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A megacity like Tokyo is like a river: the people do not stop flowing. They are out and about, as one might expect in one of the most populous and expensive cities to live in the world. Tokyo is a prime destination in Asia, and some claim they have seen and experienced what must be seen and experienced. But a megacity like Tokyo keeps on evolving; thus, there are places […]

Dubai is a city known for its epicurean delights and sights. It sets the bar high for fashion, architecture, gastronomy, and more. A metropolis like Dubai is never afraid to venture to the new or to the future. The city’s principles are clearly manifested in its staggering architecture. Here are five hotels in Dubai that should be on your vacation bucket list. Expect your jaw to drop. About Jona Branzuela BeringWhen […]

Paris conjures the images of freshly baked croissants, grand crème, and drinking coffee al fresco. The City of Love and Lights is one of the early pioneers in popularizing the café culture. In the recent years, this very culture has been redefined to equal if not surpass the new wave of coffee drinking in the world. Some of the best baristas and coffee experts converge in the city and open […]

“Porener imong uyab no?” (Is your boyfriend a foreigner?) asked the passenger beside me. We were on the old van to Biliran from Ormoc. I knew this question was coming, but I asked nonetheless why she thought so. I have the looks, she supplied – slender, long-haired, dark. Foreigners go for that “exotic” look. I could let it pass if she stopped there. There is some truth to it except […]

Traveling to Rome translates to bumping into fellow wanderlusts who are as awed as you with the sights, smells, and sounds of this ancient city. Once in a while, you desire to take a break from the crowd and go where the locals go. You desire to explore places some have rarely heard about. Here are four destinations that you can sneak in between famous piazzas, restaurants, and churches. Photo […]

  At this very moment, I am on a slow ship to Iloilo. It is quarter to eleven in the evening, and surprisingly the Internet connection still looks good. The last real entry on this blog was my narrative on “Whang Od and Her Village” that saw print on Sunstar last month. Rappler published my social commentary on “Being a Dark Filipina Ttraveling the Philippines” earlier this month. A narrative (have to rework […]

t A city without a garden is a place without a soul. So, Paris must be a soulful city for it has some of the best parks and gardens in the world. Beyond the sought-after Eiffel Tower and museums, this city of love and lights has some gardens that can be travel destinations on their own. When you choose one of the cheap hotels in Paris, take a moment and […]

Rome, IT – Expert Opinion Piece Blog Post #1  It is an inherent character of a traveler to pursue the unfamiliar, the hidden, and the lesser known places. It does not necessarily mean though that you are snobbish to anything that is popular and overcrowded. A true traveler aims for balance. Say, after bumping into fellow awed wanderlusts at St. Peter’s Basilica, which has around 20,000 visitors a day, it […]

Blog Post Type: Planning a Trip to a City Singapore is restless; a city proud of its constant evolution. Before you know it, a new skyscraper wounds the horizon or yet another shopping mall rises around the bend. Singapore is lovely that way. But gradually, the people realize there is a need to slow down. In the recent years, a new culture rises in this little city—the café culture. It allows […]

  Blog Type Post – Best of List Acclaimed for its elegant architecture, manicured urban landscapes, and sumptuous dishes, Singapore attracts both oriental and western travelers. But some hesitate to venturing here; rumors have it that Singapore is only meant for posh travelers and can leave a big hole in your pocket. Such is a myth. To prove, here are some Singapore hotels to choose from that are shockingly affordable.  […]

Blog Post Type: Planning a Trip to a CityIf Paris is a movie, undoubtedly it is a love story. You may deny it, but it sometimes crosses your mind that you play the leading role, and Paris is your beautiful partner in everything you long to do.Such romance can be expensive, but do not worry. For once you have chosen one of the cheap hotels in Paris. Plus, the city […]

A small city like Singapore risks being judged as dull and predictable. Sure, its sleek high rises like Marina Bay Sands can awe people for its architectural delight, especially at night. But what else can a tiny, highly urbanized city offer visitors? Contrary to popular opinion, small cities have charms that big ones lack. Singapore’s deceptive smallness makes it even more worthy to explore. Beyond the usual city tours that everyone may […]

She sighed. She was crouching on the floor, sifting some leaves with her frail-looking, wrinkled hands. She then slit the middle of one elongated leaf, which looked like pandan, and inserted the base of another. She repeated the process until she made a beautiful mandala of leaves. She pushed the heart of the foliage into the soot-bottomed casserole and then poured rice grains in it. “It is her own way […]

You have been warned: Singapore City, unlike its neighboring Asian cities, can cause fatal damage to your travel fund, especially if you are set to travel long-term. It is expected that a city as neat, organized, and safe as Singapore, a complete opposite of its neighbors, comes with a price. After all, a good night’s sleep and a relaxing trip require more than a comfortable bed. But fear not—there are […]

January, despite its awesomeness, was kinda pain in the ass, gear-wise. Now, my year-old netbook would not function unless plugged, my two-year-old Android phone, Cherry Mobile Omega HD’s screen froze. Well, I dropped it at least ten times in December alone. I used it as a hotspot and placed it by the kitchen hanging cabinet. Now, I am not really techie. I just need a phone that is receptive to […]

“We love you too, yaya. Asa lagi ka karon? (Where are you now?),” replied Mama after receiving my New Year’s greeting. I just finished witnessing the city burst into orgasmic colors at the view deck somewhere Transcentral Highway. I was supposed to leave Cebu to pursue something entirely new, but Seniang delayed my plans for two days. It was good in a way. In the past eleven years of residing in the city, […]