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Walls That Make Falling in Love Easier

A calm five-minute walk from my seedy neighborhood is the posh Cebu Business Park, where Ayala Cebu is located. Under the scorching heat of Cebu noon, I went out from my small place and I have noticed that skyrises gradually swallow the horizon before me, that they become higher, sturdy, disjointed walls of the city. I could see the elegant Calyx, beside it is the dominantly black-painted building, another condominium, I think. Chinabank building can be seen as well. And a skeleton of a building beside it. I know time will come that all spaces that I found dear will disappear. Cities re not here to please the people who love spaces—empty, green, and blue—the human who loves pretty walls.

Here are the walls I documented on IG. Walls that could speak volumes of who I am, of my taste on things. Or may not. These are the walls I have met along the way, and they are something dear. 

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Across from the railway station, where the neighborhood follows the slope of the hill, where fat cats laze around, where wildflowers droop on stonewalls, where figs and persimmon trees are heavy with fruits, where the passing trains hum for a moment, there are many abandoned old traditional houses. With the passion, principles, and philosophies of preserving the old Japan, Masako Toyoda led the way of rebuilding the abandoned houses. The once empty and forgotten spaces become Neko No Te Pan (Cat's Paw Bakery), become Air Cafe, ManaMana (Massage), become Kitamura Cafe, become Anagono Nedoko—a backpacker's guesthouse and restaurant filled with natural quaintness. Onomichi is a city that is afraid to forget its past. I, a Filipino, wish we were like that. #traveljapan #travel #wanderlust #onomichi #onomedia2015 #travelonomichi #ootd #love #nature

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Exploring the streets surrounding UP. #cebu #walk

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I visit this coffee shop for this. #coffee #books

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Here is to more walls.

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