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How to Get Australian Visa? The Fast and Easy Way.
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November 7, 2016
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PHOTO ESSAY | What Makes Austria Beautiful

Tobi’s family is close-knit. Living within a thirty-radius from his parents, he and his two brothers are often invited for dinner at home. His parents, in their younger years, traveled exhaustively. They traveled overland from Singapore to Turkey.

Despite the occasional paranoia Tobi felt in India over my safety [READ: Five places I could recommend to my fellow women travelers], the India his parents had been to was way more misogynyst. His dad tied a rope from the door knob and tied the other end on something that would cause a a lot of ruckus.

Nowadays, they sometimes go for a weekend hike with their sons. This is one of the many weekends hike Tobias, Martin, and their Mom enjoyed thoroughly. 

Some of my impressions of a cloudy but beautiful sunday hike with the family. The way leads us through the Rätikon, which belongs to the wow Alps, in Vorarlberg/Autsria. As much as I like to travel to other countries, I am always fascinated how beautiful my country is. A weekend hike is a great way to compensate from a busy week of work and business.  Sun is not necessary. But let my pictures do the talking.

Rätikon in Vorarlberg, Autsria

Eyes open if you don’t want to get lost.

Rätikon in Vorarlberg, Autsria

Hilly and easy start, leaving modern civilization behind.

Rätikon in Vorarlberg, Autsria

Sulzfluh ahead of us.

Rätikon in Vorarlberg, Autsria

Wanted! Witch for Witch’s Cottage. 😉

Rätikon in Vorarlberg, Autsria

Watch out for rolling little rocks.

Family Hike in Ratikon
Rocky Mountains.

Rätikon in Vorarlberg, Autsria

View of Öfatobel where we came from.

Rätikon in Vorarlberg, Autsria

We decided that bathing season is over.

Rätikon in Vorarlberg, Autsria

This is called Schweizer Tor. 2 Mountains form a huge gate. Step through it and you are in Switzerland

Family Hike in Ratikon

Quite impressed by this huge rock.

Rätikon in Vorarlberg, Autsria

After lunch on windy and cold 2400m ASL, we were heading down to the end of our trip.

Family Hike in Ratikon

Some years ago a couple of Custom Officers made themselves comfortable in this little house. Not sure how busy they were.

Rätikon in Vorarlberg, Autsria

Close to the end. Lünersee is in sight from where we took a cable car downwards.

Tobias Nussbaumer

Hi, I'm Tobi, a custom office by profession, a cat lover (pun intended) by choice. Follow me on Instagram for more of my photos. Inspect more travel photographs from our trips soon! Do not forget to follow us on on Facebook as well: Backpacking with a Book.

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  1. Oh wow! I always been dreaming to go to Australia but with my meager salary, I think I still need a few more years lol. With this post, my plan to go there intensified and I’ll be saving so hard from now on lol. Awesome photos btw

  2. Teesh says:

    This looks so dreamy!

  3. Fábio Inácio says:

    Jona this is so beautiful, I am a photographer and I love hiking. You just make me add a new destination to my 2017 travel destinations. I was just wondering if it is possible to do wild camping in there? You know?!

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