November 25, 2016

RAPPLER | The Ceiling, the Cross We Look Up to

This essay on Magellan’s Cross, and by extension on faith, first appeared on Rappler. Blue is for travel and career. Yellow for health. Red for love. Pink for happiness. Green for success. Nanay Claudia—who stood somewhere between 4’6″to 4’9″—explained the meaning behind the colors of the candles she was holding on her right hand. A green plastic bag filled with candles dangled on her left arm, a black bag belt wrapped around her waist. She talked to me in English (quite good, I would say), thinking I was a foreigner, a dark Korean or Japanese perhaps, whose travel itinerary to […]
November 18, 2016

Sun.Star Cebu | Mouli Ka, Ya?

“MOULI NA KA, YA?” asked my younger sister upon seeing my backpack ready. “Unsay mouli? Molarga nako oy,” I retorted. Mouli in my Cebuano mind means “go home” while molarga, “leave. ” I found it rather interesting—even disheartening—that my family viewed me as a city daughter and a mere visitor of my hometown. But I cannot blame them. I left Tuburan to pursue my degree in the city and hopped from one job to another afterward and visited this unheard-of, yet biggest town in the province when time allowed it. “Sige lang kag suwat sa ubang lugar, wa gyod ka […]
August 10, 2016

Why We Must Travel Mindanao

This travel essay, if it can be called such, first appeared on Rappler on May 19, 2016. My affair with Mindanao, like my greatest ones in life, started with the written word, poetry to be more accurate. Two women writers from Cebu encouraged me to join the 17th Iligan National Writers Workshop, which took place at MSU-IIT. Except for the afternoon visits to BookSale, the journey mostly happened across pages: the slaughtering of our pseudo-poems and short stories. Our batch did not have the tours around Iligan’s famous sights, unlike the previous batches and the ones after ours. Obsessed with […]
June 4, 2016
Ayutthaya Travel Guide

DOWN SOUTH | Pedaling through the Ruins in Ayutthaya

This first appeared on my Down South Column on, TV5’s news portal, last May 30, 2016. Included a lot of photos here in case I broke my external hard drive again and blame myself for being too lazy or stingy in sharing my travel photos.  I am wary of the things that I am supposed to do wherever I am in a foreign place. Tick off this. Tick off that.  Through our strides, we learned more about Bangkok, most of the time while munching pineapple or grilled squid or anything new to the eyes and nose. On our last […]