June 10, 2011
Backpacking with a Book

City of the Smiling Mask

THE cheeks are overly pinched. The eyes are shadowed with purple. The lips are painted red. The lips form a sickle. The mask smiles. Why do most masks smile? Happiness is hard to suppress. We wear it. Assuming it is contagious, it is our utmost intention to infect others with […]
January 5, 2011
Backpacking with a Book

Boiling Mambukal

Rivers are storied places. . . . Rivers tease the imagination. They are an important part of the remembered landscapes of youth.—Resil Mojares, “Remembering Rivers” A place mostly originates its name from a unique character it possess. Mambukal, from the root word bukal, which  means boil in Cebuano. Magpabukal og tubig. […]