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September 1, 2016
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MT. BROMO | Finding Beauty in Ashes: A Photo Essay

EASTERN JAVA, INDONESIA.Mt Bromo is a beguiling and mysterious sight. The town is both dead and living. The mountain spews out ashes every now and then. Here are Mt Bromo photos, an evidence that a living volcano is both beauty and beast. 

As we faced heavenward to admire the constellations that reminded me a lot of a city’s nightscape, we felt the soft arrival of the ashes in our face. This is how we arrived. This is how Mt. Bromo welcomed us.

Outside our bare room, the railings were all covered in ashes. Even the terrace’s tiled floor was no exception. We curled and bundled up inside.


A dog played with a dead pigeon on an ashen field of leeks. It rained ashes once again. The nase goreng by Mt. Bromo’s viewing deck tasted good. We brought our own thermos and instant black coffee. We bought  boiled water from a coffee vendor.


Coldness crept into the bones. Everyone bundled up. Vegetations died. Or in the verge of dying. Their leaves and weak branches were all pregnant of ashes. Farmers mourned.


We woke up at three in the morning and walked our way to the sunrise point. The crowd huddled. We climbed up and found a better view. We brought a thermos of coffee and sipped from our clay cups while waiting for the sun to rise.



Here are moments and memories froze in photographs.

The volcanic ashes and the late afternoon light made us of think of an apocalypse.
DSCN9453 copy
Mt. Bromo from the viewing deck.
A pine tree by the viewing deck.
Colors fought hard against the grayness of the place.
Mt. Bromo Photos
A volcano is a woman. A woman is a volcano.
Mt. Bromo Photos
A store by the viewing deck
Mt. Promo
Look at the flatlands. A hike to Mt. Bromo itself was not allowed last January 2016.
Mt. Bromo Photo
On our way back to our hostel.
Mt. Bromo Photo
It looks so surreal. Like a setting of Game of Thrones 😀
Mt. Bromo Photo
We climbed up away from the crowd and we got this view.
Mt. Bromo Photo
The sunrise and me. Am not pooping!
After a spicy meal in a warung.
After a spicy meal in a warung.


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