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Ba Vi National Park | Where to Stay in Ba Vi, Hanoi

where to stay in ba vi

For us who lived in the urban and not too jungle a city called Hanoi, the quickest respite from its stifling humidity, poisonous air, inescapable scooter congestion, and noise pollution is Ba Vi National Park. Or Ninh Binh. But Ninh Binh is a weekend affair while Ba Vi is our quickie.

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Quick Ba Vi National Park Accommodation Guide:

Staycation: Tomodachi Retreat Lang Mit or Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat
Budget: Lai Farm Resort Ba Vi

Ba Vì is a district situated in the northwestern outskirts of Hà Nội. It is one of the most popular destinations for people living in the center of the capital of Vietnam when they want a quick weekend getaway and be in nature because it only takes a few hours to get there – 1 hour and 30 minutes if you have your own transportation and up to 3 hours by public bus. Many Hanoians often have Ba Vi as a day trip destination especially during the unbearable summer days. But if you intend to stay overnight, we curated the best places to stay around Ba Vi National Park.

A Quick History of Ba Vì

For some reasons I don’t have a full grasp of, Ba Vì is a district that was a part of different provinces. It was originally a part of Hà Sơn Bình province from 1975 to 1978 and then suddenly Hà Nội was like, “No, Ba Vì is mine.” The district was then a part of the capital city until 1991, and then another province stepped in and claimed it, and finally on August 1, 2008, until the present time, Hà Nội claimed victory and got Ba Vì back as its district.

where to stay in ba vi hanoi
One of the few things worth checking out at Ba Vi National Park

If you’re wondering why Ba Vì was claimed and reclaimed by different provinces and cities during the last 46 years, I can only speculate that it’s because of its natural beauty. Ba Vì has a lot of nature: from forests to mountains, and waterfalls. It also has a lot of fascinating history. And we will get to all those in a bit.

But, in case you’re interested to know the real reason, here it is: in a nutshell, in Ba Vì had communes that were consolidated into towns which prompted some changes in the management of each prompting the changes of which province the district is a part of, and if I would go into details of why these happened then it wouldn’t make this section be a quick history anymore.

Things to Do in Ba Vi

As I said, Ba Vì has a lot to offer so it’s time to go into details about the places that you can check out in case you end up traveling there. Below are some attractions in Ba Vì:

Ba Vì National Park

Perhaps the most popular spot in this district. It has tropical forests with resort spas situated at the foot of the mountains and a cactus garden (and by cactus, I mean huge, towering cactuses). If you’re into nature, gigantic succulents, hiking, and taking fun photos, then don’t miss out on visiting this park.

Ba Vi National Park
The babes in Ba Vi

Uncle Ho Temple

For people who aren’t aware: Ho Chi Minh is also called Uncle Ho by most Vietnamese people as a way of showing respect and gratitude to all his efforts in fighting for his country. So, he is celebrated everywhere in the country. There are temples devoted to him, and this is one of them. Good news: it’s also inside the Ba Vì National Park.

Rivers and Waterfalls

if you like swimming and/or relaxing near a body of water then we have another good news for you because, once again, inside the Ba Vì National Park there are four waterfalls and two rivers. Just how big is this park to have all these inside it?

French Ruins

During the French colonial period in the early 20th century, villas and cathedrals were built by the French in Ba Vì. Unfortunately, or fortunately – depending on how you see it – they were abandoned and soon fell to disrepair. And nature took over. There’s something creepy and fascinating (and of course: picturesque) about ruins, don’t you think so?

Where to Stay in Ba Vi

Visiting Ba Vì could get a little bit overwhelming especially since there are many amazing accommodations to choose from. So, we listed some of the most interesting places where you can stay so you have one less thing to stress about, especially if you’re visiting only for a few days. We’ve also included their rates, amenities, contact information, and other details you should know about each.

If you’re traveling on a budget, we suggest you check out these places:

Tomodachi Retreat Lang Mit

Unnamed Road, Cổ Đông, Sơn Tây, Hà Nội | 091 106 72 55 | Check rates here

Each upmarket bungalow has a view of the lake that would make your stay here more relaxing. Just spending a day in bed and reading a book with a lake view sounds like it’s worth it to get a spot here.

The village is known for its jackfruit, which is locally called lang mit. This place is so gorgeous. Personally, I cannot recommend this place enough.

Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat

Cote 600m Ba Vi National Park Ba Vi District, Hà Nội | Book here

We just have to warn you that if you choose to stay in this 5-star hotel, then you might decide not to leave anymore because it’s just a beautiful place. It’s perfect for “staycations” and just lounging around indoors all day.

Annam Garden

Thôn Muồng Voi, Ba Vì, Hà Nội | 0862 899 566 | Book here

With all the usual amenities like parking, Wi-Fi, and a pool, this rate is a steal.

And there’s also a bar and a free breakfast. Who doesn’t like free breakfasts? You’ve worked so hard that you deserve a day waking up to have breakfast without preparing it yourself. Indulge!

Moon Garden Homestay

Ky Son Village, Commune, Xuân Sơn, Sơn Tây, Hà Nội | Book here

This homestay has a mix of rustic, bohemian, and traditional Vietnamese interiors; it’s perfect if you just want to spend a day being lazy in it. There’s also a spa, free parking, and a fitness center. Yay!

Ms Taha Villas Ba Vì

Cạnh nhà Văn hoá thôn Muồng Cháu, Ba Vì, Hà Nội | Book here

In this modern homestay, ceiling-to-floor windows are everywhere allowing you to enjoy the view that Ba Vì has to offer.

Ba vi travel guide

Ba Vi Homestead

Vân Hoà, Ba Vì, Hanoi | 024 3943 8205 | Book here

This rate gets you a single bed in a dormitory room, access to their Wi-Fi, parking, pool, and exercising facility in case you want to get ready for your hike. They also have a private room with a double bed for quite an affordable price. Not bad for a private room.

Lai Farm Resort Ba Vì

Thôn Rùa,, Vân Hoà, Ba Vì, Hà Nội | 091 321 40 60 | Book here

 This farm resort is a 2-star accommodation with a lot of Instagrammable corners including a pool and a scenic view of the mountains nearby. Don’t fret: Wi-Fi and parking are also free. Fun!

May Tropical Villas

Vân Hoà, Ba Vì, Hanoi | 091 334 36 63 | Book here

Of course, it is equipped with all the usual amenities to make your stay more relaxing   and worth the cash you pay for. In case you’re traveling with other people who might want to save a little bit, they also have a dormitory. Love it! 

And for the travelers who have the cash to shell out and pay for some top-notch resorts and homestays, here are some that what we found for you:

Happy & Safe Travels in Ba Vì National Park

Ba Vì as a tourist destination, albeit not unheard of, isn’t on top of the most popular destinations, yet, because Vietnam just has a lot to offer. It is getting there though. And we know what happens when a place becomes more popular with travelers, right? So, if you’re planning to go there, make sure to travel safely and responsibly. Enjoy!

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