January 9, 2014

Sun.Star | The Disappearance of Bats in Palompon

“Kada-hapon, di lagi makita ang langit sa kabaga sa mga kwaknit,” mused Roel, Levi’s uncle, while looking up at the clear night sky with a glass of bahalina in his hand. As the night neared, the bats would rise up from Tabuk—the mangrove island along Palompon’s coastline—and fly mountainward for another hunt. A sea of bats would cover the horizon and momentarily leave Palompon apocalyptically dark. It was a scene that made all Palomponons look up and admire the sea of blackness in the sky. “Sa katong wap-a to gidili, mamasol mis langit,” he reminisced. They installed one or two […]