August 15, 2017
Taipei Travel Guide

TAIPEI TRAVEL GUIDE | Things to Do in Taipei 2017

Kaohsiung, Taiwan | Oh yes, I’m writing my Taipei Travel Guide here in Kaoshiung City—a four-hour bus ride south of Taipei. My partner and I are going to round the whole Taiwan. We started in Taipei of course and headed west. So far, we’ve been to Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. We are either heading to Tainan or Kenting tomorrow. But let’s see. This Taipei travel Guide covers accommodation, transportation, restaurants, and places to visit. If you got questions not covered in the entirety of this travel guide, feel free to leave a trace in the comment section. I visit BWAB […]
January 23, 2017

The Off-the-beaten Things to Do in Osaka, Japan

The second largest city in Japan, Osaka, is a stark contrast from Tokyo. The local themselves don’t mind a hearty laugh. There is even a joke among Japanese that you know someone is Osakan when the voice is boisterous and unrestricted. Like its lovely locals, Osaka itself has some interesting places and local culture that have escaped the radars of most travelers. If you find yourself in the city up north, indulge in some Osakan comforts, and try doing something new and whimsical. Experience a different and more authentic Osaka.
January 6, 2017

SUN.STAR | In Praise of Onomichi’s Slowness

  Not to include photos in this essay is intentional. I wonder who would read through everything and leave a feedback; say, it is long and boring. For listicle kind of reading, read “Why I Can’t Stop Raving about Onomichi” on my travel column on TV5’s If you can find Cruising: Going Places, I wrote about Onomichi’s food scene in their July issue.   I fixed the hood of my jacket and made sure my ears were covered. I balled and pocketed my left hand. My right held the ninety-peso pack of sanitary pad—the cheapest I could find on […]
January 19, 2016

Travel Onomichi City | Its Loveliness and Quaintness

While Pim stood by the baywalk’s railing, an old woman, all smiling, passed by and said something in Japanese and gestured towards the camera. With my poor Japanese vocabulary bank: suka, honto ni, wakaranai, kawaii—words I learned from years-long of reading manga, watching anime, and interacting with the Japanese on Skype, I reckoned she was asking if we wanted her to take our photo. I smiled and uttered thank you; and she went on, all smiling. I did not expect her friendliness. Crumbs of details on places from my previous conversations with the Japanese stuck in my head: Hokkaido is known for winter […]