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August 24, 2018
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Going Mellow in Montebello

While Montebello directly translates to beautiful mountain, not everyone has the stamina and the time to spend a full day exploring trails. Sometimes, it’s all right to be mellow. Enjoy quiet moments. Lounge in your hotel terrace with your favorite drink in hand. Stroll the neighborhood park. Montebello, California, is a perfect destination if you have the three Rs in mind: relax, rejuvenate, refresh.

The Huntington Desert Garden: Where You Desert Your Worries and Embrace Nature

Photo via Flickr by Dutch Simba

Home to some of the biggest cacti and succulent collections in the world, the Huntington Desert Garden is every gardener’s dream. The place houses about 2,000 types of desert floras and succulents. A very instagrammable place, it is easy for you to find a spot for some snaps. Or forget about social media, and simply enjoy being surrounded by a 100-year-old cacti collection.

The Whittier Narrows Recreation Area: Where Nature Is Not Really Narrow

Locals often come here to enjoy the clean air. Kids love chasing the ducks and the geese. As a passing traveler, what’s in it for you? The Whittier Narrows Recreation Area is far from narrow. It’s home to three lakes, with Legg Lake as the biggest — a favorite destination for fishing hobbyists. You can rent a boat and paddle around, or spread a mat and have a relaxing picnic. Whatever plan you have in mind, this 1,400-acre park is wide enough to accommodate you.

The Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe: Where the Old Is Celebrated

The second-oldest building in the city, the Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe deserves to be celebrated. This old structure is very telling, with rough adobe walls that have seen years and calamities. The place remains a source of information about what life was like in Montebello in the 19th and 20th centuries. Walk around the property, and reimagine the lives of the bygone owners. Recreate the collective and personal past of the Sanchez family and the city.

The Shops at Montebello: Where Shopping Is the Locals’ Hobby

With its modern architecture, the Shops at Montebello is designed to please its shoppers. It prides itself on providing the best shopping experience. Conveniently located near Pomona (60) Freeway and downtown Los Angeles, the Shops at Montebello is home to around 180 shops. You can find Cotton On, COACH, Forever 21, H&M, and other favorite brands here. And because shopping can make your wallet and stomach empty, you’ll find plenty of restaurants in which to relax and grab a bite to eat.

Marin Café: Where You Can Actually Love a Café

It takes extra effort to make customers feel special and loved. And Marin Café does exactly that. Each cake is uniquely designed, much to the patrons’ delight. The place’s pastries are to die for — beautifully crafted with fresh ingredients that simply melt in your mouth. Try local favorites such as tres leches, a chicken salad sandwich, and an horchata frappuccino.

Going mellow in Montebello is easy. Enjoy delicious sweets, shop like a local, stroll around a garden, or find a good spot to relax and watch the day go by in Montebello.

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