April 18, 2015

The Other Anaheim and More

Anaheim – Hipmunk City Love/Top Cities Summary of a City Guide Blog Post #3 Anaheim’s image has long been judged as the home of Mickey Mouse and his cohorts, where everyone wears the brightest smile and the most colorful costumes. But Orange County is more than Disneyland. The real OC is outside the imagined realities of imagined characters. Of course, you are free to come here, enjoy a ride or two or more,and have selfies with the jolly Disney characters. But once everything you must do is done, it is time to explore the other Anaheim. Here are some of […]
May 15, 2015

Five Awesome Boutique Hotels in Amsterdam

Hipmunk City Love/Top Cities Project Best Of Hotels Arched bridges, passageways, and quintessential houses along canals and rivers are the instant images Amsterdam conjure.  For locals living in this city, it feels like being a detail in a painting. For the visiting nonlocals, it feels like looking at a living painting. A visit in Amsterdam should be lived and celebrated to the fullest. Start your journey with these five celebrated boutique hotels among the many affordable hotels in Amsterdam.
May 18, 2015

Five Soulful Boutique Hotels in Seoul

Blog Post Type: Summary of a City Guide Seoul is a soulful city. Like most megacities in the world, Seoul is homogeneous, peopled, and future-oriented. For a discerning traveler, you can see the many contrasts around. What makes Seoul soulful then? It is this very reality: posh cars and motorcycles share the same road, fashionable and shabby Seoulites walk the same the street, behind the high-rises are a labyrinth of alleyways crowded with a hodge-podge of stores. When you find yourself soul-searching in Seoul, choose from these five boutique hotels among the many affordable hotels in Seoul. Go ahead. Book. […]
May 24, 2015

Sun.Star Cebu l A Pretentious Solo Backpacker Joined a Tour for the First Time

I forgot to bring a jacket. The air was thick with the distinct smell of an air-conditioned vehicle. A slightly smaller yellow bus, three vans, and some private Pajeros were in front of our bus, the biggest among the rest. I took the number of vehicles as premonitions and folded my arms to fend off the cold. “So, we are still waiting for three more, and then we can leave,” informed our marshal, whose sentences often started with “so,” much to our amusement at the back. Lianne and Hearty, my roomies, chuckled. Perhaps we were so used to waiting; nobody […]