November 4, 2010
Backpacking with a Book

Unexpected Gift: Notebook

She usually gives salty bread—the type you can find in Leona’s (Sosyal siya ;)). Not a bread person, but I can tolerate something salty. She suddenly popped in my workstation with a notebook in her hand. I was thinking she wanted my autograph. Ha-ha! “Do you like this?” she asked. I nodded. (Thought she was asking me about the notebook’s quality. My tote is propped up with three notebooks.) It turned out the notebook is for me. Simple happiness! So, meet Tomcat Happy.  (Natsu’s cat in Fairy Tail—a Japanese manga) Yes, much gratitude, Fraxie Yot. 😉
November 5, 2010
Backpacking with a Book

An Act of Returning

Ex-stasis: where one does not belong to any place, where anything can lead to something, where something can lead to nothing, where the self is not located nearby, where the self is left somewhere else. Notes on Baguio Houses constructed on mountains’ shoulders looked like painted boxes arranged drastically like they are about to stumble, somersault, and then fall, pulp into pieces on the mountain’s foot. They are like moments frozen, stilled in photographs. It reminds me of Kiran Desai’s Darjeeling’s houses: “the weight of more concrete pressing downward had spurred the town’s lopsided descent and caused more landslides than […]
November 9, 2010
Backpacking with a Book

Simeon Dumdum Jr.: Barrio Road

Here the river has the right of way. The jeep crosses the water and glides into noon. Somnolent, we see shadows of coco trees But forget where they are. Then a jolt, as the jeep, its engine purring, stops to let two startled pigeons flush across and miss the fender, as does a goat that claims, Surprisingly, The right of rivers.
November 12, 2010
Backpacking with a Book

A Gift Straight from Japan