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What Makes Jacksonville Extra Special

Jacksonville Florida Travel Guide

Jacksonville, a major seaport city in the United States, is a place where the river meets the ocean. Exciting things happen where freshwater befriends saltwater, and the varied activities you can experience here make this city popular and special. From nature parks to museums to amazing beaches to sumptuous dishes, Jacksonville will make your next holiday unforgettable.

For Football and Concert Lovers: Shout Your Lungs Out at EverBank Field          

Jacksonville Florida Travel Guide

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Football and music are in the blood of many Americans. Jacksonville has the heart to encourage this all-American love for sports and concerts, as EverBank Field can seat up to 70,000. The welcoming Florida weather makes everything possible while watching your team play. Grab a quick drink. Cook out. Let your kids have fun at the Jaguars Cub Club. Visiting in the summer? EverBank Field has Sea Best Cool Zones to ward off the unbearable heat, and there are many hotels near EverBank Field to make your stay convenient, comfortable, and cool.   

For Beach Bums: Sunbathe on Endless Stretches of White Sand

Jacksonville prides itself on having some of the best beach destinations. Embrace the wonders of the sun on Jacksonville Beach. Jump into the water off Neptune Beach and feel the warmth of the ocean. If you’ve had enough of the warm water, have some beer and people-watch at Atlantic Beach. The beaches are busy, but they aren’t usually crowded at all. After all, it’s hard to fill up a 22-mile stretch of pure bliss. So go ahead and find your little corner in that wide expanse of Jacksonville beaches.

For Tree Huggers: Embrace the Beauty of Nature Parks

Jacksonville is dubbed the City of Parks. Since it’s situated between a river and an ocean, it’s no wonder that this place is home to various shades of green. Biodiversity in Jacksonville is fun and fantastic to experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve, which spans 46,000 acres of waterways and wetlands. Hug the awesome oak tree and whisper some messages of love and peace at the Treaty Oak at Jesse Ball duPont Park. A picnic at Jarboe Park is a welcome respite, too.

For Adventurers: Pedal Your Way Around Kathryn Abbey Hannah Park

Kathryn Abbey Hannah Park features 20 miles of established trails. Have you tried pedaling under the shade of tree canopies while listening to the different sounds of nature? This is your chance to fully immerse yourself in the wonders and mysteries of Mother Nature. Listen to the crackling sounds of dried leaves as you pedal your way through the forest. Feel your own sweat trailing along your scalp and back. Yes, it’s a strenuous adventure, but the feeling of accomplishment that comes afterward is unbeatable.

Yes, Jacksonville has the power to make you feel great for pushing yourself to the limit or for simply enjoying the present moment. When you visit, you’ll quickly find that in Jacksonville, the sun is always shining, and the water is always warm.

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