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Jubilant | Creatures That Can Make You Squeal

I remember it well: I was busy writing a travel assignment on my phone. Nassefh—a handsome poet from Mindanao and my guardian during my drunk nights in the 54th Silliman University National Writers Workshop, the most sought-after writer workshop in the Philippines—approached me and said that I was not enjoying the moment at all. Indeed, he was right. We were aboard a big boat on our way to Manjuyod Sandbar as our midweek escape from the slaughtering called writing workshop. And there I was glued on my phone, finishing a deadline! Writing a 1000-word travel article on my phone was not an easy feat. You can read the outcome here. But when the dolphins started leaping in and out the calm May waters, I did not anticipate my reaction at all. I squealed, like squealed like crazy, and even, exclaimed, OMG, they are like cats in water. So adorable. I rewatched the video Trish made. What a summer! I could feel the surge of my endorphins!


If you are traveling in this part of the country, do not miss these lovely creatures on your way to Manjuyod Sandbar. Leave early this morning. The pod usually passes through the strait in the morning.

Here are the photos I took. If you are looking for a guide on how to go there, check the travel guide queen in the Philippines: Gail, the Pinay Solo Backpacker’s Manjuyod Sandbar Guide.








Manjuyod Sandbar and Dolphin Watching in Bais City

How to be jubilant. This.

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