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The Best Coffee Shops to Check Out in Richmond, VA

My coffee is more expensive than my meal. Haha!

Richmond is rich in culinary adventures and cultural attractions. There’s the Liberty Trail, a self-guided walking tour that connects all of Richmond’s historical delights. There’s also the foodies’ trail, which allows you to experience the city on a plate. In between sightseeing and dining, there are also other places worth exploring in Richmond, such as coffee shops. After settling down in your chosen accommodations, check out these five coffee shops that Richmond locals dearly love.

Cafe in Jalan Sabang, Jakarta



Brewer’s Café: A Small-Town Vibe

With its small-town vibe, Brewer’s Café charms both nostalgic and romantic coffee lovers. Locals visit for this shop’s awesome coffee, tea, and food. Pair your drink of choice with one of the bestselling sandwiches, like the Brewer’s Club or the Roast Beef Sandwich. To see more options, check the menu on the café’s website. Its welcoming interior and awesome staff make this place extra special for patrons. It’s also worth noting that this café serves beer and has spacious street parking for all its customers.

10 Italian Café: Good Coffee and Good Food

There are several good reasons that locals love 10 Italian Café. The coffee is great, and the lattes feature cute artwork. You can choose from panini, scones, sandwiches, or muffins. Plus, if you can’t decide on something, the friendly barista can always suggest a drink or some food. The café has an intimate patio for customers who love to people-watch while sipping their coffee. There’s free Wi-Fi, too!

The Lab by Alchemy Coffee: Calm Ambiance, Great Coffee

The Lab by Alchemy Coffee reflects the strong desire for good coffee in Richmond. It hasn’t always been easy to find espresso-based drinks around this neighborhood, a need that prompted the owner to open up his own shop. This place and the people behind it are coffee connoisseurs. They care about each step of the brewing process. Their meticulous process pays off, as customers love their drinks and light meals. This spot’s calm and quaint atmosphere is a huge plus.

Lamplighter Roasting Company: The Hipster Café

Behind every great café are great minds and experiences. In the case of Lamplighter Roasting Company, one has 14 years of roasting experience, another excels in preparation, and the other is a food champion. Put these three together, and you have a world-class café in the making. The interior is sleek, the vibe is hipster, and the food is delicious and varied. It has a good number of vegan-friendly dishes, too. For people who love open spaces, the café has a covered outdoor patio, which is the best place to relax and observe the neighborhood.

Sefton Coffee Co.: Creative and Cool

An intimate café, Sefton Coffee Co. has slowly grown into one of the finest cafés in Richmond. It’s a cozy place that serves a good range of coffee, beverages, and light dishes. The baristas know their coffee well, and they’re friendly and courteous to customers. Give this café’s cinnamon oatmeal, chai tea latte, or lavender hot chocolate a try.

Richmond, is a place to immerse yourself in varied delights: cuisine, history, and caffeine.


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