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WHERE TO EAT IN CEBU? The Top 16 Filipino Restaurants in Cebu to Try

Top 15 Filipino Restaurants in Cebu Hukad Restaurant

Wondering where to eat in Cebu? These top Filipino Restaurants in Cebu are based on personal experience and preference. It’s totally not unheard-of that Cebu is one of the leading tourist destinations in the Philippines. Centrally located in the Philippine archipelago, Cebu, dubbed as the “Queen City of the South” (which is geopolitically incorrect) is truly a wonder to behold sans its horrendous road congestion problems.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: In light of Covid-19, our life has forever altered, the way we travel and dine out. Cebu City allows indoor dining for vaccinated individuals. So, I’m just here to remind you to not forget to bring your vaxx card with you. As we called it in Bisaya, sumpay nas imong tinae. Your vaxxcard is now part of your stomach.


Known for its prime attractions—pristine (I know, too cliche an adjective) white-sand beaches, crystal clear water (as long as it is not rained and flooded), majestic falls (undoubtedly), city sights, rich culture and history (hello, colonizers), and not to mention one of the biggest and most colorful festival in the Philippines, Sinulog festival, no wonder, Cebu draws more than two million foreign and local tourists every year.

And with a myriad of places to go and sites to see, going around Cebu will definitely leave you famished. But need not to worry, because the Queen City of the South is not only rich in tourist attractions and culture, but also with a wide array of Filipino food choices, that will make your stay in Cebu more memorable and satisfying. (Although nothing can really beat up homemade Filipino and Bisaya dishes.)

Want to experience the unique Cebuano dishes? They are only for the brave and adventurous. Check it out here

So, where to eat in Cebu? Here’s the top 15 Filipino Restaurants in Cebu that will definitely fill your growling stomach to start with.


Website: http://ricoslechon.com

Cebuanos themselves thought Rico’s Lechon closed up for good after a political rue with Cebu City mayor Tommy O. But despite the struggle, Rico’s Lechon found home in Lapu-Lapu City and is also set to open a new branch that can accommodate up to 300 hungry creatures in June 2019. Its menu is a real look of Cebuano cuisine that Cebuanos loved so dearly. And of course, the lechon, the irresistible lechon!


Website: Cafe Laguna
Address: Ayala Center, Cebu City 6000
Phone Number (For Reservation): +63 32 233 8600

Photo from Cafe Laguna

No time and energy to hail jeepneys and taxis in Cebu City? Explore the city with your own private ride and driver. Book here.

In 1991, a small restaurant at Lahug became a hit in Cebu. The news spread like wildfire simply through word of mouth. From that first restaurant more than 25 years ago, Cafe Laguna is a go-to place for Pinoy staples, serving sumptuous meals which was perfected and molded by time and expertise; continually maintaining their distinctive tasty food that is not only good but also brought memories of home-cooked meals shared with friends and family. From humble beginnings, Cafe Laguna is now a household name with great Filipino cuisine with warm Filipino hospitality perfect for catching up with friends, family gatherings and milestone celebrations.    


Website: House of Lechon
Address: Acacia St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: +63 32 231 0958

When going to Cebu, a must eat delicacy is lechon; a whole roasted pig. Lechon is the quintessential Filipino dish. Surely, there are many different types of lechon all over the country and Cebu is one of the great places to find a delectable Lechon, and if you ask the locals where to find one, they’ll preferably suggest House of Lechon, who brags their recipe comes from Carcar—a town down south whose lechon can make you forget about your bitterness towards your ex-lover. Here, they serve the roasted pig with its natural oiliness and the diners must as well go for the Hot and Spicy Lechon, that will surely make you order for another cup of rice. House of Lechon does not only serve Lechon but also serve varied Filipino cuisines that might fancy you. From grilled tuna, to kinilaw, baked scallops, sisig; there are definitely many dishes for everyone.  

Looking for interesting things to do in Cebu City and its neighboring cities?

I had lived for fifteen years in Cebu City. First to pursue my degree. Then I hopped from one job to another right after college. A part ot this travel guide was published Rappler on August 6, 2016 as an insider’s look on Cebu City. As you read through, you would realize that this is not the usual travel guide to Cebu City. It is a mix of the usual tourist attractions (Magellan’s Cross, Taoist Temple, and Tops) and the things I loved doing as a local. This is a mixture of walking destinations, trekking destinations, art and music scenes. I also included where to stay section and how to go from the airport to Cebu City and how to navigate around Cebu City.

Read more https://backpackingwithabook.com/cebu-travel-guide-things-to-do-in-cebu/


Website: Lantaw Native Restaurant
Address: Busay Branch is temporarily closed for relocation (As of February 2019)
Phone: +63 933 950 5323

Photo by @iamarkrondez

Lantaw is a local term which means “to look out.” The restaurant was called Lantaw because all three branches offer magnificent views for diners. One of the three branches is settled outside Cebu City proper, located in Cordova (Mactan Island.) Lantaw in Cordova is an open-air floating restaurant great for sunset drinks and that serves grilled and seafood dishes. The other one is located in Busay which also has an amazing view of Cebu City at night. The restaurant offers Filipino food from delicious seafood dishes to grilled food. Lantaw native Restaurant is a good place to start to fill your stomachs with local cuisines in Cebu. 


Address: MJ Cuenco, Legaspi Ext., Cebu (but they got several branches0
Phone: +63 917 662 4820

Photo by Coconut Inside

Craving for some local BBQ, AA (read as double A) is the place to go. AA BBQ is Cebu’s iconic dining place for the best barbecue dishes – grilled pork belly, grilled seafood, and delectable chicken dishes. From a single location in Lahug before, AA BBQ can now be savored on any of its 8 branches located across Cebu City. There’s definitely grilled galore in AA BBQ that you can’t get enough of!


Website: STK Ta Bay!
Address: 6 A. Climaco St, Cebu City, Cebu
Capitol Branch : 253-4732/256-2700/263-1191
SM Seaside Branch: 230-7989
SM City Cebu Branch: 238-5325

Photo by Jas Wandering

Homy ambiance and great food! This ancestral home turned into restaurant filled with family heirlooms has many delights waiting for you. STK is an acronym for the types of local way of cooking offered in STK restaurants; S is for Sugba or grilling, T is of Tula which is a clear fish soup, and K is for Kilaw, which is cooking seafood in vinegar and calamansi. STK can also be called SuTuKil and these types of restaurants allow diners to choose fresh seafood from what’s on hand and choose the way it will be cooked – grilled, in a soup, or cooked in vinegar. The restaurant’s specialty is the Tuna Panga (Tuna jaw) which they barbecue in the front of the restaurant. There are plenty of seafood dishes and other local food offered in the restaurant. Surely, one of the best restaurants in Cebu. 



Website: www.alwaysafeast.ph
Address: Ayala Center Cebu, Biliran Rd, Cebu City, Cebu
Phone Number: 403-9293

Photo from Hukad Restaurant

Hukad’s heritage delicious comfort dates back to 1982 in Lahug, Cebu City. Serving native dishes in a relaxed and homey ambiance, the restaurant was a hit among locals and tourists, and soon become a notable Cebu dining destination. Hukad is the perfect place for families and friends to celebrate get-togethers or to just have a casual dine out. Crispy Pata, Lechon Belly de Cebu, Baked Bantayan Scallops, Kare-Kare and other Seafood specialties can never go wrong with your unlimited rice. Yes, you heard it right, unlimited rice! Better postpone that diet because Hukad (which means, “to serve up food one’s plate”) truly serves you a feast of flavors! Hukad is one of the top Filipino Restaurants in Cebu for Cebuanos!


Website: www.alwaysafeast.phhttp://www.alwaysafeast.ph
 Address: 42 Salinas Dr, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: +63 32 233 4243
Address: A. S. Fortuna St, Mandaue City, Cebu
Phone: +63 32 272 8125

Photo by My Cebu

Also known for its finger-licking- good Crispy Pata, Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen is a restaurant deeply rooted in the heart and culture of every Cebuano, bringing diners together for over 35 years. The restaurant serves delectable starters including Calamares, Tuna Fingers, Pancit Guisado and more dishes. Alongside from the famous Crispy Pata are Sinigang Baboy, Bicol Express and Chicken Pandan. Vegetarians can never go wrong with Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen for the restaurant also specializes Vegetarian dishes like Pinakbet, Adobong Talong, Adobong Kangkong and meatless Sisig made with mushroom and tofu. Golden Cowrie possesses a homey feel atmosphere because of its interior, thus, dining here means enjoying quality conversation surrounded by a relaxing ambience and great food. 

And oh, the people behind one of the oldest restaurants in Cebu are the very people behind Hukad.


Website: Sobragana
Address: Larsian, Cebu City 6000
Phone: +63 922 313 5023

Photo from Sobragana

For the authentic and quintessential Cebuano experience, head to Sobragana, a great place to experience the real deal: humba, kaldereta, tinuwa, paklay, utan-bisaya, and even dried fish! Now, there is nothing more Cebuano than that!

Don’t expect a fancy restaurant, but you can expect great food. Located at Fuente Osmeña, Larsian is a barbecue square-type strip with numerous stalls filled with different vendors hawking their barbecues.

The place has about 30 barbecue stalls that offer grilled meat and seafood dishes, and of course, their celebrated chorizo longganiza. Being one of the food havens in Cebu, Larsian is a perfect place for a feast that is easy on the pocket.


Website: Top of Cebu
Address: Cebu Tops Rd, Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: +63 32 516 0718

top Filipino Restaurants in Cebu
Photo by Top of Cebu

With the unstoppable growth of skyscrapers in Metro Cebu, witnessing the amazing panoramic view of the city’s beautiful skyline is indeed an amazing experience, and Top of Cebu can give you this pleasure alongside with great food. Top of Cebu has been serving its diners with tasty Filipino dishes with modern twist, for almost two years now. The restaurant’s scrumptious menu leaves you wanting, from appetizers down to desserts. With a clear panoramic view while enjoying the foggy weather during daytime, and the luminous view at nighttime, Top of Cebu can definitely give you an unforgettable dining experience anytime of the day. 

In Cebu, my midweek affair is down south [ READ: Southern Cebu Beaches; but my weekend lover is up north: Malapascua. But even though I constantly travel around Cebu, I cannot claim I know these places well, because they keep on changing, especially to meet the demands of the burgeoning number of travelers and I do not know if I should be happy for that or what. I am happy that more locals can travel around, but I am alarmed as well for its possible ecological impact.
So here is my ultimate southern Cebu guide, encompassing all towns and cities. Yes, beaches, waterfalls, old churches. Yes, you can freely break this. I would love you to not follow these. I would love you to follow your own gut.

Read more https://backpackingwithabook.com/south-cebu-travel-guide-things-to-do-in-south-cebu/


Website: Chika-an sa Cebu
Address: 42 Salinas Dr, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu. It got different branches
Phone: +63 32 233 0358

top Filipino Restaurants in Cebu
Photo by randel_ybanez_robillo

One of the famous restaurants in Cebu where the locals and the tourists gather for good food is called Chika-an. The restaurant serves diners with Filipino cuisine in the atmosphere of an old-style Filipino home. One of the standout dishes at Chika-an is its Utan Bisaya (native vegetables) soup, which is a common dish among the locals. The restaurant also serve other Filipino cuisines from pork, beef, and seafood. Dining at Chika-an, you can enjoy native Filipino dishes as if you’re in the comfort of a Filipino home. 


Website: Kan-anan at Parklane International Hotel
Address: 4th Floor Cebu Parklane International Hotel, Archbishop Reyes Avenue Corner Escario Street, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: +63 32 234 7000

top Filipino Restaurants in Cebu

A local term which means “a place to eat,” Kan-anan is indeed a great place to dine out with its very tasty and savory Filipino cuisines. Kan-anan offers an array of Cebuano specialty dishes, and without traveling from north to south of Cebu, you can experience Cebuano cuisine and get to relish the house specialties such as Lansyaw – stewed bull’s gonads, Ginabut – light battered internal organs – pork intestine, liver and pork heart; and a lot more. Adding to the restaurants great food, is the quaint decor that makes you feel like you are indeed eating Filipino dishes inside a nipa hut.


Website: Orange Karenderia
Address: Juana Osmeña St, Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: +63 917 721 0923

top Filipino Restaurants in Cebu
Photo from Orange Karenderia

Ever wondered how an eel and barracuda taste like? Orange Karenderia has been selling exotic seafood dishes and homecooked staples for over 5 years now. Try exotic seafood mixed eel and barracuda in the local soup dish called Larang. Another dish that you should try is their Crispy Tuna Buntot, which is a favorite of the regular diners. Aside from casual dining, OK is also a place to chill out with loud music and lights during nighttime.


Website: Parilya PH
Address: Parilya, IL Corso, City di Mare, South Road Properties (1,410.99 mi)
Cebu City 6000
Phone: +63 32 511 8832

top Filipino Restaurants in Cebu
Photo from Parilya

Another seaside restaurant offering traditional lechon and seafood grill, Parilya is a perfect setting for enjoying local dishes with your family and friends. Parilya speacilizes in Open Fire Slow Cooked Lechon Parilya, Parilya Secret Spiced Grilled Shrimp and other Cebuano classic dishes. Enjoying Filipino cuisines in an open air restaurant with a refreshing breeze, Parilya is truly for casual, affordable and delicious dining. 


Website: Burrow
Address: Unit 4, Tsai Hotel And Residences, Wilson St, Apas, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Phone: +63 32 328 1074 / 0322731547

top Filipino Restaurants in Cebu
Photo by Angela Marie

If you are craving for chicken wings, Burrow may be the perfect place for you. There may be a lot of restaurants in Cebu offering unlimited chicken wings, Burrow is one of the pioneering gems and still remains shining until now. For only 199 pesos, you can have unlimited chicken wings in six different flavors along with unlimited rice, and for an additional 60 pesos, you can have unlimited iced tea, as well. Now that’s a lot of unlimited for only 259 pesos.


Website: Kuan Cebu
Address: General Maxilom Ave., Cebu City 6000
Phone: +63 947 893 3441

top Filipino Restaurants in Cebu
Photo by Sugbo PH

Asa ka ganahan mukaon? Sa Kuan! [Where do you want to it? Uhmmm..] 

Kuan is so Bisaya. It is a local language filler! Nothing is more Bisaya than that! A term the locals use when they forgot the right name of the certain thing they are referring to. So if you are not a Bisdak at heart, you can’t relate because Kuan.

Kuan is a small local eatery that just opened last year, and is very homey and simple. Kuan serves EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN, Lumpia Shanghai, Pancit Bam-I, Carcar Lechon, Chorizo, and Fried Chicken for only 288n pesos per head. And mind you unlimited puso and iced tea is already inclusive in the fee. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s kuan.

Cebu is as cosmopolitan as Manila. If Manila is the King in the chess board, then Cebu is the queen. And as a popular tourist destination, Cebu offers a wide array of food choices. The Queen City of the South’s (not really sold out with its decades-old tagline) cuisines are kitchen-sink. It’s so myriad. So eclectic; molded and perfected by time and expertise.

Discover more. Eat more. Forget that diet. Cebu has more excellent dishes to offer. Start with our top 15 list, but you can continue discovering other food spots which are likely to be good as well, that will your stay in Cebu more satisfying and dellightful, which later on, makes you not leave Cebu anymore, and be the queen’s pawn.   

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