Backpacking with a Book
Townscape: Dalaguete | Obong Spring
November 27, 2010
Backpacking with a Book
Of Urgent Truths and Firsts
November 30, 2010
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Townscape: Alcoy | Tingko Beach

Backpacking with a Book


Travel is not about plans, rather it is more of unexpectations, of surprises, and of their welcomeness, of their unwelcomeness.On our way to Tingko Beach, my companion, Virhenia the clown, tagged two boys we shortly met at Obong Spring. Boys, they always desired to impress girls. They should take note though not all girls can be floored with “he’s a relative of the town mayor” line. Not all girls can withstand boys who cannot stay in a five-meter-deep water for a minute. Not all girls need the company of boys to enjoy an excursion.Upon pondering the situation on, their presence was part of the trip. They were part of the unexpectations, though partly unwelcome, they stitched a chapter of the whole narrative of our excursion.


The beach was not as wide as we thought it was. We stayed on the other end of the whole beach stretch. Virhenia’s admirers knew their ways on their turf, instead of paying the entrance fee, we luxuriated ourselves in Tingko beach for free. Yes, it is more exhilarating to indulge a sinful entrance. ;-)A tricycle ride from Dalaguete to Tingko Beach, Alcoy is P12 only.

When blue dominates the skyline, one will not get tired clicking the camera.

ALCOY. If you were born a fisherman, what would you do. “The sea, I know for certain, would be a friend, a foe.”

ALCOY. If you were the water, what would you do? “I would float and reflect.”

ALCOY. If you were blue, what would you do? “I would be forever trapped in the illusion of my blueness.”

ALCOY. If you were the sand, what would you do? “I would be a molder of hands, feet, body.”

ALCOY. If you were the clouds, what would you do? “I would change faces.”

ALCOY. If you were the line, what would you do? “I would separate the blueness of the water and of the sky.”

ALCOY. If you were the leaves what would you do? “Just leave, live.”

ALCOY. If you were the sky what would you do? “I would let the clouds paint me.”

ALCOY. If you were her what would you do? “I would, I know, turn crazy.”

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  1. Phebby Ann Pasturan says:


    I loe this blog. I have always wanted to travel and backpacking is by far the best thing I have ever done. I have read that you went to Alcoy, what would you recommend for a solo traveller like me?

    Thanks.. 🙂

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