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Apo Island Dumaguete | 14 Amazing Things to Do in Apo Island in 2023


This Apo Island Travel Guide covers all the top things to do in Apo Island Dumaguete, Philippines. It also covers all the travel essentials you need to make your stay more memorable.

A little note: Apo Island is different from Apo Reef in Mindoro. Apo Island is a little island off the coast of Malatapay in Dauin, Negros Oriental. Some said the first first can make you either want to come back or forget the place altogether. But the first, the gloomy first visit was the reason I wanted to come back. So the first introduction between a Cebuana and this little island whose people tease me for pronouncing words differently. I’ve been here several times, the last time I was here was in 2019, this time around with a budding romance with my now-husband. As we are both licensed divers, we stayed here for three nights to dive and soak in the island life even for a bit. But a day trip to Apo Island is perfectly fine, either for snorkeling in its renowned sanctuary (just watched a documentary about it here in Munich, Germany) or a diving trip.

quick guide for the lazies

Book your Apo island tour on Klook
Apo Island Join In Snorkeling with Sightseeing Tour from Dumaguete
Siquijor-Dumaguete OceanJet Ferry Ticket
If you are entertaining to get a diving license, Apo Island is the best place for it. I got mine here too.

apo island dumaguete


Apo Island with 220 households (as of 2019) is a small, quaint island off the coast of Malatapay. Its smallness is a comfortable home for green turtles (they are brown with fatty green flesh beneath their shell) and hawksbill turtles. Apo Island is not a nesting place for these serene and quite creatures, rather the island is their feeding ground. Most of the turtles you can see feeding are female.

A volcanic island located in the southeastern tip of Dumaguete Negros island, Apo Island is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. The island is home to a variety of different activities and attractions, making it the perfect place to spend a day or two.


  1. Island-living, the basic one, is not for everyone. It is languid and time feels elastically long. Electricity in Apo Island runs from 6PM to 10PM. For bigger resorts who can afford solar panels, electricity runs intermittently during the day. There is nothing much to do on the island but walk around the village, to the light house, swim, snorkel, and dive if you got a license. And if you’re a couple traveling, oh well, punctuate activities with bunny activities. Te-he. That being said, you might want consider doing a day tour to Apo Island instead. If you feel the Dumaguete vibe is more fun, you can stay in Dauin, Zamboaguita, or Dumaguete City, which has more restaurant options.
apo island travel guide things to do in apo island philippines
Cogon, Apo Island, Negros Oriental


As of July 2019, there are more than 60 turtles id’ed in the waters surrounding the island. You might be wondering why there are so many turtles in Apo Island. I have been to several places with turtles swimming away with the mere sight of humans, while the turtles in Apo Island do not really mind with the humans going crazy and aaaahhhh-ing underwater when they are spotted. But why? 

Apo Island is a marine sanctuary for the past thirty years. And what makes it special is that the initiative did not come from the government rather it is the community itself, the locals themselves who decided that their island should be protected and preserved.

Apo Island Dumaguete
Mr. Turtle, Photo by Bongo-Bongo Divers

So the turtles are nonchalant, if not friendly, because they know the swimmers are not hunting them down. They know they are safe. They know you are not there to harm them. So bear this in mind. Do not break their trust. 


The locals can tell instantly that I am not from this side of Negros with the way I pronounced Apo alone. I stressed the /a/ sound, while they dropped the /a/ and stressed /po/, the way we pronounced apo, grandchild. However, Apo Island derives its name from the word “Apo”, meaning elder or respected ancestor, in the Visayan languages.

Ate Esther, one of the jeepney passengers to Malatapay, suggested I should pretend as if I was her friend so I could avoid paying Php300, the implemented boat fare for all visitors—foreign and local alike. Haha. This was 2015. I was traveling solo. Now though, the ferry schedule is more reliable than before. There are now officers manning the Malatapay port. There are also a coast guard and policemen stationed in the area. 


Of course. But just to be clear, Apo Island is not part of Dumaguete eh. Dumaguete is the nearest point of entry, city-wise. But Apo Island is not under Dumaguete’s jurisdiction.


  • Visit the beautiful Apo Island, boasting one of the best snorkeling experiences!
  • From Dumaguete, it’s a half hour drive south to Malatapay–the take off point, where a pumpboat will whisk you off to APO Island for about 45 minutes.
  • From there, see Turtle point, where you can swim with the turtles (or pawikan) or marvel at them even from shallow waters!
  • Enjoy a delicious island lunch, after which you may choose to explore the island with a 30-minute trek to the Habagat Trail where you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of the coastline and marine sanctuary
  • Spend the rest of the day swimming, beachcombing or just lazing at the white pebble beach before heading back to the mainland by mid-afternoon


It depends on how long you are going to stay. So take the list with a grain of salt.

  1. Coral-friendly sunblock. If you can afford to travel, you can afford a coral-friendly sunblock for sure. Make sure it is coral-friendly. Or else you are part of the problem. 😛
  2. Rash guard if you got sensitive skin
  3. Your own snorkeling gear if you intend to explore for hours.
  4. Food. There is a sari-sari store (literally means mix-mix store, our own take on grocery store) in the island, but options are limited.
  5. Your personal needs from shampoo to condoms. Because you will never know. 😛
  6. A book. Or two.
  7. Mosquito Repellant. Because there are so many mosquitos here!
  8. Your courage, bravery, happiness, and curiosity.


From Dumaguete City, Negros

  1. You can either ride the Ceres bus bound for Bayawan or the jeepney bound for Bayawan. The jeepney is parked outside Robinson’s Mall. Understand that this whole commuting affair might take more than an hour—it is a culture in the Philippines the jeepney does not leave until it is packed to the rim.  

    What we did was hire a tricycle from Dumaguete to Malatapay Port for Php300 for more leg room and save some time. My partner and I are not getting any younger. It was the driver who suggested the price, but according to the tricycle driver outside Malatapay Port, the regular price is Php400.00. So, haggle if you must, but don’t be too cheap. 
  2. Get off at Malatapay Livestock Market. Walk through the entire length of the market and at the end of it is the port to Apo Island.  
Apo Island, Negros Oriental
Apo Island, Negros Oriental


Default price, regardless of where you are from, from hell or USA, Php 300 ($15) per person good for one way. The same price applies to all tourist, both locals or foreigners. It costs another Php300 on the way back.

If you want to avail of the boat tour, the following are the boat rates and fees. 

Boat rates: 4 pax – P2000 / 6 pax – P2500 / 8 pax – P3000 / 10 pax – P3500

General admission fee: P100
Guide, maximum of 5 people: P300
Mask and snorkel rent: P100
Life jacket: P200


If your sole intention is to snorkel and see the turtles, there are many resorts and dive shops located in Dumaguete, Zamboaguita, and Dauin that offer day tour packages to Apo Island. This is the best if you are traveling solo or if you and your friends want to meet other travelers.

If you want an easy life you can book it on Klook.

From Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

Island-living, the basic one, is not for everyone. It is languid and time feels elastically long. Electricity in Apo Island runs from 6PM to 10PM. For bigger resorts who can afford solar panels, electricity runs intermittently during the day. There is nothing much to do on the island but walk around the village, to the light house, swim, snorkel, and dive if you got a license. And if you’re a couple traveling, oh well, punctuate activities with bunny activities. Te-he. 

That being said, you might want consider doing a day tour to Apo Island instead, if you feel the Dumaguete vibe is more fun.


The Flying Fish Hostel (035) 422 0167 – Recently stayed here (July 2019), while the design is very instagrammable, there is a lot to be desired and improved in its restaurant service and room comfort. (READ MY INDEPENDENT REVIEW HERE) 

apo island dumaguete
Divbing Apo Island. Photo by bongdive.com

Harold’s Mansion 0917 783 5172 – I personally experienced this some years ago. For Php1200/person, they offer a ride from their place to the boat jump off, snorkeling gear, and packed lunch (nothing much, just sandwich).

From Zamboaguita, Negros Oriental

Zamboaguita is the village where Malatapay belongs. It has several resorts that offer day trips to Apo Island.


Thalatta Beach Dive Resort +63 939 925 6326
Kookoo’s Nest +63 919 695 8085
Wellbeach Dive Resort +63 917 300 4674

From Dauin, Negros Oriental

Dauin has a lot of four to five stars resorts. It is the closest to Dumaguete. So if you want to be outside the city, yet not too far, and close to the sea, Dauin is the place. 


Bongo-Bongo Dive|  I got my license here some years ago. The people running it are friendly. And Balo, the dog, is a rock star. If ever you stay here, pet Balo for me. 

Bahura Resort and Spa(02) 892 3477
Liquid Dive Resort(035) 400 3244

How to get to Apo Island from Siquijor?

The third smallest island province in the Philippines (first is Batanes, second is Camiguin),  Siquijor has gain some tourist traction the past years. The secret is very much out. So there. 

The most convenient of going to Apo Island from Siquijor is through Coco Grove Beach Resort’s tour. They are the only one that has a huge boat that could fit more than 30 people. The price is a bit expensive but it is all worth it because of the experience and the place. If you want a cheaper alternative, you can take the tour from Dumaguete, but it would take more time. A lot of time.

How to get to Siquijor from Apo Island?

Connect with the locals, they know Coco Grove Beach Resort’s tour schedule. That’s the fast way.

The alternative is to go back to Dumaguete and take a ship from Dumaguete to Siquijor. The price difference is not that huge, and if you ask me, convenience and time are more important than some few pesos especially if your trip is pretty tight already.


Coral Cay Resort+63 908 896 5263, +63 917 325 1292, +63 917 700 7136
Coco Grove Beach Resort+63 0939 915 5123 | For Php1000.00 one way (as of July 2019), we left Apo Island for Siquijor.  


Liberty’s Community Lodge
+63 920 2385 704 
+63 920 9124 593

We stayed here for three nights. Most of the guests are couples. LOL. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here, that our body clock adjusted to the ways of the island. We go to bed at 10PM and get up at quarter to 7. It is beachfront and has its own restaurant and dive shop. Our main reason for staying in Apo Island was scuba diving, so very thankful to our Divemaster Archie and the gang running Paul’s Dive Shop. (READ MY DIVE DIARY HERE)

Mario’s Scuba Diving and Homestay
+(63) 9063617254
+(63) 9196223671

Located in the village, Mario’s Scuba Diving and Homestay is a more affordable option.

Ronor’s Lodging

This is where I stayed during my first visit in the island. Best for individuals who don’t mind very basic accommodation.

Apo Island Beach Resort
+63 939 915 5122 (Smart)
+63 917 701 7150 (Globe)

A fancier beachfront resort located in a quite cove. This is to the left of Baluarte, the classic landmark of Apo Island

 Apo Island Travel Guide Snorkeling in Apo Island
Snorkeling in Apo Island circa 2015


Apo Island Travel Guide Diving in Apo Island
Diving in Apo Island. Photo by Bongo-Bongo Divers

It is a small island, so do not expect a lot of things to do in the island.

1. Scuba Dive

A sanctuary, Apo Island is one of the best diving spots I have been to. No kidding. And I got my diving license here many years ago.

The island is well known for its scuba diving, with many dive sites accessible from the shore. Some of the best diving spots are located around the coral reefs, where you can see a variety of fish, turtles and other marine life. There are also a number of shipwrecks in the area, which are popular among divers. Many of the resorts in the island and the ones in Dauin offer scuba diving trips to the island.

2. Discover Scuba-Diving

You do not have to have a diving license to experience the rich marine life in Apo Island Dumaguete. If you are curious but do not have the budget and time for the open water diving license, inquire the dive shops if they offer DSD—which is a crash course on scuba diving that only requires an hour or two of training and then a short dive into the water.

3. Snorkel at Apo Island Marine Sanctuary

The Apo Island Marine Sanctuary is a protected area around the island, and is home to a rich marine life. The sanctuary is a popular destination for diving and snorkeling, and there are several dive sites to explore.

4. Relax on the beach

Apo Island may not have the stretch, Baluarte, the rock monument, has somewhite sand and clear blue water. The beaches are perfect for relaxing, swimming, and snorkeling.

5. Hike

There are several hiking trails on Apo Island, the famous one was the vantage point overlooking Apo Island Dumaguete. If you want to extend your stay in Negros Islands and up for a longer trek, there are hiking destinations leading up to the summit of Mt. Kanlaon, the highest point on the island. The hike to the summit is a moderate to challenging hike, and the views from the top are stunning.

6. Explore the island

Apo Island Travel Guide

Apo Island is a small island, and it is easy to explore on foot. There are several places of interest around the island, including the lighthouse, the small neighborhood, and local curiosities that may appeal to foreigners like goats and roosters.

7. Befriend the Locals

I will sound self-righteous right now, but please do make friends while you are there. It is a very small community, and if you do not speak Bisaya, that’s perfectly fine. They can handle English and Tagalog just fine.

8. Try In-unan and Tinuwang Isda

I remember my last visit, and we stayed in the biggest resort right in front of the sanctuary. And we had the same food for three nights. I got so fed up with the food. I mean it was good, but come on, can we have some more local cuisines. So our dive masters had in-unan, and shamelessly, I asked for a slice. In-unan is a very Cebuano fish stew and tinuwa is a clear fish soup. Both only require few requirements, and the best ingredient is a freshly caught fish.

9. Visit the nearby city of Dumaguete

Dumaguete is the nearest city to Apo Island, and is a popular tourist destination in its own right. There are a variety of things to do in Dumaguete, including visiting the Silliman University, exploring the city center, and taking a dip in the nearby springs and waterfalls in Valencia.

10. Visit the nearby town of Valencia

Valencia is a small town located near Apo Island, and is a popular destination for those who want to experience the rural side of the Philippines. This is quite known for its Casaroro Falls, river-fed waterpark, and lush vegetation. If you are a budding writer in the Philippines, this place is known for its 2- to 3-weeks long writing workshop.

11. Visit the nearby town of Sipalay

Sipalay is a small town located near Apo Island, and is a popular destination for those who want to experience the infinity pool on Perth Paradise Resort, which has a view of the sea and islets of Sipalay. 

12. Visit the nearby town of Bayawan

Bayawan is a small town located near Apo Island, and is a popular destination for Niludhan Falls, Santabucks Eco Adventure Park, Lourdes Falls, and Mantapi Falls

13. Visit the nearby town of Tanjay

Tanjay is a small town located near Apo Island, and is a popular destination for those who want to experience Pal-ew lak and Luparan Falls.

14. Visit the nearby town of Bais

Bais is a small town located near Apo Island, and is a popular destination for those who want to experience pods of dolphins swimming in Manjuyod Island.


Apo Island can make you a child once again

On the boat, the women pointed the edge of the sea where a pod of dolphins passed by. I could barely make them out, but kid as I am, I waved hi to them. But I could not help but shout in glee when the boatman pointed the three dolphins swimming in front of the boat. Watching their backs elegantly gliding in and out of the water was nothing short of magical. 

The locals—used to seeing them in their everyday ferrying from the island to mainland Negros—were amused by my reaction. They laughed looking at me looking so happy and charmed

Apo Island teaches love and loyalty

The highlight of this trip must be my encounter with JP and his dog, Jareck. It was a stormy day. No passenger boats were allowed to cross the sea. Ate Esther’s brother-in-law had to pick some supplies from Malatapay. I could hitch a ride, but I missed that boat because she could not find me. I was walking around the island taking photos.

So JP and Jareck walked with me to the other side of the island. JP borrowed a rather small outrigger so we could find Harold Mansion’s diving boat, my only hope so I could go back to Cebu on the same day. He shooed Jareck away, but a dog’s love and loyalty to his master is, can be stubborn. No intimidating waves can stop him from swimming behind us, swimming against the strong current. 

My heart melted for him.

I asked about JP and Jareck during our recent trip. Sadly, Jareck passed away already some years ago. 🙁

Apo Island has a side travelers do not know

JP said there are two ways to go to Cogon, we could either climb the boring-looking concrete steps or climb the boulders by the coast. The latter sounded more interesting and adventurous. But JP said it was kind of dangerous. He looked at my get -up: years-old slippers, a long summer skirt, and a sleeveless top. Oh, yes, a typical beach attire.

I knew what was running in his head. Stubborn and arrogant as I am, I told him I could handle it without his assistance. So we scaled the massive boulders beyond the turtles’ abandoned nesting area.

I climbed and jumped from one boulder to another with my long skirt and with a happy grin I could not wash off.

At Apo Island, there is no need to swim in deep waters to see the beauty of its turtles

Apo Island’s landmark is Baluarte, the big outcrop facing the mainland Negros. On the other end of the coast is the sanctuary. There was no need to swim in deep waters to see the turtles. At knee-deep water, I found at least five of them. And there was no need to chase them

At Apo Island Dumaguete, the turtles seem used to seeing humans swimming. They do not try to swim away; they just continue on munching the weeds or algae from the corals or the rocky bottom. I held my breath as long as I could to observe them: they are humongous, beautiful, and elegant

It was midweek and windy, I was the only one snorkeling. The experience was almost sublimal.

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