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September 22, 2010
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Kawasan Falls: Of Beauty and Distance


“It looks emerald and serene.”

“It seems it’s enticing you to take a dip.”

“But I doubt it will remain emerald, serene once it is disturbed.”

“You think so?”


“The beauty lies on its stillness, serenity, and emeraldness. Once they are disturbed, its beauty collapses.”

“You mean, its beauty is best appreciated in a distance? But how can you validate such beauty without dissecting its beautyness. I mean, we clamor for details.”

“And sometimes such craving for details leads us to disappointment.”

“You’re unwilling to bend, even just a little, your definition of beauty. Details, indeed, can break or make your expectations. Perhaps its stillness might be disturbed, but it provides another window to different degree of beauty. How does it feel to be the cause, to be part of its disturbed state? Let us say, it is just like sex. You have this idea, sex feels good. But how can you validate such goodness if you haven’t experienced a mind-blowing orgasm? Beauty has degrees. Yours, I would say, is anchored in cowardice.”


The First Falls

South Bus Terminal, as the name suggests, houses all buses bound south.  Buses are always available and leave every thirty minutes. Kawasan Falls has a minimal entrance fee of P10 only ( the in-charge post is located a couple of meters away from the mouth of the river. ) It’s highly advisable to trek up to the third falls since it has the widest and safest pool, not to mention less crowded compared to the first two falls.

Yes, as a self-proclaimed river goddess, Kawasan River tops my list.

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  1. Nice photo and views. Salamat sa pag-share Jona. San po ito?

  2. csseyah says:

    wow ang ganda naman dyan… Paradise na yan ah!

  3. […] Island tails the climbers. With the canopies above, the trek is calm and seemingly simple. Reaching Kawasan entails six- or eight-hour walk which can be shortened and enjoyed through conversations with fellow […]

  4. […] trek started from Badian, as opposed to the popular Mantalungon, Dalaguete–Kawasan Falls, Badian route. Along the trail, new species were rediscovered—the clustering […]

  5. miss ko na ang kawasan , i was here last month haha. kala ko nga hindi nanaman tuloy eh

  6. Sony Fugaban says:

    Soon, I will be here.

  7. i was here during my college days, i think 1992, wonderful, beautiful, awesome place, love it,,,

  8. Wonderful shots! we are excited to go back to Kawasan after like years and years ago. =)

    Hopefully there won’t be lots of tourist when we go there, crossing fingers.

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