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October 22, 2015
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OUR SKIN DIARY | I Have a Husband Much Older Than Me

This post by KIM E is a comment on my Rappler article: On Being a Dark-Skinned Filipina Traveling Around the Philippines

You don’t have to look like couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to be called a lovely couple. I’m a young Filipina and I’m proud to tell that I have a husband much older than me. This is my preference, and I don’t think I need the approval of the public. Whatever our disposition in life and whatever our motives, there is SOMEONE up there who knows what’s inside our heart. People will normally judge us. Me and perhaps some of my friends, are not only judged by those people who don’t have foreign partners. Even with young girls who have young foreign partners would sometimes judge us and would try to compare about the man we chose.


Some would say we chose the older men because we are after the money, and then praised themselves of having a young foreign partner the same age as them, and they would say that’s really what we called LOVE. Well..I don’t care what other people would say. What’s important for me is, every time I wake up in the morning I am happy to see the happy face of my husband. Life is about happiness and happiness is a choice. Whatever things you have and whoever is in your life now, if you are not contented and happy then you are just wasting your time. This isn’t a serious issue at all. I just hope that everyone of us especially young Filipina with older partners should carry on with their lives, ignore the negative things out there, be an inspiration, avoid crab-mentality people, don’t go along with those who are very proud of themselves and most of all pray to God that everything will always be fine. We only have one life. Let’s not mind those bunch of crap who don’t want to see people happy. They are the ones who are very pathetic. As long as our conscience is clear. There’s nothing to worry about. After all, this is our life. And they can’t do anything about it. Whatever our decision and doings, at the end of the day, me myself, and I would surely be together šŸ™‚ —KIM E

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