September 26, 2016

Scottsdale and Sedona: The Cities that Take You Somewhere

There are cities that can take you to the most wondrous creation and consequence of nature’s shifting body. Say, Scottsdale and Sedona — your jumpoff for your ultimate hiking adventures. Test your lungs’ capacity by hiking to the majestic Bell Rock. Be an angel and cross the Devil’s Bridge. Whatever you have in mind, these two cities have the necessary views to revitalize your being. To help you out, here are five boutique hotels to choose from.
September 25, 2016

Knowing New Orleans through Its French Quarter

Streets and open spaces witness the flow and movement of people over hundreds of years. There is something beguiling about public spaces, and they can charm you without you knowing it. They can make you long for them when you’re going about mundane tasks New Orleans has some of the most interesting and storied streets, quarters, and squares in the United States. To start your journey through the Crescent City, here are five boutique hotels to spice up your next trip.
September 14, 2016

Relishing in the Beauty of Monterey

Some cities’ appeal centers in their cityness and in the spectacles of their lights and architecture. The charms of some cities, however, gravitate around nature’s organic and unadulterated beauty. Be it rustic and friendly villages or endless stretches of surf and shores, these cities captivate many kindred souls. Monterey is that kind of city. It draws inspiration and creativity from its own being. And if you are there, there is nothing left to do but to relish in its own uniqueness. Best Western Plus Victorian Inn: The Personal and the Distinctive To provide an authentic and romantic experience is Best Western […]
September 10, 2016

Going with the Flow in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s story started with the death of a massive glacier, which now metamorphoses into lakes, springs, rivers, and prairies. It offers endless possibilities of romantic escapades and adventures. Be it hiking and canoeing in summer and autumn, skiing and ice-fishing in winter, bird-watching and bicycling in spring, Wisconsin is a state that continuously flows and evolves. Its fall foliage is among the best in the country. Traveling around the Badger State relaxes the mind and the body, as if you, a traveler, are inhabited by the tranquility of its lakes and surroundings. When you find yourself in Wisconsin, be that […]