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May 16, 2013
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Sun.Star Yearbook | Vegetable Shawarma at Healthy U


It is said that to be healthy, one has to pay a premium. But Healthy U defies this unwritten rule. The place feels and looks like a commonplace that I often frequent for lunch: a carenderia with a carenderia price with an atypical menu: vegetable with tofu, barbecue, menudo, torta, and bola-bola from meat substitute.

During our short conversation, the owner–a yoga and namaste instructor–narrated the categories of vegetarians. Although the difference between vegan, lacto-vegetarian, lacto-ovovegetarian, semi- or partial vegetarian rolls into a blur in my head, it is clear that vegetables unite them.


So, Healthy U evolved beef shawarma into something hearty: vegetable shawarma–yes, the same pita bread wrapping greens, cucumber, and tomatoes instead. It looks healthily colorful. It looks colorfully healthy.

While slowly chewing it, I felt fit.

The act of chewing vegetables and greens requires attentiveness because to guzzle is meat, to nibble vegetables.

Address: Tormis St., Sambag I (at Urgello near Southwestern University)

Number: (032) 511-9352 | (032) 511-9164

A part of Cebu Yearbook 2013 magazine | Redefining Healthy ChoicesVegetable Gardens at Joed’s Lutong Hapon | Healthy Thai and Viet at Lemongrass |



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