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WHERE TO GO IN SEYCHELLES 2022: 30 Gorgeous Islands in Seychelles to Visit

where to go in seychelles

Most people would agree that if you want to visit the most beautiful island paradise in the world, Seychelles will be at the top of your list. With 115 islands and coral atolls in this Indian Ocean, it’s challenging to narrow down where to go in Seychelles.

This is where our complete guide comes in. Here, you will find the top 30 islands you can visit when you go to Seychelles, from the popular choices to the hidden gems. There’s so much to be discovered, from snorkeling and hiking to relaxing on the beach and exploring wildlife.

Honeymooning in Seychelles? We curated the most romantic staycations in Seychelles.

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1.   Mahé Island: Largest Island in the Archipelago

We’re starting our Seychelles travel guide with the Mahé Island, the main island. It is home to one of the smallest capital cities globally and offers access to over 65 beaches. Mahé features some of the highest mountain ranges, punk sands, granite boulders, etc.

About twenty percent of Mahé Island consists of the Morne Seychellois National Park, a heaven for hikers, nature lovers, and adventurers. This is also the best island for connecting with the locals and enjoying the historic charm of Seychelles.

Mahe has everything for a saltwater kind of paradise. If you have not booked your hotel yet, take this as a sign to do so. Check hotel deals here.

mahe island seychelles

2.   Praslin Island: Best for Beautiful Beaches

Praslin Island is known for being one of the two places where you can see the coco de mer palm growing in its natural habitat. It is one of the largest islands in Seychelles, with the Vallee de Mai LookNature Reserve for an exciting adventure.

Praslin is also where you will find some of the most photographed beaches globally, so if you’re planning on spending a lot of time on the beaches, you’re in luck.

Looking for a gorgeous place to stay in Praslin? Check here.

3.   Cousine Island: Best for a Romantic Vacation

If you’re planning a getaway with your partner or a romantic honeymoon, Cousine Island is the ideal choice. This private tropical island is off the coast of Mahé and is owned by the Cousine Island Resort Villas.

This romantic tropical island is designed for your romantic vacation but book in advance because it’s very popular.

Compare hotel prices here.

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4.   Bird Island: Best for Bird Watching 

One of the must-visit islands in Seychelles for bird watching is Bird Island. It’s evident in the name, as this fantastic vacation destination is home to over a million migratory birds, which you can see between May and November. 

Aside from being famous for birds, the island also has other excellent opportunities for discovering wildlife like ground doves, fairy terns, giant land tortoises, and more.

5.   Silhouette Island: Best for Wildlife Hikes

Next in our guide is the third largest island in Seychelles, the Silhouette Island. It attracts tourists who want to enjoy a quiet time in nature. The island features excellent trails and great weather for those who enjoy wildlife hiking.

In the inner part of the island, you can visit the national park of birds, reptiles, and plants. There are barely any cars on this island, so be prepared to walk.

6.   Aldabra Atoll: Largest Raised Coral Atoll

It’s not surprising that Aldabra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it is the largest raised coral atoll in the world. It is a group of 12 islands and rich avian life that allow you to see rare birds like the white-throated rail and dimorphic egrets.

It is also home to over 200,000 giant tortoises and is an excellent destination for snorkeling. You need to charter a private boat and be permitted by the Seychelles Islands Foundation to access this remote island.

7.   La Digue Island: Best for Experiencing a Traditional Island Life 

The travel guide won’t be complete without La Digue, one of the most famous Seychelles islands. It’s the fourth largest island and a fantastic place for nature lovers. It offers incredible beaches, rock climbing and diving activities, hiking trails, and the Veuve Nature Reserve.  

If you want a glimpse into traditional island life, this boutique island transports people with bicycles and oxcarts and has granite boulders you can explore on the beaches.

So many choices to choose from La Digue Island. Experience La Digue and book your resort now.

8.   Aride Island: Best for Day Trip

One island that cannot be omitted in our Seychelles travel guide for first-timers is Aride Island, which is a fantastic choice for your day trip. Hotels on Praslin Island organize day trips to Aride, although you can’t visit between May and September because of the rough surf.

You can explore a wide range of rare seabirds, lizards, and flowers when you visit this nature reserve. It also has the largest colonies of lesser noddy and roseate terns globally. 

9.   Moyenne Island: Best Place to See Giant Tortoises

If you’ve been curious about the giant tortoises that are said to roam free in this archipelago, you can check them out on Moyenne Island. The island was abandoned until it was purchased in the 1960s. After the buyer died in 2012, the place was turned into a nature reserve for tourists worldwide.

Aside from feeding tourists, you can explore tens of thousands of plants and trees and buy old artifacts.

10. Fregate Island: Best for Enjoying Watersports 

Those looking forward to water sports like scuba diving, yachting, and snorkeling should check out the Fregate Island when they visit Seychelles. The thickly forested island has one beach, which was voted by Times as the best beach in the world.

It is also a fantastic place for birdwatching, especially the frigate birds, photography, and sightseeing in the forest.

cousine island seychelles

11. Eden Island: Best for Vacation with Friends

Eden Island is the ideal choice if you’re looking for the best island in the archipelago to visit with your friends. It consists of white beaches, shopping centers, a deep water marina, exotic marine life, delicious local food, an aquarium, nightlife and clubs, tennis courts, etc.

You can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities like fishing, boat cruising, snorkeling, or relaxing on beaches.

12. Desroches Island: Best for Vacation with Kids

If you have kids and wonder where to go in Seychelles with them, Desroches is a fantastic choice. Home to unique aquariums, children will be amazed by the colorful reef fish, stingrays, and turtles.

It also makes an excellent place for adventure and has a Four Seasons Resort to stay in. 

13. Curieuse Island: Best Island-Hopping Destination

If you’re in Praslin, you can book an island-hopping day trip to Curieuse island, as you can’t stay on the island overnight. It is home to the Aldabra giant tortoise and the second place in the world where you can see the coco de mer palm growing naturally.

The island has scenic nature trails, great beaches, and large trees. You can explore the ruins of the leper sanctuary too.

14. St Pierre Islet: Best for Coral Reefs

The next on our list is the St Pierre islet, a small island with beautiful coral reefs. It is surrounded by crystal clear water for scuba diving and snorkeling and can only be visited when island hopping.

The island is also fantastic for sightseeing and photography, offering breathtaking views for all visitors.

15.Cocos Island: Best for Snorkeling

Cocos Island is another fantastic island on the archipelagos for a day trip, especially if you’ve been looking forward to snorkeling. It has no accommodation opportunities and is a small island near Praslin and La Digue.

The island is a haven for fish and other marine life. You can also spot hawksbill and green turtles when cruising around the island.

16. North Island: Luxury Private Island 

Like Cousine Island, the North Island is another luxury private vacation spot in our Seychelles travel guide. It is one of the most exclusive islands in the archipelago, with eleven villas and several beaches.

You need to be a guest to visit, so you should reserve your vacation in advance. The island offers scuba diving, fancy dining, beautiful beaches, and spa services.

Looking for a luxury vacation spot? Look no further. Check the rates here.

17. Amirantes Islands: Best for Flora and Fauna

One of the top outer islands in Seychelles is the Amirantes Islands. It is a group of islands you can visit on a day trip or stay in a hotel overnight. The island is known for having gorgeous fauna and flora.

You can see the beautiful coral reefs surrounding the island and the marine life that is evident in the clear waters.

seychelles travel guide

18. Poivre Island: Best for Guided Tour

Poivre Island is a tourist-focused outer island located on the east edge of the Amirantes Bank. It is about 270 kilometers away from Mahé and can only be accessed by boat. 

It consists of two islands discovered in the 1770s and houses a wide range of bird and marine species. If you’re a history or nature buff, you’ll be looking forward to a day trip to this island.

19. Alphonse Island: Best for Swimming with Dolphins

If you’ve ever wanted to swim with dolphins, you can do so at the Alphonse Island in Seychelles. Aside from housing the Spinner Dolphins, the gorgeous island offers vibrant coral gardens.

You can go on snorkeling safaris with a guide or view turtle hatchlings. It is even home to an ancient giant tortoise. The secluded beaches are great for sunbathing and picnics.  

20. St. François Atoll: Best Bone-Fishing Center

St. François Atoll is a V-shaped island located beside Alphonse and is a fantastic choice for those looking forward to bone-fishing in Seychelles. The sand flats surrounding the atoll are also great for fly-fishing.

You can easily access the St. François Atoll from your hotel on Alphonse Island and start exploring. Besides the fishing, the island was formed recently and is still being developed, so there isn’t much to do.

21.Astove Atoll: Best for Reef Flats Expedition

The Astove Atoll is made up of the islands of Charlotte and Astove and is one of the outer islands of Seychelles. The atoll has a large inner lagoon and is known for the Astove Wall, which looks similar to the Grand Canyon.

There’s so much to do on this island as long as you have a guide, especially the fun reef flats expedition. You can go snorkeling, fly fishing, scuba diving, bird watching and watch turtle hatching.

22.Cosmoledo Atoll: Best Remote Island 

Another small island in Seychelles that you should visit is Cosmoledo, known for having a remote and preserved environment because of minimal human contact. It is also one of the last vestiges of conservation in the archipelago.

 The atoll consists of 21 islands, a large population of green and hawksbills turtles, a beautiful lagoon with impressive geology, over a hundred species of coral, and exotic birds. 

23.Felicite: Best for Diving  

The fifth-largest island is Felicite, and it’s also one of the must-visit islands in Seychelles for diving. The forested island is beside La Digue and is dominated by the Six Senses Zil Pasyon resort.

If you decide to stay on the island, you get access to 30 villas, a spa, and the Ramos National Park. You can also go diving in Marianne. 

Reserve your stay here.

diving in seychelles

24.Grand Soeur and Petite Soeur: Best for Weekend Excursions 

Grand Soeur and Petite Soeur is a perfect choice for those who want exclusive excursions, although the Château de Feuilles privately own it. So, you can only visit as a guest of the hotel. 

The hotel offers full-day weekend exclusions and several villas for overnight stays. You can visit the island on perfect days to check out picturesque views. 

25.Sainte Anne Island: Visit the Sainte Anne Marine National Mark 

Another must-see island for anyone visiting Seychelles is Sainte Anne Island, located four kilometers off the east coast of Mahé. The island is known for having a beautiful coastline and great weather all the time, so you can explore the six beaches it offers.

While on Sainte Anne Island, you should visit the marine national park to check out the beautiful marine life, especially the sea turtles. 

26. Round Island: Best for Luxurious Resorts

Round Island is another one of the top 30 islands in Seychelles to visit, with beautiful beaches and delicious food. You can easily access the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens, and there are tens of private villas to make your stay worth it.

The small island is accessible by boats alone and has gorgeous sandy beaches and thick forests of trees to explore.

Book your room here.

27. Cerf Island: Best for Tranquility Seekers 

Cerf Island is ideal if you’re looking for a vacation destination where you can connect with nature and enjoy a quiet time. There are no roads or shops, and the few accommodation centers don’t affect the tranquil atmosphere.

You can sunbathe on the beaches, walk, visit the beach restaurants, enjoy spa treatments, organize picnics, and more.

28. Île Cachée: Best for Photography 

Another one of the tiniest islands in our Seychelles travel guide for first-timers is Île Cachée, a few meters away from Cerf Island. The small, uninhabited island can be accessed by simply wading through the water, as long as the tide is low.

It has picturesque views and many places to explore, with rumors that a pirate once hid his treasure there.

la digue island

29. Denis Island:  Best for Disconnecting from the World

Popularly known as the sister island of Bird Island, Denis has a wide variety of land birds, making it a fantastic place for bird watchers. It also allows for snorkeling and sport-fishing.

Denis Island has no signal whatsoever or in-room internet, which means that it’s the best place to unplug and connect with people. You can explore the scenic views and enjoy delicious meals on this private island.

30. Cousin Island: Best for Exploring Natural Habitat

Known for conserving and saving unique natural habitats like the Seychelles warbler, Cousin Island is another fantastic place to explore. You can explore this paradise-like island on a day trip since no accommodation is offered.

The island is also popular among photographers and birdwatchers, with long sandy beaches to check out.

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