February 2, 2012

Ginatilan: On Palanas Beach and Pico Iyer

Everywhere, in some lights, is a Lonely Place, just as everyone, at moments, is a solitary. Everyone sometimes dances madly when alone, or thumbs through secrets in a drawer. Everyone, at some times, is a continent of one. We passed by Samboan, and memories—wanted and unwanted—flashed back. I pointed the shore where we plunged and the small river leading to Binalayan Falls to Virhenia. She wanted us to visit the falls, but  I have no confidence guiding her—or anyone for that matter—to any rivers. I told her about  Mainit hot spring (talking about redundancy) and Montanezza Falls in Malabuyoc and […]
January 4, 2012

Wrap 2011 with Happiness and Gratitude

To Mt. Babag by Claire “Kikit” Apigo BWAB bloomsed this last year.  Some posts here, I confidently assume, are worthy to be explored and rewritten; some posts to be trashed. With essays left unwritten and pictures unsorted, let me wrap 2011 with happiness and gratitude. This Last year’s wanderings affirmed and strengthened some old beliefs, some were unceremoniously replaced, some were found in the ship, jeepney, bus, plane. Itineraries are useless. Traveling happens the moment you are caught indecisive and seemingly lost. Traveling happens the moment you acknowledge the fact you’re lost, the moment you accept the truth that the place is a stranger. Traveling […]
December 2, 2011

Jorge Luis Borges | You Learn

  Pico Iyer, according to the  New York Times Book Review,  is “a post-modern traveler, rooted nowhere and moving in order to disprove the illusion of home. Travel for him is a metaphysical project—a meditation on space, a sermon on our estrangement.” Tuburan, Cebu, Philippines