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October 22, 2010
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Boracay: A Mountain for a Sand

Backpacking with a Book

Winning a trip for two to Boracay is perhaps an elation for others. Well, I am elated—economically speaking. The ticket cost more than P12K, plus a two-night stay in a first-class hotel in Station 1.

I inattentively entered the travelogue contest hosted by 88DB, a sister company of JobsDB. They picked my piece perhaps because it was not touristy and perhaps because I namedropped Jostein Gaardner.  I wrote about a mountain to pay the sand a visit. Thinking of Kobo Abe. 😉

Well, the first visit was—in a way—unsuccessful.

Leave those trekking gears. Pack those summery dresses, floral shorts, bikinis, and, well, the trekking/office slippers will do.

So, Bora, welcome us again.

Sand. Sunset. Rest. Read. Write. Sleep. Idle Walks. Yes, these are the reasons. I missed ex-stasis.

I got the news after writing about Antique.

“Boracay kayo, Ma’am?” the porters asked for the nth time while we disembarked the ship. If I answered “Sa Igcoron kami,” I wondered if they knew the existence of such mountain on Panay Island.

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