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April 14, 2016
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April 19, 2016
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Walls That Make Falling in Love Easier

A calm five-minute walk from my seedy neighborhood is the posh Cebu Business Park, where Ayala Cebu is located. Under the scorching heat of Cebu noon, I went out from my small place and I have noticed that skyrises gradually swallow the horizon before me, that they become higher, sturdy, disjointed walls of the city. I could see the elegant Calyx, beside it is the dominantly black-painted building, another condominium, I think. Chinabank building can be seen as well. And a skeleton of a building beside it. I know time will come that all spaces that I found dear will disappear. Cities re not here to please the people who love spaces—empty, green, and blue—the human who loves pretty walls.

Here are the walls I documented on IG. Walls that could speak volumes of who I am, of my taste on things. Or may not. These are the walls I have met along the way, and they are something dear. 

Here is to more walls.

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