October 23, 2016

RAPPLER | A Cebuana’s Take on Cebu City

A slightly different version of this guide on Cebu City appeared on on August 6, 2016. There are reasons why we live in a place. There are reasons why we leave a place. Cebu City has been that place where arrivals are as frequent as departures, where the act […]
October 16, 2016
Taj Mahal, India

Five Female-friendly Places in India Asian Women Must Visit in 2017

Before traveling to India, I braced myself for the possible unpleasant encounters with misogyny and utter poverty I often heard from news. Some said, expect people to poo by the road. Yeah, we saw that. Even stepped onto one in Old Delhi. Expect to be tailed. Yes, we experienced that. Expect […]
October 16, 2016
Yoga 2

Affordable and Practical Gifts for Travelers

Living in Cebu translates to random road trips that often culminate in beaches. That’s why I think we travelers must be the easiest to please. Just give us something that feeds our wanderlust, and we are already the happiest creatures on earth. As a traveler, here are some things I gifted myself, here are […]

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