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20 of the Best Tulum Cafes You Can Try in 2024

best tulum cafes

I mean it is not just me, but a day is never complete, wherever you are, without trying at least one of the best cafes in the area. Tulum has established its own cafe and coffee culture, yes those two are not mutually exclusive. In the vibrant coastal haven of Tulum, indulging in the local cafe culture is not just a choice; it’s an essential part of the day. From beachfront gems to hidden gems behind black gates, Tulum’s cafe scene offers an array of experiences. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado seeking the perfect brew or craving a delightful breakfast with a tropical twist, Tulum’s cafes have it all. Each cafe, from the charming Campanella Cremerie to the beachside Happy Hippie, contributes to the unique coffee tapestry that defines Tulum. It’s not merely about the beverage; it’s about savoring the ambiance, flavors, and moments crafted in these exceptional establishments. So here are the best 20 Tulum cafes based on actual guest reviews, locals and travelers alike.

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Long Time Coffee

one of the best local Tulum cafes you should check out
One of the best local Tulum cafes you should check out

Long Time Coffee stands out among Tulum cafes as a truly enchanting space. Comparable to none, even in coffee-centric places like Portland, Oregon, this gem offers a Tulum-authentic and cozy atmosphere. Forget about mediocre coffee and pastries; Long Time Coffee is where you discover the best cup you’ll ever savor. In the realm of cafes, it’s a 5-star haven, embodying the magic that defines Tulum’s charm and a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled experience.

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Ki’bok Coffee Tulum

one of the best cafes in tulum is Ki'bok Coffee Tulum

Ki’bok Coffee Tulum is absolutely FABULOUS! If you’ve been in the area, you know it’s the top Tulum cafe. Without a doubt, it serves the best coffee in town. The warm and kind staff make every visit exceptional. Oh, and the cats? They’re just the icing on the cake! Whether you’re craving fish tacos or enchiladas de mole, the food is as amazing as the coffee. For an unbeatable breakfast or brunch experience, Ki’bok Coffee is a must-visit.

Rossina Cafe

tulum cute cafe

On the main street in Tulum Pueblo, Rossina Cafe is a delightful EXCEPTION. You’re in for a treat at this gem, and if I could, I’d give it 100 stars. When you stroll in around 8 pm, there’s no pressure to rush through the menu—a detail you’ll appreciate. The menu boasts diverse options, and the English-speaking waiter ensures a smooth experience. Having dined here multiple times, I can vouch for the incredible comfort food and, as a fellow coffee nerd 😄, the excellent coffee. A must-visit!

Kosmos Tulum

one of the best coffee shops in Tulum is Kosmos Tulum

If you’re on the hunt for quality specialty coffee in Tulum beach, look no further than Kosmos. It’s not just the best; it’s the only real specialty coffee spot around. The small, inviting cafe with outdoor tables sets the perfect vibe. The friendly barista ensures your coffee experience is top-notch. Trust me, it’s the real deal in Tulum, and starting your day here is a must. The passionate owner remembers your order, creating a cozy neighborhood cafe feel. Great recommendations for your day ahead too!


DelCielo is definitely one of the best cafes in Tulum

DelCielo won us over so much that we returned the next day for breakfast. The huevos rancheros with a switch to green sauce was mind-blowingly amazing. While the French toast was disappointingly dry and flavorless, the smoothies—Heart Beat, Mango Ginger, and Wild Forest—were all delicious and fresh. The Caribbean oatmeal porridge was excellent, earning a solid 10/10. An Americano accompanied the meal, and the friendly and warm staff enhanced the experience. The focus on local produce makes DelCielo a highly recommended visit. 😊

Holy Deer Cafe & Cenote

one of the best cafes in Tulum has a cenote! Holy Deer Cafe & Cenote
Can you spot the cenote at the back?

Discovering Holy Deer Cafe & Cenote near the “vena la luz” sculpture was a gem. This small, super cute cafe exudes a great vibe. The iced coffee, though a bit pricey (as is everything in Tulum), was utterly delicious. Despite the absence of sipping lids and straws, the experience was spill-free. With outdoor seating both in front and by a nearby cenote, the atmosphere is unmatched. The kind staff and delightful menu, featuring fruity waffles, omelets, iced lattes, and healthy smoothies, make every visit perfect and super delicious. A definite must-visit in Tulum!

Café K’anaab

Café K anaab in Tulum is a gem with amazing food and an awesome atmosphere. The presentation is top-notch, and the flavors are fresh and delightful. They cater to gluten-free needs, going the extra mile to inquire about allergies and making thoughtful substitutions. The service is fantastic, making it a highly recommended spot. The café’s stunning aesthetics captivate from the moment you step in, creating a beautiful ambiance that, combined with the exceptional food and service, makes it a must-visit highlight in Tulum.

Cafe Maya Xel & Marine Museum

best coffee in Tulum

Cafe Maya Xel & Marine Museum is a peaceful oasis in Tulum. The guacamole toast, loaded with veggies, became a favorite, and the cappuccinos, though not very strong, perfectly matched preferences. However, the highlight was Vianey’s kind service, adding a personal touch to the experience. The atmosphere, coupled with excellent service and food, made it an amazing place to relax. If you’re in Tulum, a visit here is a must for a delightful blend of atmosphere, drinks, and great service.

Happy Hippie Tulum

Happy Hippie Tulum offers a lovely atmosphere adorned with abundant plants and Mexican art. The fruit is exceptionally fresh, and the smoothies, though not explicitly listed, can be made vegan upon request. The diverse menu caters to different dietary preferences. The service is top-notch, and we enjoyed our time there until closing. The restaurant boasts a beautiful aesthetic, and the happy desayuno, particularly the chilaquiles, was a delightful culinary experience. With quality food, drinks, and a wonderful staff, a return visit is a definite recommendation.

Otti Cacao and Smoothies

Otti Cacao and Smoothies is one of the best cafes in Tulum

Otti Cacao and Smoothies is my go-to spot for outstanding cacao and breakfast in Tulum. The diverse cacao options, whether hot or cold, are a highlight. The detox juices are refreshing, and the avocado toast is absolutely delicious. The service is exceptional, with a very friendly staff. Despite its small size and occasional wait for a seat, the experience is undoubtedly worth it. This cute cafe, with its delightful cacao drinks and a tasty small food menu, is a must-visit. The cold cacao served in coco shell bowls is a delightful touch, and I highly recommend trying the Firefly. Don’t miss out on the delicious waffle topped with fruit.

Babel Cafe

Babel Cafe is a delightful find, especially if you have a craving for amazing waffles and shrimp tempura tacos. The waffles are a sweet delight, reminiscent of cake or four quarters, and the shrimp tempura tacos are truly a specialty worth trying. A shoutout to the entire Babel Cafe team for their excellence. It’s not just a dining spot; it’s a convenient haven to work and relax. The staff is attentive, prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is comfortable, making it a gem in Tulum.

Campanella Cremerie

best breakfast in Tulum

Campanella Cremerie serves the best breakfast in Tulum and stands out as the perfect lil coffee spot. Breakfast at this spot serves as a reminder of the fortunate existence. The staff consistently provides great service with each daily visit. The pastries exude a flavor akin to love, and the coffee consistently impresses. The omelette wrap, a culinary revelation, forever alters perceptions of omelettes. A local taxi recommended this gem, a brief ride from Tulum beach in a secure new community. Indulging in hazelnut croissants, paninis, and avocado toast with green juice proves exceptionally rewarding. The cozy interior and charming outdoor seating beneath trees make it a must-visit. Discovery earlier would have allowed for multiple visits.

Raw Love Beach

healthy breakfast in Tulum beach

Raw Love Beach is the perfect spot for a cleanse and rejuvenation after a night of dancing and alcohol. Their açai bowls and avocado toast not only aid in nutrition and recovery but are also super delicious. Don’t miss the power brew, shroom brew, and for an extra boost, the shilajit shot. The avocado toast with red cabbage is a great choice. Whether you opt for the bustling beach or the more zen jungle table, the ambiance is calming and beautiful. Enjoy the freshness and tastiness! While slightly overpriced, it’s a fantastic spot for vegan food lovers.

Cafeína Tulum

Cafeína Tulum exceeded our expectations with amazing vanilla Frappuccinos. The staff’s quick service, acceptance of US dollars, and central location made it convenient. The inside exudes a cute atmosphere and Bojo vibe, maintaining excellent cleanliness. The food was delicious, and the coffee, an iced perfection, showcased a variety of delectable options, making it one of the top places for breakfast in Tulum. For the best cappuccino in town, with an extra shot for a stronger flavor, and excellent service, Cafeína is a must-visit in Tulum. Delight yourself with some delicious eats!

Potheads – Beach Road Location

Potheads – Beach Road Location stands out for the best breakfast in Tulum beach area—fresh, delicious food at a good price. After discovering this gem, a 1.5 km walk from the hotel became a daily routine for breakfast. The friendly service, laid-back vibes, excellent smoothies, protein shakes, and tasty avocado toast with bacon make it an excellent breakfast brunch spot. Keep an eye out for Amelio, the neighborhood monkey; joining your meal if there’s a banana involved is not uncommon.

Matcha Mama

cute cafes in Tulum

Matcha Mama, definitely one of the cute cafes in Tulum, offers refreshing food perfect for hot Tulum weather. The friendly staff and fast service create an Instagrammable vibe. The açai bowl is a standout, but be prepared for crowds in the afternoon; a 15-minute wait is worth it. A cool spot for a quick and tasty eat in Tulum, with delicious smoothies and bowls. While the staff is friendly, the atmosphere, though cozy, seems a bit overhyped compared to social media portrayals. Nonetheless, it’s worth a return visit.

Los Bowls de Guadalupe

breakfast in Tulum

Los Bowls de Guadalupe is a cute little place with a variety of delicious and healthy breakfast/lunch options, including smoothies. The coffee is top-notch, and the homemade almond butter toast is a must-try 🫠. Prices are reasonable for Tulum beach. Having breakfast and lunch there multiple times, the food always amazed us, despite Tulum’s general overpricing. While the two bowls we tried were good, they felt a bit dry, needing more sauce. Service staff ranges from lovely and smiley to less accommodating.

Coffee Shop La Carreta

Coffee Shop La Carreta offers great coffee right on the beach, crafted by the charming owner, Johannes. His friendly demeanor and local knowledge make the experience delightful. Booking him for a cave snorkeling trip to Dos Ocos cenote resulted in a truly amazing day with a wonderful guide. It’s my favorite coffee shop in all of Tulum, preserving the old vibes. The cappuccinos are the best, and the vegan chocolate sourdough cake with coconut flakes is a must-try, even for someone not fond of sweets. Johannes and Cristian’s vibes make every visit special. Support the locals!

Happy Coffee

where to have breakfast in Tulum

Happy Coffee delivers high-quality coffee and breakfast in a breathtaking location. As an admitted coffee snob, it successfully satisfies the craving for top-notch coffee. The flat white and latte were both fantastic. An added gem is the Cenote accessible via a walking path next to the coffee shop. Although there’s a pricier Cenote nearby, the coffee here is superior, and this one is free. The walk is 100% worth it. The latte was wonderful, and the service, especially from the sweet lady taking orders, was top-notch. The vibe at Happy Coffee is truly nice and chilled. 😍

Líquido y Sólido

best cafes in Tulum

Líquido y Sólido is a great spot for coffee and breakfast with a fantastic array of delicious options. The staff, all wearing masks, adds a comforting touch in these times. The vibe and music, sometimes featuring live local artists, create a welcoming atmosphere. Hidden behind the big black gates of Huaya Camp, the food, atmosphere, and service are astounding. The meticulously prepared offerings, from smoothies to bowls and sandwiches, rank among the best in our 2+ weeks in Mexico. Despite occasional slow service, the exceptional food makes it a must-visit in Tulum.

Toasted and Caffeinated

so there you have it the best coffee shops in Tulum. If this comprehensive list helps you one way or another, please consider using one of the my affiliates in the above.

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