April 11, 2013

Terra Manna Blog: Taking a Deep Dip

It is six in the morning, and the siloys and tamsis are as chirpy as ever. Surprisingly, I was able to sleep soundly right before the clock reached midnight. From Traveller’s veranda, I could not hear the lapping of the waves. The water must be calm enough for a dip—a deep dip—later. Yesterday, it was my first time to meet Cebu-based travel bloggers/freedivers—Doi, Dylan, and Johnn. While I found the deep blue sea mysterious and threatening at the onset, they looked at home in it already with their fins and snorkeling gear.
April 8, 2013

Sun.Star Weekend | Traveling on a Shoestring (2 of 3)

Summer taunts. As much as we want to ignore it, the city heat and sweat trailing our scalp and back are intolerable. Our body begs for another shower at night, our skin—especially the face—an extra layer of SPF30. Summer, just like rainy months, is the season for colorful umbrellas. Summer asks for a trip to the beach, river, or somewhere refreshing or unfamiliar. But what is stopping us is not the heat—after all, the scorching sun is one of the necessities to get stoked—rather, we are confronted with the nagging concern of the wanderlust in us: funds. 
April 6, 2013

Townhopping 2013: Kawasan for the Nth Time (And It Still Surprises Me)

“Piyesta ron sa among parokya, day! Naay daghang kaon! Pwede mo maimbitar?” said a man in his early 50s drinking on the shore with younger men. I knew they were curious about my companion, a beautiful Japanese maiden. “Libre, K’ya?” I smirked. It is hard to say no to food. “O, oy! Dali! Adto ta ninyo!” I told Midori about it. She was game for it. The then-chapel by the road leading to Kawasan is now a church. And most of its surroundings are cemented. 
April 3, 2013

Interaksyon.com | Poetry Readings in Cebu Are Hot and Alive

In Cebu, the literary scene is an odd but interesting spectrum of young and old writers. Besides the established literary cliques such as the predominantly male Bathalad Inc and its counterpart WILA (Women in Literary Arts), a loose group of young writers—the Nomads—proves that “the young, the cool, the sexy, and the hot” are not just serious about partying, but about their poetry, too. In this cosmpolitan city, a month does not pass by without an artistic endeavor going on. Cebu opened the year 2013 with a cornucopia of literary pursuits: January was for Bathalad Inc’s e-book launching, Wawart Art […]