October 4, 2012

| Travel Essay | Kanlaob: Beyond Kawasan

“If you can’t swim, find a trail,” advised Myand, who is aware of my river obsession. Perhaps he could see the lustful look on my face while looking at the rather strong rapids of Kanlaob. And perhaps he could also see the will to test its stubbornness with my very own body, with my very own stubbornness. With the torrents in front of us, my rather rusty frog stroke had no use. Kanlaob is no swimming pool.
March 21, 2012

Cebu Yearbook 2012: Knowing Cebu through Its Mountains

It started with a call from Kristin Lerin, the travel editor of Sunstar’s Live. She asked if I was willing to write about the mountains of Cebu for Sunstar Yearbook 2012. Of course, I giddily yes-sed.