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Artisanal Coffee Tour in San Francisco

Artisanal Coffee Shop Tour in San Francisco

It is always a special experience to enjoy some artisanal coffee to start your day.  Unlike the mass-produced coffee that you can find anywhere, artisanal coffee is specially roasted and carefully blended. There’s that certain art that comes in blending those coffee beans. San Francisco is thriving with coffee shops that independently operate to craft special brews. These coffee shops offer a relaxing and cozy ambiance to welcome every patron. If you are coming from the airport and need something to wake up to, here’s a list of some great artisanal coffee tour in San Francisco you might want to check out. 

The Coffee Movement 

Chinatown Address: 1030 St.,
Distance from the Airport: 17 miles 
Driving Time: 26 minutes 
Inner Richmond: 1737 Balboa St.,
Distance from the Airport: 15 miles 
Driving Time: 22 minutes 

Try out their signature drinks such as Tasting Flight and the Espresso Tonic. Tasting flight is a mixture of the 3 features of today’s coffee or a coffee that is prepared in 3 different ways. The Espresso tonic is a mixture of espresso, ice, lemon, and tonic water. The shop also offers consulting services for those wanting to learn more about coffee or put up their shop. They also have a mobile espresso bar car that you can rent out. In addition, they have an office coffee program offering coffee subscriptions and equipment outfitting.   

Blue Bottle Coffee 

Address: 115 Sansome St.,
Distance from the Airport: 14 miles 
Driving Time: 18 minutes 

These coffee shops have plenty of branches across San Francisco. The kiosk at Hayes Valley is considered their first-ever physical store. Although it has plenty of branches already, it remains to be a company-owned brand. Try our Belle Donovan, a mixture of raspberry, chocolate, and molasses. 

Ritual Coffee Roasters

Address: 1026 Valencia St.,
Distance from the Airport: 15 miles 
Driving Time: 18 minutes 

Take your Avis Car Rental and head to Valencia St. and order their single-origin coffee. Have a go with their Awards Seasonal Espresso or their Eucalipto, Brasil. They also offer canned coffee, perfect for those who are always moving. 

Four Barrel Coffee

Address: 375 Valencia St.,
Distance from the Airport: 13 miles 
Driving Time: 16 minutes 

You may want to try out their Rwanda Tumba or their Decaf Ethiopia Mi’Irabi for some unique coffee blends. Other blends that are worth trying are the Mexico Silvia Hernandez and Honduras Yojoa Soe. Apart from selling coffee, they also offer classes. Gift certificates and brew guides are also available. 

Artisanal Coffee Shop Tour in San Francisco

Andytown Coffee Roaster

Address: 1302 El Camino Real. Menlo Park. 
Distance from the Airport: 19 miles 
Driving Time: 20 minutes 

Drive your rental car to San Francisco Airport and head to Menlo Park. This coffee shop is proudly owned by a group of women entrepreneurs. Have a go with their Decaf Guatemala Esquipulas and their Perú Satipo Finca Tasta. The cold brew blend is also a must-try  


Address: 687 Geary St.,
Distance from the Airport: 19 miles 
Driving Time: 30 minutes 

Try out their Mother Tongue Yummy Decaf from Jinotega Nicaragua or their Saint Frank Little Brother Espresso. The espresso offers a hint of cherry, citrus, and some dark chocolates. You may want to pair them with their best-selling toast. What’s even better is that they offer gluten-free options on all their toasts. If you are hosting an event, they also offer mobile espresso bars adding life to the occasion. 

Saint Frank Coffee

Address: 2340 Polk St, San Francisco
Distance from the Airport: 15 miles 
Driving Time: 21 minutes 

The coffee shop’s name was derived not only from the city of San Francisco but all from St. Francis too. According to the owner, their coffee is similar to St. Francis’ trait which may seem simple and ordinary on the outside but it’s very special on the inside. Their coffee selections are sourced from Kenya, Honduras, Guatemala, and Burundi. 

The Mill

Address: 736 Divisadero St,
Distance from the Airport: 14 miles 
Driving Time: 18 minutes 

The Mill offers a nice selection of toast such as Cinnamon Sugar, Avocado Mash, and Egg-in-a-hole. You can also grab coffee from their selection which includes Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, El Salvador, La Banda, and Hunda Oli. Apart from that they also offer pastries, fresh baked bread, and fresh milled flour. 

Firehouse Coffee & Tea

Address: 317 Johnson St, Sausalito
Distance from the Airport: 32 miles 
Driving Time: 24 minutes 

You can choose some gourmet coffee from this shop. There are about 11 hand-picked blends that you can try out. They also offer hand-made syrups and drip pour-over coffees namely Sumatra, Colombia, and Ethiopia. 

These are just a few of the artisanal coffee shops that San Francisco prides itself on. When you are in the city, try out some of them. These are also excellent gifts that you can bring home to your loved ones.  

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