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VISA GUIDE FOR FILIPINOS | How to Apply for Australia Tourist Visa Online for Filipinos

I got mine within twenty-fours hours! True story! How to Apply for Australia Tourist Visa Online for Filipinos 

This guide solely focuses on how to apply for Australia tourist visa online for Filipinos, which means your physical presence or physical submission of the requirements are not needed. The good thing about applying for Australian visa, it does not require you to present a travel itinerary, hotel booking, and all those stressful requirements other  developed countries imposed.

My visa application was approved within 24 hours, much to my surprise! The online application was easy as long as you have all the documents needed.

But if you prefer to submit all the requirements physically and you are based in Cebu, you can go to

VFS Global Services Philippines Private Inc.,
9th Floor, Keppel Center, Unit 905, Samar Loop
cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 6000 (This is near Ayala Cebu; it is the maroon building across from Sun Life Building. Japan consulate is also in the same building.)

TAKE NOTE: Applying via VFS takes more time and entails more requirements. You cannot pay by cash or credit card. There is a need to get a manager’s cheque to pay for your visa application. Check Lilliane of Wanderlass’ visa application guide to Australia via VFS.

STEP 1 Gather all requirements.

(In my case, I prepared and scanned all the following documents.)

✔️Scan the page that has your photo and passport information
✔️Scan all pages that have stamps [to establish your travel history]
✔️Birth Certificate

Financial Documents:

✔️ Bank Certificate [IMPORTANT READ: Why you must have a separate travel fund bank account. The amount in your bank account should be proportional to the number of days you are staying in Australia. It took me two years to reach my Php180K, my initial travel fund for my year-long trip with Tobias]
✔️Certificate of Employment [For freelancer, I advise you to ask for a certificate of employment from your regular client. Ask them to indicate the amount you earned from them.]
✔️Income Tax Return [Can be foregone as long as you have an established travel history and enough supporting documents to prove that you can fund your trip]

Supporting Documents:

✔️Monthly Pay Slip
✔️Latest Credit Card Statement (I included two credit cards)
✔️My Sunlife VUL (If you have land titles, life insurance, investment, include them here.)

Mode of Payment

I used a credit card for the visa application fee ($135, roughly Php5000.00). Debit card and Paypal are now accepted as well.

2. Go Online

✔️Make sure you have a stable Internet connection
✔️Create an Immi Account, the online visa application system of Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection
✔️Start your application. There are 18 pages to fill up. The documents mentioned above will be uploaded on the last part.
✔️Review all the pages before you click the submit button.
✔️Pay the online visa application fee.
✔️You will receive an acknowledgement email that your application has been received.

3. Wait like an eager lover. 

You will also receive an email if your visa is granted or rejected. If it is granted, all you have to do is to print the PDF and bring it with you once you travel to Australia. If you want to have a visa stamped on your passport, you have to pay extra for that. And personally, I do not want to. A visa stamp eats up an entire passport page.

The application process can last up to a month. Ayn got his within a week. Edcel and Sheena got theirs after three weeks.

As I said, my application is granted within 24 hours. Perhaps because all my documents are complete. I got a multiple entry visa valid until October 20, 2017.

Odd though that Australia’s multiple entry visa can only last a year, unlike Japan’s or the USA’s.

Here is hoping you find this entry helpful!

As you can see, it is not as hard as thought it would be. The online application and transaction is easy and fast. Poor but want to travel abroad? You might want to read this.

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  1. Jik says:

    Hi Jona,
    Thanks for sharing. This is very helpful as I’m planning to visit Australia in the near future 🙂

  2. Suzette says:

    Salamat sa very informative na blog. 7 person ang nakaline up kung iaapply. Online na lang gagamitin ko. Tanong ko lang pede bang 1 user id lang for 7 applicants? Thanks.

  3. donesa says:

    Hi me how to process for tourist.because i only account.i dont hve invesment ot title land?i prefer use tourist because i want to meet my bf actualy wat.can

  4. Marjorie says:

    Hi po, mag tatanong lang po sana ako, kasi yung boyfriend ko po sasagut lahat, tourist visa rin po kasi, pero sya po mag iisponsor ,ano po dapat na mga requirements

  5. Joanna says:

    Hi po question ko lang po, what if first time mu magtatravel then sa Australia agad is it possible na mareject yung application mu? Thanks po .

  6. Rosh says:

    Hi!! So you did not submit any plane or hotel bookings right? Im about to lodge my application in a week. Just asking around…

  7. Mae says:

    Thank you for this informative post. It would really help me with my application to Australia soon as a freelancer myself. On that note, do you have something about application for visas to New Zealand as well?

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