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Everything You Need to Know about Koukounaries Beach

where to stay in skiathos

In a nutshell, Koukounaries Beach is a must when you are in Skiathos Island. Probably one of the two beaches that you should visit regularly in the duration of your stay. Or the beach you should stay if you are looking for options. Why?Nestled amidst lush pine and cypress woodland, Koukounaries Beach is a pristine gem on Skiathos Island. Its expansive stretch of soft, golden sand gently slopes into the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea, providing an idyllic setting for swimming and sunbathing. While sunbeds dominate the beach, a few areas allow for laid-back towel lounging. Expect to pay around €15 for sunbed rentals, with luxury options available at higher rates. The beach buzzes with activity, offering pedalos, ski and dive schools, and thrilling water rides for adventurous souls. Conveniently accessible by local bus (stops 23 and 26) or water taxi from Skiathos Town, Koukounaries Beach promises a memorable seaside retreat for all.

What are the best hotels in Koukounaries Beach?

Koukounaries Beach is definitely one of the best places to stay on Skiathos Island. It got the beaches, the restaurants, and it is very accessible via bus and water taxi.

You’ll find Skiathos Palace Hotel to be an absolute gem! The newer building offers spacious rooms with breathtaking views from large balconies. Indulge in delicious dining options, including a premium restaurant with stunning vistas. Enjoy the pool and convenient shuttle service to nearby beaches and the town center. Perfect for a relaxing Greek island getaway!

At ELIVI Skiathos, immerse yourself in nature’s embrace with access to four stunning beaches, including three of the island’s finest. Enjoy impeccable service with electric caddies swiftly transporting guests. Experience a serene and tranquil atmosphere, where cleanliness is paramount. It’s the epitome of relaxation amidst breathtaking surroundings.

Nestled in the heart of Skiathos, Mandraki Village Boutique Hotel offers a delightful retreat with various room options. Despite recent challenges, the staff ensures a warm welcome and impeccable service. Indulge in delicious self-service breakfast and diverse dining options. Conveniently located for exploring Koukounaries Beach and Skiathos Town.

How to get to Koukounaries Beach from Skiathos town?

By Bus

Price: €3, pay on board

To reach Koukounaries Beach from Skiathos Town, hop on Skiathos’ main bus route that traverses the island’s southern coast. With 27 stops, starting from stop 0 near a primary school north of the New Port, the bus journey offers a scenic ride passing through beaches like Megali Ammos, Vasilias, and Troulos. Look for the bus displaying “Koukounaries (Κουκουναριές)” on its front. Bus stops are easily identifiable with green signposts, some equipped with shelters. The approximately 15km trip takes around 30 minutes, with frequent departures throughout the day during summer, typically every 15 minutes. Check the timetable at bus stops, ticket kiosks, or online. Koukounaries Beach is conveniently accessible by local bus stops 23 (east side of the beach) and bus stop 26 west side of the beach or water taxi from Skiathos Town.

By Water Taxi

There are numerous water taxis stationed at the old harbor that regularly service Koukounaries Beach and the neighboring beaches and islands, including excursions to Skopelos, Alonissos, and the mainland. Alternatively, you can opt to rent a boat for the day, offering flexibility to explore various beaches and remote spots like Kastro and Lalaria Beach. Additionally, numerous day trips by boat are available to visit neighboring islands such as Skopelos and Alonissos.

how to get to Koukounaries Beach from Skiathos town

Koukounaries beach is also a popular jump-off point for many popular and off-the-beaten beaches.

  • Koukounaries Beach to Katigiorgi – Pelion & Volos: 15 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Platanias Pelion & Volos: 25 min 
  • Koukounaries Beach to Port of Skiathos: 20 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Tsougria Island: 15 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Arkos Island: 20 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Lalaria Beach: 25 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Kastro: 20 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Krassa – Banana Beach: 6 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Agia Eleni Beach: 8 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Mandraki Beach: 15 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Elias Beach: 18 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Kexria Beach: 20 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Glossa – Skopelos: 30 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Skopelos island: 60 min
  • Koukounaries Beach to Alonissos Island: 90 min

What facilities are available on the beach, such as restrooms, showers, and beach chair rentals?

On Koukounaries Beach, visitors can enjoy various amenities, including pedalos, a ski and dive school, and thrilling water rides for the adventurous. Additionally, there are decent toilet facilities available and beach bars to relax in. While sunbeds predominantly cover the beach, there are areas for those who prefer laying towels on the sand. Sunbed rental prices range from €15 for basic pairs to higher prices for luxury options closer to the sea. Refreshments can be ordered and delivered to your sunbed for convenience. Plus, convenient car parking is available nearby for visitors arriving by car.

Where to eat on Koukounaries Beach?

Nestled within Elivi Hotel, Leda & The Swan offers a sensory delight with its stunning beachfront setting. While some dishes were too sweet, the sea bass fillet shone, complemented by a stellar selection of wines. Dining here is an unforgettable experience amidst the beauty of the Aegean Sea.

where to eat in Koukounaries

AlaMar on Koukounaries Beach exudes a laid-back vibe perfect for a relaxed meal. With attentive service and reasonably priced dishes, it offers honest, flavorful food in a welcoming atmosphere.

Cookoonari Restaurant on Koukounaries Beach offers good food and service in a pleasant ambiance. The Greek music adds to the charm. While prices are reasonable, the overall experience makes it worth the short walk from the beach.

SouVLake offers delicious gyros at an affordable price of 9€ for two. With tasty and budget-friendly options, it’s a convenient spot near the beach for a satisfying lunch.

Hera offers fantastic, friendly service and a traditional menu with plenty of fresh fish options. The lamb chops are highly recommended, and the prawn souvlaki is delicious. A must-visit!

What is the typical crowd like at Koukounaries Beach? Is it more popular with families, couples, or solo travelers?

Koukounaries Beach typically attracts a diverse crowd, but it’s particularly popular with families and couples, it is definitely rare to see solo travellers like me around. The laid-back atmosphere and wide sandy beach make it ideal for families with children, while couples appreciate its romantic setting and stunning natural beauty. Solo travelers also enjoy the beach for its relaxed vibe and opportunities for solitude.

Are there any nearby attractions or natural landmarks worth exploring while visiting Koukounaries Beach?

Yes, there are several nearby attractions and natural landmarks worth exploring while visiting Koukounaries Beach. Aside from the many beaches and islands nearby of course. One notable spot is the Koukounaries Forest, a protected area known for its lush pine trees and diverse wildlife.

skiathos town

Additionally, visitors can take a short hike to the nearby Lake Strofylia, a beautiful freshwater lake surrounded by picturesque scenery. Another popular attraction is the Cape Kastro viewpoint, offering stunning panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and neighboring islands. Finally, travelers can explore the nearby town of Skiathos, known for its charming streets, traditional Greek architecture, and lively atmosphere.

How crowded does the beach tend to get during peak tourist seasons, and are there any quieter times to visit?

Koukounaries Beach is undeniably popular, especially during peak tourist seasons when it can get quite crowded. Typically, the busiest times are from late June to early September when visitors flock to the island. To avoid the crowds, consider visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the beach is quieter.

Alternatively, plan your visit during the shoulder seasons of late spring or early autumn when the weather is still pleasant but the crowds have thinned out. Regardless of when you visit, arriving early or later in the day can offer a more serene experience amidst the stunning natural beauty of Koukounaries Beach.

I visited on the end of August, and I would say the crown was tolerable.


Personally, I will be back here sooner than later. Skiathos Island is the nearest beach experience I, an island girl, can have. It is only a three-hour flight from Munich. Oh well, there is also Croatia.

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