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The Best Things to Do in Skiathos, Greece

the best things to do in Skiathos Greece

You’ve probably heard the saying: “You can take the person out of the island, but you can’t take the island out of the person.” For me, born and raised in the tropics, this rings especially true. Since relocating to Munich, Germany, one of my greatest challenges as an island creature has been the absence of easy access to the sea. Whenever the longing for saltwater becomes overwhelming, Greece is my sanctuary. I vividly remember one instance when I was three months pregnant and feeling that familiar itch for the ocean. Surprisingly, I found a remarkably affordable flight from Munich to Skiathos and impulsively booked a solo trip to Skiathos. And let me tell you, Skiathos offers the ultimate remedy: endless beaches, delectable seafood, and the soothing embrace of the sea. So I curated some of the best things to do in Skiathos and answered some burning concerns like the best place to stay in Skiathos. Hope they are helpful.

Where to Stay in Skiathos

Skiathos Town

The best area to stay in Skiathos for couples and for families traveling with kids? Look no further than Skiathos Town. With its charming mix of narrow cobblestone streets, vibrant nightlife, and stunning harbor views, it’s the heartbeat of the island.

Picture this: for couples, romantic strolls along the waterfront, candlelit dinners at cozy tavernas, and sunset cocktails overlooking the azure Aegean Sea.

For families traveling with a child, you’re within easy reach of some of Skiathos’ best beaches and attractions. Whether you’re after luxury hotels, boutique guesthouses, or self-catering apartments, Skiathos Town has it all. So, if you’re planning a romantic getaway, this is the place to be—the epitome of where to stay in Skiathos for couples.

Where to stay in Skiathos for couples

For couples seeking a romantic retreat in Skiathos, there’s a range of charming accommodations to suit every taste and budget. Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Skiathos Princess Hotel: Nestled on the sandy shores of Agia Paraskevi Beach, this luxury hotel offers elegant rooms with sea views, a spa, and gourmet dining options. Perfect for couples looking for indulgence and relaxation.
  2. Atrium Hotel: Situated near Platanias Beach, this boutique hotel boasts stylish rooms with private balconies or terraces overlooking the Aegean Sea. With its tranquil atmosphere and lush gardens, it’s an ideal spot for a romantic getaway.
  3. La Piscine Art Hotel: Located in Skiathos Town, this adults-only boutique hotel features chic rooms with modern amenities and a serene pool area surrounded by palm trees. It’s within walking distance of the town’s shops, restaurants, and nightlife.
  4. Villa Anna Maria: If you prefer self-catering accommodation, consider renting a villa like Villa Anna Maria. With its own private pool and stunning sea views, it provides the ultimate privacy and tranquility for couples looking to unwind together.
  5. Mandraki Village Boutique Hotel exudes warmth, cleanliness, and top-notch service. Plus, the breakfast spread is divine, especially the sourdough bread! With its convenient location near Koukounaries Beach and easy access to Skiathos Town via the bus route, I’d happily return for another stay.

Whichever option you choose, Skiathos offers a romantic setting with its beautiful beaches, charming villages, and breathtaking sunsets, making it the perfect destination for couples in love.

Recommended Boat Trips in Skiathos

When you’re in Skiathos, exploring the azure waters around the island is a must-do experience. From secluded coves to hidden gems, boat trips offer unforgettable adventures. Booking online is a breeze, ensuring hassle-free planning for your aquatic escapades. Dive in and discover Skiathos’s coastal wonders effortlessly!

Skiathos: Mamma Mia Island and Beach Day Cruise: Visit the beautiful beaches on Skopelos and Milia on a relaxing day trip from Skiathos. See locations from the film “Mamma Mia’, swim in crystal-clear water, and laze on white sand beaches.

From Skiathos: Skopelos and Alonissos Boat Trip with Stops: Depart from Skiathos on a scenic boat trip to discover the other two islands that compose the North Sporades. Marvel at the numerous churches on Skopelos and admire the blue caves of Alonissos.

Skiathos: All-Inclusive Full-Day Sailing Cruise with Lunch: Enjoy a private or shared sailing tour from Skiathos on board a large sailing yacht. Snorkel in crystal-clear waters, enjoy lunch, and discover the nearby islands Skopelos, Tsougria, and Dasia.

Skiathos: Traditional Wooden Boat Sailing Trip-meal on board: Katerina Is An Authentic Traditional Sailing Yacht That Was Built In 1958 By The Famous Georgios Psarros, Possibly The Top Shipbuilder Of Wooden Traditional Boats In Greece In The Last Century.

The Best Beaches in Skiathos

Megali Ammos Beach

the best beaches in skiathos

Address: Periferiakos Skiathou, Skiathos 370 02
Best places to stay near Megali Ammos Beach:
Thalassa Cape Hotel, Philian Collection
Megali Ammos House
Angeliki Beach Hotel
Aphrodite Skiathos

Looking for a laid-back slice of paradise in Skiathos? Paralia Megali Ammos is your spot. This gem boasts a chill vibe perfect for unwinding. The waves here are gentle, ideal for a leisurely swim. Sure, it gets busy in the summer, but that doesn’t dull its charm. Sink your toes into a mix of sand and pebbles as you soak up the sun. Hungry? No worries! There are plenty of seaside eateries to satisfy your cravings. Just a heads up, though—bring your own towel because sunbed rentals are a no-go. But trust me, the overall vibe makes up for it.

Achladies Beach

Address: Periferiakos Skiathou, Skiathos 370 02
Best places to stay near Achladies Beach:
Cape Blue Suites
Achladies Beach Apartment
Anthi’s Villa
Super Luxury Skiathos Villa
Pelagoon Skiathos
Maniatis Garden

the best beaches in skiathos

For those exploring Skiathos sans wheels, Achladies Beach is a total gem, one of the best beaches in Skiathos if you ask me. Just a hop, skip, and jump from bus stop 10, this beach is a sanctuary of tranquility compared to the bustling hotspots. With oodles of free space, you won’t be towel-to-towel with fellow sun-seekers. And trust me, the snorkeling here? Mind-blowing, if you haven’t been to some of the best snorkeling spots in the Philippines ;-). I spotted an octopus and a kaleidoscope of fish dancing beneath the crystal-clear waters.

Plus, the scenery is next-level—think lush greenery, blooming flowers, and majestic mountain vistas. Sure, no showers or loos, but hey, that’s par for the course. Pro tip: Fuel up pre or post-beach at the nearby joints for some scrumptious gyros and pastries. Achladies Beach: the under-the-radar paradise that deserves to stay that way. I spent most of my time here during my three-night stay in Skiathos Island.

Tzaneria Beach

skiathos beaches

Address: Periferiakos Skiathou, Skiathos 370 02
Best places to stay near Tzaneria Beach:
Kanapitsa Mare Hotel
Cape Kanapitsa Hotel & Suites
Villa Louisa

Tzaneria Beach stands out as one of the best beaches in Skiathos Island, and for good reason. Nestled in a cozy cove, this smaller stretch of sand is easily accessible via the local bus—convenience at its finest. Whether you opt to bring your own umbrella or snag a rental, settling in for a day of seaside bliss is a breeze. Now, here’s the scoop: while the beach is a charmer, I did notice some sea grass scattered about, so wearing swim shoes might be a smart move.

But fear not, this spot still packs a punch with water sports, affordable bed rentals, and a beachfront bar serving up tasty bites. Plus, with nearby toilets and a water taxi ready to whisk you away to Skiathos or back, convenience is key. Keep your eyes peeled for the lifeguard on duty and even a game of volleyball if you’re feeling sporty. All in all, Tzaneria Beach offers a pleasant retreat, just a stone’s throw from bus stop 12. Easy peasy access for a day of seaside delights.

Kanapitsa Beach

Address: Periferiakos Skiathou, Skiathos 370 02
Best places to stay near Kanapitsa Beach:
Radisson Resort Plaza Skiathos
Kanapitsa Mare Hotel
Cape Kanapitsa Hotel & Suites
Villa Louisa

things to do in skiathos

Kanapitsa Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Skiathos Island, and let me tell you why. Tucked away in a serene setting, this lovely little beach offers a slice of paradise without the crowds, especially come late June. Picture this: mostly retired folks soaking up the peaceful ambiance—a true haven for relaxation.

Need a change of scenery? No problem! The Skiathos Town water taxi makes hourly trips from here, perfect for a quick jaunt. As for amenities, sunbed hire won’t break the bank at around €2 a pop, though don’t expect luxury—functional does the trick. All in all, Kanapitsa Beach is a well-kept gem, offering tranquility without the hustle and bustle.

Vromolimnos Beach

best place to stay in skiathos

Address: Skiathos, Greece
Best places to stay near Vromolimnos Beach:
Villa Christina Skiathos
Hermes Hotel

Vromolimnos Beach isn’t just any beach—it’s hands down one of the best beaches in Skiathos Island. Picture-perfect sands meet crystal-clear waters, creating a scene straight out of a postcard. And let’s talk about ambiance—the beachfront restaurant, Porto Paradiso, sets the stage with good tunes and a laid-back vibe. Sure, sunbed prices might raise an eyebrow this year, but trust me, the lazybags are worth every penny for that extra dose of comfort. Even when the beach gets busy, there’s still room to stretch out and soak up the sun.

Pro tip: snag your spot before noon to score one of the paid umbrellas. Oh, and the food? Top-notch, especially with waiter service right on the sands. Whether you’re chilling in the water or joining in on a spirited game of volleyball, Vromolimnos Beach is where locals and visitors alike come together for a slice of paradise. You’ll feel right at home amidst the friendly atmosphere and endless seaside fun.

Koukounaries Beach

Address: Skiathos, Greece
Best places to stay near Koukounaries Beach:
ELIVI Skiathos
Mandraki Village Boutique Hotel
Skiathos Palace Hotel
Aelia Studios
Villa Nikos Koukounaries

things to do in skiathos

Koukounaries Beach isn’t just a beach—it’s an experience that etches itself into your memory. Picture this: lush green trees framing the path as you approach. Then, bam! You’re greeted by a scene straight out of a dream—this famous slice of paradise, deserted, just for you. The early morning quiet amplifies its beauty, with pristine sands and crystal-clear waters mirroring the sky.

The sand? A brilliant, almost golden hue that screams tropical getaway. As you dip into the shallow, mirror-like sea, you’re transported to another world. Despite occasional crowds, this beach’s vastness and natural beauty make it a standout. With pine-clad hills as your backdrop and the gentle lapping of waves, Koukounaries Beach easily earns its title as one of the best beaches in Skiathos Island. Trust me, it’s a love affair waiting to happen.

Lalaria Beach

best skiathos beaches

Best places to stay:
Skiathos Town

Lalaria Beach is an absolute must-visit when you’re in Skiathos. Trust me, it’s unlike any other spot on the island. Picture-perfect crystal-blue waters that seem straight out of a dream. And those rocks? Perfect for finding a shady spot to chill while soaking up the stunning scenery.

The water might be a tad chilly, but its pristine cleanliness makes up for it. Plus, the beach’s white pebbles add to its natural charm without being bothersome. After a refreshing dip, head up to higher ground for breathtaking views and a cozy spot to enjoy a meal. Lalaria Beach: an unforgettable experience that truly stands out in Skiathos.

Cultural Things to Do in Skiathos Town

Holy Monastery of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary

cultural things to do in Skiathos

When you visit Skiathos Island, make sure to include a serene stop at the Holy Monastery of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary. Nestled atop a hill above the main town, it’s a peaceful retreat boasting breathtaking views of the town and airport. The journey there is an adventure in itself, especially if you’re up for hiking. Take the Skiathos hiking trail from bus stop 2, and you’ll be rewarded with scenic vistas along the way. The taverna nearby offers authentic Greek coffee and other delights, perfect for a post-hike treat. Don’t miss the monastery’s museum, worth the €2 entry fee for its enriching experience.

Skiathitiko Spiti

When you’re in Skiathos, don’t miss the opportunity to step back in time at Skiathitiko Spiti. This traditional Island Greek house offers a truly unique experience, guided by the friendly owner who is the great great granddaughter of the original owner. As you explore the house, you’ll be captivated by its rich history, spanning generations of island life. Learn about the family’s seafaring ancestors and marvel at historical artifacts, including a remarkable vase over 2200 years old. The tour culminates with a drink brewed by the family, a perfect way to immerse yourself in local hospitality. For an unforgettable insight into Skiathos’s heritage, this is a must-visit.

Home of Alexandros Papadiamantis

If you’re eager to immerse yourself in the authentic charm of traditional Skythian life and walk in the footsteps of the renowned Greek writer Alexandros Papadiamantis, a visit to the Home of Alexandros Papadiamantis is a must. This small but historic establishment offers a glimpse into the simple yet fascinating life of Papadiamantis, allowing you to explore at your own pace. From his living quarters on the first floor to his study on the ground floor turned into a shop, every corner exudes the spirit of this literary figure.

While the €2 per person ticket may seem reasonable considering the preservation efforts, the prohibition of photos is a minor inconvenience worth noting. Nevertheless, it’s a journey well worth taking to delve into the island’s cultural heritage. Enjoy your holiday adventures and choose your destinations wisely based on reviews and personal preferences!

The Blue House Art Gallery

things to do in skiathos town, greece

When you’re strolling along the enchanting harbour front of Skiathos Town, be sure to make a stop at The Blue House Art Gallery. As soon as you step inside, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of artistic treasures. From exquisitely handcrafted jewelry to captivating paintings and ornaments, every piece is a masterpiece waiting to be admired.

The gallery’s welcoming hostess is not only friendly but also incredibly knowledgeable, sourcing materials from all corners of the globe to create truly unique pieces. With many items designed and crafted in-house, you even have the opportunity to customize your purchase during your stay on the island. Don’t miss the chance to explore this gem of artistic expression during your Skiathos adventure—it’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

Church of Agios Nikolaos

things to do in skiathos town

If you’re up for a bit of adventure, I highly recommend making the trek to the Church of Agios Nikolaos in Skiathos. Yes, it’s a bit of a hike, but trust me, the effort is absolutely worth it. Along the way, you’ll be greeted by the charming sight of bougainvillea trees, adding to the picturesque journey.

And when you finally reach the top, oh, the view! You’ll be treated to a stunning panorama of the harbor, the town with its terra cotta roofs, and even the distant islands. It’s no wonder this spot is popular with both locals and tourists alike. Plus, there’s something truly magical about experiencing it in the evening or at night—it’s incredibly romantic, especially for lovebirds seeking a memorable moment together. Don’t miss out on this breathtaking vista—it’s an absolute must-see during your time in Skiathos!

Sunned and Salted

I stayed for three nights, and I felt that it was very short. And indeed it was. Skiathos Island reminded me of Cebu. The moment I heard the cicadas, the moment I filled my lungs with muggy saline air, and the moment I saw the sea edging the horizon, I uttered to myself that this feels like home. A day after, I penned a letter to my unborn child, telling them what is home for their mother. Sun. Sea. Warm temperature.

That’s home for the longest time.

Last week, I told my partner I missed home already. The smell. The feel. The comfort. Our bed. The plants. Miya and Zaki. They said that it takes two years to feel at home in Germany. This November marks my second year. But just like that, after a long trip, the home I so look forward to coming back to is our little warm plants- and books-filled, cat-furred apartment in #Munich. This is home.

Jona of Backpacking with a Book

Hi there, I’m Jona, originally from Cebu, Philippines, had live in Hanoi, Vietnam, and now currently based in Munich, Germany. This blog used to house thoughts on life and books, but eventually it morphed into a travel blog. For collaborations, projects, and other things, please email me at backpackingwithabook@gmail.com. For essays, creative nonfiction, and others, find me elsewhere.

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