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SUELAS FLATS REVIEW | Suelas, the Soles’ Soulmate

I walk. Often slow. With my eyes processing the sceneries, the ears listening to the conflicting sounds and noises around. I take my time until I could feel my leg muscles silently speaking the language of exhaustion and pain.

Walking is the soul of my trips. It deepens my understanding of the place’s ironies and intricacies.

Walking around Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta

Good footwear is the soles’ soul. And it took me awhile to find the right fit. I have tried countless loafers and flip-flops. I have tried Celine. So Fab. Zara. Celine is not flat enough. So Fab makes weird sounds when I walk. Zara cannot stand constant walks let alone long ones. Plus sweat easily trickled between my toes, making me feel and smell like a rotten fish.

Until I found Suelas in the middle of my usual “I got lost at Ayala Cebu” moments. The shop was almost a nondescript, a little one situated on the boring aisle.

So why I bother to write a nonpaid review for these flats? (I hope they can read this and compliment me with a pair or two. I want more Suelas! Haha!) Because I believe, somewhere out there are fellow women travelers looking for flats meant for good walks yet fashionable enough for an Instagram post.

My first Suelas has endured long walks around Jakarta and Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Old Delhi, New Delhi, Agra, and Varanasi (India). And it is my to-go footwear for work and dinner affairs in Cebu.

The sole is very soft yet so thin. My problematic lower back does not ache at all for walking for hours. It is made of pure leather, again, looking so thin and vulnerable that at first I was afraid it might not last long. But my first pair (a white Pio) lasted for more than two years. I only let go when the strap is halfway torn.

In one of the most magnificent architectural delight I’ve seen: Agra Fort, India

Before pursuing my year-long trip, I bought a new pair. This time, a blue Celina. I was tempted to buy another white one, but I wanted to embrace more colors, so hence the blue one.

Durable, fashionable, and comfortable, Suelas is not the usual Php300 sandals you can find along the sidewalks. Price range from Php950-Php1500. But is it worth it? If it can last more than two years of constant walks, definitely yes.

Because of its flatness, Suelas flats are very light and packable. A book, I tell you, consumes more space than a pair! They are that thin!

Suelas flats review

Me wearing my Suelas flats in Sydney. Mind you, we walked around for more than five hours!

Can you order them online?

Yes, you can check their website for more information. I wonder though if they ship abroad.

Where is Suelas located?

Unit 204, 2/F Dona Consolacion Building
122 Jupiter Street
Bel-Air Village, Makati City
(building of Vintage Restore, Beauty Brick & Mel Orlina)
G/F Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa City

(across Penshoppe and Daiso)

2/F New Wing,
Ayala Center Cebu,
Cebu City
(across Hot Pink)
I hope I help you in finding your perfect solemate. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect solemate, if there are brands you can recommend, please drop me a note. :-*

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