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9 Things I Love about Secrets Pavilion Urban Boutique Hotel

secrets pavilion urban boutique hotel review

My year-long trip kicked off in Cambodia. I spent a total of nine nights ( 3 nights Phnom Penh, 3 nights Battambang, and 3 nights Siem Reap) before flying to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (My Malaysia Travel Guide) to catch my flight to Sydney, Australia. I’m going to write it backwards. I would start it with a count down of the things I love about Secrets Pavilion Urban Boutique Hotel. 

1. It is within walking distance of the lively Night Market, Pub Street, Old Market, and dining scenes.

I stayed for three nights at Secrets Pavilion Urban Boutique Hotel, and everytime I went out, I simply walked my way to the famous Night Market. Nearby is the equally popular Pub Street and Old Market. More than once, I was tempted to buy something charming from the massive Night Market. All the boho jumpsuits and maxi dresses beckoned to get them. But I triumphed in resisting all of them!

My technique? I only went out with $10 in my pocket.

2. It is a boutique hotel.

As a travel content writer for Hipmunk, I already encountered and written about a lot of boutique hotels. Boutique hotels are my favorite accommodations. Why? Writing about nontypical staycations is easy. A boutique hotel defies large-scale hotels. It is small, with quaint and artistic accents here and there. Say, for example, at Secrets Pavilion Urban Boutique Hotel, instead of using the typical door hangers, they use a Spirit House-shaped slider attached on the wall. Don’t get me start with the headboards and woven table carpets. Or the industrial walls. Details such as these make them different from the rest.

where to stay in siem reap

3. Its rooms are large and well-designed.

I got a deluxe double room. I got too kilig (like a good kind of giddy) with my room that I loved staying inside as much I loved exploring around. What to expect in the room? A spacious private bathroom equipped with a hot-and-cold rainforest shower. Mine had a divan (sofa bed) and a table with asymmetrical legs. My open closet was also very spacious. It has a fridge, electric kettle, and safe. And my favorite? The writing table, of course.

4. It has a quiet pool surrounded with greeneries and rustic wall design.

One of the few regrets I had during my stay here was the lack of time to have some downtime, the pool kind. Everytime I go out to for a walk, I glanced at the inviting pool and promised myself to take a dip when I got back. But then again, I came back too late for some pool romance.

So, please, don’t forget to have some lazy and romantic time by the pool. Read a good book. Sip some fresh fruit juice. Reminisce.

secrets pavilion urban boutique hotel review

5. It is quite and secluded even though the Night Market is next door.

This is a big cut in my love pie for Secrets Pavilion Urban Boutique Hotel. This place is a secret sanctuary amidst the bustles of Siem Reap. Despite the nearness of the night market, the noise could not be heard at all. Travelers, after a whole-day affair of going round and about, love to have a sanctuary, some solitude away from cosmopolitan noise.

secrets pavilion urban boutique hotel review

6. It serves not only complimentary but also healthy breakfast

I recently disclosed on social media that I gained three kilos in the span of the three months of traveling around. If I just maintained my eating habits in Cambodia, especially, in Secrets Pavilion Urban Boutique Hotel, weight gain could have been prevented. I started my mornings with muesli, fruits, and black coffee. The restaurant where breakfast is served is very airy and spacious. The staff are quick to assist you with your order. The service is smooth and fast.

7. It offers cheaper rates if you stay longer

Say, for example, if a couple or two friends stay for four nights, you only have to pay for three nights. The fun does not end there. The package also include free breakfast, free round-trip airport or bus station transfer, and free 2-hour massage at the hotel’s very own spa. For more info of its packages, check out the hotel’s website for more promos and deals.

secrets pavilion urban boutique hotel review8. It has its own restaurant and spa

Sometimes it is tedious to go out to look for food, especially when your social energy is running low. Secrets Pavillion Urban Boutique Hotel has its own wide and spacious restaurant adorned with wooden chairs and tables. Food is a mix of the western bestselling cuisines and delightful Khmer food.

9. Its staff are very friendly and polite.

I appreciated all the help the staff given to me. From taking my Instagram photos, from calling for a tuktuk, for arranging my tuktuk lift to the airport. They are all efficient, smiling, friendly, and English-speaking.


Useful Info


Complimentary breakfast time start: 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM
Contact us directly by email with arrival details for free pick up.

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