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June 9, 2016
Affordable Hotels in Virginia Beach USA

There Is Nothing More Beautiful Than Getting Lost at La Jolla

Rugged cliffs overlooking the Pacific as it relentlessly hits the shore, empty beaches beckoning you to walk, sunny days warming not only your skin but also your soul and sole are three of the many things waiting for you in La Jolla, a coastal city in California. Its beach culture is something that you would surely love. To help you out with your accommodation, here are boutique hotels, five among the lovely and affordable hotels you can find in La Jolla.
June 6, 2016

It Is Fine to Fall in Love with Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara evokes images of sleek and tall palm trees dotting the road loyal to the coast. Adventure is at the heart of the city. Be it kayaking through the Channel Islands’ caves or trekking around Santa Ynez’s mountains, this quaint coastal city does not disappoint. Plus, there are beaches, wineries, and park to make your day more exciting. To make you more excited for your trip, here are boutique hotels, five among the affordable ones you can find in Santa Barbara.
May 21, 2016

SeaTac: When Affordability Meets Convenience

What comprises a great vacation? It’s the simple things, such as sipping your coffee in a café downtown. Or gazing upward and seeing how the spires of Chateau Ste. Michelle graces the horizon. Or walking around Gig Harbor in early morning or late afternoon and indulging in the bay breeze. Or admiring the magnificence of Mount Rainier. The places that connect Seattle and Tacoma are more than enough to keep interested and excited. To up the thrill, here are some boutique accommodations, five among the affordable hotels in SeaTac area. 
May 20, 2016
Hipmunk Hotels: Deep South Delights

Hipmunk Hotels: Deep South Delights in Lafayette, Louisville, Durham, and More

This post, “Hipmunk Hotels: Deep South Delights in Lafayette, Louisville, Durham, and More,” appeared on Travel Tweaks, on April 15, 2016. Exploring the American Deep South is a delight for all types of travelers. Civil War and antebellum attractions draw hordes of history buffs each year, while the Cajun, Spanish, and African influences in areas such as Lafayette make foodies everywhere drool a little. Add a few science centers, annual events like the Kentucky Derby, or a few casinos, and you get the full flavors of this region of the American South. Here are a few destinations for you to explore, […]