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March 30, 2013
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Townhopping 2013: Kawasan for the Nth Time (And It Still Surprises Me)


“Piyesta ron sa among parokya, day! Naay daghang kaon! Pwede mo maimbitar?” said a man in his early 50s drinking on the shore with younger men. I knew they were curious about my companion, a beautiful Japanese maiden.

“Libre, K’ya?” I smirked. It is hard to say no to food.

“O, oy! Dali! Adto ta ninyo!” I told Midori about it. She was game for it. The then-chapel by the road leading to Kawasan is now a church. And most of its surroundings are cemented. 

The last leg of our townhopping adventure was supposed to be Lambug Beach. But it was sundown already when we left the second falls. Well, we enjoyed the cool water a lot. We took turns diving into the not-so-deep waters.

kawasan 1

I was with P the last time I visited my muse.  Although I shamefully claimed I knew Kawasan like the back of my hand,  he noticed things I overlooked such as the beautiful rows of San Francisco before the first bridge. He found them more beautiful than autumn leaves. Or the big leaves he gathered along the way.

Although I’ve been to this beautiful downfall, deluge that is Kawasan several times,  I had no chance to enjoy the waters in the first and second falls. This river serves as the exit of the tired limbs of Osmeña Peak-Kawasan trekkers. Often, we enjoyed the lagoon—the farthest for those who came from the highway and the nearest for the trekkers. The lagoon is the end of Kawasan and the start of the beloved Kanlaob.

I chanced upon Ompix, a fellow climber whom I met during the Lanaya and  Talinis climbs last year. He guided a  group of mountaineers at Mt. Lanaya. They were on their way out, while Midori and I were on our way to  Kawasan.

kawasan 3

I pointed to Midori the semi-open house by the second bridge, the house I badly wanted for myself.

“My future library!” I joked.

“Beautiful!” she said.

While waiting for a ride back to the city, we chanced across a man in his early 50s drinking on the shore with younger men.

“Mao na ang among kura paruko (parish priest),” he informed and pointed to a middle-aged man banging his head to the live rendition of Incubus’ “Drive.”

“Cool,” said Midori.

After dining in an air-conditioned room, the man approached me and said, “Day, akong anak kay seaman. Wa pa toy uyab. Pwede ko mangayo sa imong number?”

kawasan 2


Ginatilan–Matutinao, Badian                P36.00

Entrance Free                                              P15.00

Part of the Townhopping Project: Tingko, Alcoy | Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan | Kawasan Falls, Badian 

For overnight stayers, I highly recommend Terra Manna Camping & Resort, 20 minutes away from Kawasan Falls.

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