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October 23, 2010
Backpacking with a Book
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October 30, 2010
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Bonbon River: Notes to Self

Backpacking with a Book

KANDINGON. Those who don't have a penchant for baths are called kandingon at home. I couldn't find the logic behind such humorous semirural color. I spent my childhood with animals—goats, cows, and carabaos—making me perceptive about their behavior. Although it's true that goats cowered and shivered from rain and eschewed morning dews as much as possible, they surely withstand the cold. But anyway, the puppy was definitely kandingon. 😉 My askal, Tasbi, used to love swimming in Langob and enjoy beaching and boat rides. Those were the days. He's 15 human years old.

BONBON FALLS: Being lost means finding something else. We got separated from the group. Our guide said it would take an hour or so to reach Judge Paredes's group. Our unexpected end was as good as joining the rest of the pack. For a self-proclaimed river goddess, who is complaining?

LAUGH. SMILE. There are mundane, trivial reasons for you to do so. 😉

HUMBLED. Yours are nothing compared to the locals' everyday struggles. They trek the river without fancy gears and 60-pound bag weight, rather they bear the weight of sackful of charcoal for hours. You trekked the river (perhaps) out of hobby, they crossed it for a living.

Careful with the mossy rocks. They're deadly.

WANTED. To live as mundane as this. Although retirement age is quite far from HERE, I'm planning to experience it near a river.

REMIND. It reminds me of our very own langob, the main watersource in San Juan. Housewives and maidens alike enjoyed handwashing while gossiping about others' lives. It's a good source of stories.The stories are reconstructed, edited for their liking. Yes, housewives are storytellers. 😉

BABY. A tree, a life.

I was looking at the tree that looks like fingers sprouting from earth. "A tree house there someday." I had a small talk with Judge Paredes, whom I knew only by name. Told him about Nikay. He said, "She texted me this morning," and shared the text. "She called me Muymuy." Nikay informed her parents about her everyday realities in Italy. How sweet.

TARZANS' DAUGHTERS: Just stone's throw away from DENR-IMS bunkhouse. While others enjoyed PSP2 and what-not, kids in city outskirts have this for entertainment.

SYMMETRY: The bridge right before the bunkhouse.It's ex-stasis: bridging one end to another.

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