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Bored of Your Usual Beach Holiday? Visit These 4 Countries

Even with the world at your feet, it can be tempting to revisit your favourite places when you go on holiday. But if you’ve had enough of the same sea and sand, you can easily head to different places for a new adventure. To avoid the same tourist traps and form some once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we recommend trying the following four countries.

1. Latvia

The tiny Baltic country of Latvia may boast around 350 miles of coastline, but don’t dismiss it as a relaxing beach holiday just yet. In addition to beaches, there’s four National Parks and plenty of other forests full of wildlife to explore. The landscape in Latvia is reminiscent of nearby Scandinavian countries, but it won’t cost you as much to visit. We recommend visiting Ventas Rumba, Europe’s widest waterfall, and the beautiful Aglona Basilica.

2. Kyrgyzstan

You might not have heard of Kyrgyzstan, let alone be able to point it out on a map. Most people know very little about the country land-locked in the middle of Central Asia. But, as the Secret Traveller says, it’s a highly rewarding place to visit where you can hike or ride horses through the spectacular mountainous scenery. They add that you’ll probably feel like the first Westerner to ever set foot in some parts of Kyrgyzstan – and it a few cases you’ll be right.

Song Köl lake, Kyrgyzstan

3. Jordan

The reasons to visit Jordan are plenty – but the country is yet to receive the attention it deserves so you don’t have to jostle with crowds. Even the most well-known attraction, the city of Petra – a city build into the mountainside – is relatively quiet, meaning you can enjoy its grandeur in peace. Even fewer tourists venture beyond Petra so head to the surrounding suburbs and be amazed by the archaic tombs and ancient mosques.

We also recommend taking a dip in the dead sea. After all, a trip to Jordan wouldn’t be complete without a brief float. Want to know what all the fuss is about? Watch a video of what it’s like in the saltiest body of water on Earth. Then you’ll want to experience it for yourself.

4. Singapore

Singapore is a bit different to the others on this list – firstly, it’s one of the world’s most popular visitor destinations, rather than being an undiscovered gem. But it’s popular for good reason. Luxurious hotels, world-class zoos (including a night safari), thousands of restaurants, great shopping spots and spa resorts, to name some.

Morning Singapore

And if you still want to visit a beach, you can in Singapore – only it will be made from imported sand. Sentosa is a big island created for visitors and locals to escape from the big city. Think of it as a holiday within a holiday. There’s 3.2km of imported sand beaches, as well as the popular Universal Studios and plenty of bars and hotels. Find out more about the different beaches with the Singapore Guide – including where to find the Pirates of the Caribbean-style suspension bridge.

With these ideas, your next few trips will be sorted. Have you already visited one of these countries? Or would you add some different places to the list? Share your experiences with us.

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