June 3, 2024

The Best Hotels Near SeaTac Airport with Free Parking and Shuttle

The distance from Tacoma to Seattle is roughly 34 miles (55 kilometers) via Interstate 5, with travel time varying between 40 minutes to an hour depending on traffic. SeaTac Airport, conveniently positioned about 18 miles (29 kilometers) north of Tacoma and 13 miles (21 kilometers) south of downtown Seattle, serves […]
June 2, 2024

Best Places to Stay in Seattle for First-time Visitors

What makes Seattle so darn cool. First off, picture this: a vibrant blend of urban chic and breathtaking natural beauty. Yep, that’s Seattle for ya! We’ve got it all, from the iconic Space Needle piercing the skyline to the lush greenery of our parks and the shimmering waters of Puget […]
May 25, 2024

Where to Stay in Vienna for First Time Visitors in 2024

Having explored 15-plus European cities since relocating to Munich, Germany, I unequivocally declare Vienna as my favorite, next to Prague. This imperial jewel along the Danube orchestrates a symphony of culture, history, and elegance. Opulent palaces, a classical music legacy, and charming coffeehouse culture contribute to its timeless allure. I […]
May 24, 2024

Your Ultimate Ninh Binh Travel Guide: 17 Best Things to Do in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

With my four years in Vietnam, Ninh Binh singularly took the number one spot as the most visited. I regularly visited this place on my own especially during the pandemic since it is just 1 hour and 30-min away from Hanoi by limousine—the locals’ word for spacious shared van. When […]
May 22, 2024

Where to Stay in Ninh Binh for Your First Visit

Living in Hanoi made me long for the vast quietness of the countryside. Ninh Binh was always my weekend fix during my four-year stint in Vietnam’s capital. Ninh Binh’s huge rafts of farmed white ducks wallowing in its many waterways, with the expanse of rice fields in different shades of […]
May 21, 2024

Where to Stay in Salzburg for First-time Visitors

Wasn’t Mozart white-washed? He was supposed to be black, no? My husband chuckled upon hearing this. We were walking towards the house where Mozart was born in Salzburg. What?! I read something about it, I said. I didn’t verify whatever I read online. But no, Mozart is white as white […]
May 13, 2024

Where to Stay in Paris for First-time Visitors + Places to Avoid

Paris, like to many of us, first came to me as an idea. Its images conjured in my head were the ones fed by the literatis who lived in this city, from Victor Hugo to Simone de Beauvoir. Hmm, okay, I majored in literature. Before there is Emily in Paris, […]
May 5, 2024

The Best Resorts in Tulum for Couples on Honeymoon

Nestled along pristine beaches or the contradictory manicured jungle, Tulum evokes images of abundance, romance, and adventure. And with that, I personally curated the best resorts in Tulum for couples , especially those who are on their honeymoon, based on actual guest reviews scoured on the Internet. This curated list […]
May 3, 2024

Affordable Tulum Hotels under $80

Welcome to Tulum, where the sun-kissed shores meet the charm of imperfect plumbing and a thriving iguana community. This coastal haven, just an hour and a half from Cancún, has evolved beyond its quaint past. While traffic and waiting lists now dot the scene, fear not – Tulum’s allure persists. […]
May 1, 2024

Where to Stay in Strasbourg for the First Time: The Top 15 Best Hotels

After Paris, the second French city that I visited was Strasbourg. Half-timbered houses. Gorgeous riverside restaurants adorned by falling red and pink geraniums. The Romanesque cathedral. I loved my three-day stay in Strasbourg. The great thing about exploring little but equally storied and charming cities in France is that you […]
April 29, 2024

15 Amazing Things to Do in Stari Grad, Hvar’s Rustic Old Town

 Stari Grad Hvar. Or as the Italians call it, Cittavecchia or Cittavecchia di Lesina, is a charming town nestled on the north side of the stunning Hvar Island in Dalmatia, Croatia. This place is seriously old, folks – we’re talking ancient! In fact, it’s one of the oldest towns in […]
April 16, 2024

20 Affordable Hotels in Venice with Canal Views

Venice is the only Italian city I’ve been to so far, aside from the little coastal Trieste. So I cannot compare it to other popular Italian cities. It may not be my favorite European city, Vienna claimed that spot, but I have to give it to Venice for embracing age […]