July 2, 2012

July: Kazim Ali

Marmol, Tuburan, Cebu We lay down in the graveyard, hinged there. Emerald moss growing thickly in the chiseled letters. You’re explaining how trees actually breathe. Green in the names and trees went up to join gray in the sky. Then the gray-green sky came down in breaths to my lips and sipped me. 
March 2, 2012

Mary Oliver | A River Far Away and Long Ago

Kawasan Falls, Matutinao, Badian, Cebu, Philippines  It was a sleepless night. I was reading this poem in the wee hours of the morning at McDonald’s Mango while waiting for Mara, the PR consultant of Terra Manna Camping and Resort. I didn’t know that we would visit the river that kept on flowing in my memory. Rivers are ardent travelers and drifters. Rivers are lives not lived.