ambiance adorned with theaters, small boutiques, and cozy cafes. Its intimate atmosphere provides a serene escape, yet proximity to the city center ensures convenient exploration. Josefstadt allows guests to immerse themselves in Vienna’s cultural fabric at a comfortable pace, offering a delightful blend of tranquility and accessibility. For those seeking an authentic and quieter side of Vienna without sacrificing convenience, Josefstadt stands as an ideal choice for an enriching stay.

The Top 5 Hotels in Josefstadt

Pension Madara
Hotel-Pension Wild
Hotel Columbia
Hotel Rathaus – Wein & Design
DaunTown Rooms – Self Check-In


In conclusion, Vienna, a city of imperial grandeur and contemporary charm, offers a range of districts catering to diverse preferences. The best areas to stay in Vienna for first-time visitors are the historic Innere Stadt, a central hub with iconic landmarks, and vibrant Neubau, known for its artistic flair. These districts ensure an enchanting introduction to the city’s cultural richness, providing an immersive experience in this captivating Austrian capital. So hopefully I sufficiently answered the question where to stay in Vienna for first time visitors.

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