May 20, 2014
Siquijor Sunset

U STORY SIQUIJOR: The Place for the Romantic, Creative, and Contemplative

You know that feeling that the place is made for you. I know it is a silly thought, but that is how I feel when I met U Story. I mean, its dominant colors are spectrum of green, brown, and autumn—my all-time favorite earth colors. It has cats (nine of them! I’ve heard) and a bookshelf filled with books. Every bungalow is surrounded with a garden. The whole place is a zen spot. It makes you talk in whispers automatically. Note: U Story Siquijor is closed from June to October. It opens again in November. For reservations and inquiries, contact […]
September 23, 2013

Lovely Photos to Convince You to Visit Siquijor

Revisits offer new perspectives. For several reasons.  First, time. It’s been three years since my first visit. Three years could do and change a lot to a place or to a person. Siquijor has changed. I am changed.  Second, the mean of transport. Pressed for time, my friend from work and I pakyaw-ed a tricycle for the island tour. This time around despite my sleeplessness, I asked for directions, rode tricycles with the locals,  paid the minimum fare, and devoured a deliciously fried native chicken leg. My first day in Siquijor—travel-wise—was rather unproductive. I slept the entire afternoon away. I […]
April 2, 2012

Siquijor’s Magic: Of Salagdoong’s Trees and Beach

Salagdoong Forest Reserve, Salagdoong, Siquijor, Philippines On our way to Salagdoong beach, the trees canopy the road. With the running tricycle accompanying the silence of the trees, I couldn’t help but ask Manong to pull over. 
April 1, 2012

Siquijor’s Magic: Lazi’s Balete

 The branches of molave trees are like snakes’ bodies curling up. The tree tunnel is part of Salagdoong Forest Reserve, a reforestation project of the local government. Just like the balete tree, the tree tunnel becomes an attraction, even a mystery. I can’t help but compare Lazi’s balete and Salagdoong’s molave. The balete, with its daunting height and woolly aerial roots, emits fright. The molave trees, with their curly trunks and lanceolate leaves, offer silence and peace. Perhaps these two trees are apt metaphors for Siquijor. Molave because it offers serenity. Balete because it is feared by some. And that […]